I’ll Be the First to Admit It: I’m Not the Thinnest Person Out There…

andrea_albrightI’ll also never be a supermodel or walk the fashion runways…and I’m fine with that! I’m just a regular person with less than average genetics. In fact, I can get very fat very easily, and I battled with my weight for years.

I was born with the kind of genes that make you store fat instead of burning it off, but I’ve actually learned to make healthy eating and fitness FUN. As you can see here, I stay lean, toned, and in great shape year round despite having those “fat-storing genes.”

You can watch my natural weight loss journey here…

Lose Weight Naturally…with NO Starving or Suffering

Hi. My name is Andréa Albright, and I’m a natural weight loss expert, author, motivational speaker, and the creator of AmazingBodyNow.com.

My personal mission to lose weight myself ended up leading me to create one of the top-ranked health and weight-loss websites in the world. In my program, I’ll show you how you can eat TONS of full-fat foods, like any and all nuts, avocados, olive oil, and even delicious “treat” foods like wine, chocolate, and peanut butter, without gaining weight! In fact, I’ll share with you how eating these foods actually HELPS you slim down.

Since 2006, my internationally best-selling Amazing Body Now Natural Weight Loss System has become the go-to alternative to yo-yo dieting, pills, diet foods, and diet scams. My unique approach to losing weight has inspired millions of people around the world to “Count Chemicals Not Calories(TM)” and “Throw Away Your Scale!” in order to achieve 100 percent natural and healthy weight loss that LASTS.

Amazing Body Now is one of the top-ranked health and weight loss websites in the world (as ranked by alexa.com), with over 100,000 loyal readers and thousands of natural weight loss success stories, in more than 50 countries. And that number is growing every day.

I’m also the author of these successful online natural weight loss programs: The Sugar Detox Solution – 5 Easy Steps To Stop Sugar Cravings And Break Free From Sugar Forever; Reveal The Thin Within – The Solution to “Hidden” Emotional Weight Gain; Blast Belly Fat – The Belly Fat Shrinking Blueprint; My Bikini Butt –28 Days To Your Best Butt Ever; and Foods That Melt Fat – How To Melt Fat By Eating Foods That You Love!

Fast, FUN Fitness Tips for Losing Body Fat

I’d like to share a little bit more about myself and the work I do:
I’ve been teaching yoga and fitness since 2005, and I’m a natural weight loss expert recognized by one of the largest style-and-beauty networks on YouTube, The StyleHaul Network. I hold two degrees from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX – a Bachelor of Science degree in biology, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. I almost went to medical school to become a doctor (because I LOVE science and learning about the human body), but I realized I could help more people by writing books and putting this information out on the Internet (which, as you can see, is my passion!).

In 2013, I teamed up with my husband and fellow weight-loss success story, Jon Benson, to create the company Fitology, of which I’m the CEO. Fitology incorporates Jon and my combined twenty-five-plus years of experience in nutrition, fitness, and transforming overweight bodies with extra body fat into lean, toned, sexy bodies, positively gleaming with health. Fitology is not only a weight loss company with a top-selling book on Amazon; it’s also been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, and on sites across the Internet, as one of the most cutting-edge health, weight loss, and fitness companies in the world.

My natural weight loss tips and success stories have appeared on hundreds of websites, with millions of views. Check them out on the Amazing Body Now YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/AmazingBodyNow. And I’ve been interviewed by many top experts around the world on fitness, weight loss, yoga, and my proven secrets for losing weight naturally and stopping your “fat-storing genes” from storing fat forever…all of which I’m eager to share with you. You may have also heard me as a guest speaker on various health-oriented radio shows and online weight loss programs.

I also publish an online weight loss, diet, and fitness newsletter, “Amazing Body Now Natural Weight Loss Secrets e-Letter,” which is enjoyed by over 100,000 subscribers in more than 50 countries. Subscribe today to receive your free, all-natural weight loss bonuses as a special thank-you.

As a former yo-yo dieter, I struggled with my weight for years, until I finally discovered that it was what was happening inside of my head and heart that was causing my body to hold on to cravings and store fat.

When I discovered the secrets to natural weight loss that lasts, my life changed forever. YOURS can too.

Reveal the “Healthy You” and Watch the Weight Drop Away…

I now specialize in losing weight naturally with easy, healthy eating and fun fitness, and by healing the body from within.

I’ve discovered that when you focus on loving and caring about yourself, you create healthy habits easily, and you have FUN while you’re traveling along the natural weight loss journey.

I dedicate myself to constantly staying up to date on new and healthy, all-natural weight loss solutions, as well as the latest diet, fitness, and nutrition tips, in order to pass this valuable information on to you, my readers, to help improve the quality of your life.

And most importantly, I LIVE this healthy lifestyle every day! I’m always trying out new ways to stay inspired, motivated, and COMMITTED to this natural path of losing weight, and I’m constantly amazed at how many lessons I’m still learning.

My body is my greatest teacher, and my students are my inspiration to continue to go deeper. Together, we can overcome ANY obstacle, no matter how big it seems.

It’s Time to STOP Yo-Yo Dieting…Forever

I’ve kept the weight off for over ten years now, so you know that I’m practicing what I preach, and “walking the walk”…but believe me, I’m not “perfect” either!

I’ve definitely learned how to enjoy foods and treats like wine and chocolate while I keep losing weight and dropping body fat year after year.

I stay slim and lean year round (yes… over the holidays too!) without ever sacrificing or starving myself… by simply following smart, easy-to-stick-with exercise routines, taking good care of my mind and body, and eating a fun, delicious, healthy diet.

Learn My TOP Secrets to Losing Weight Naturally

Yep, that’s me! At size 12 – and at a healthy (and happier) size 2.

Natural weight loss and fitness is my passion, and I’d love to help make it your passion as well.

So stay with me, and I’ll never let you down…Subscribe to my free, natural weight loss secrets newsletter and read through my Amazing Body Now program, and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

You can also find plenty of fitness tips and healthy weight loss videos related to exercise, yoga, nutrition, losing body fat, reducing stress, staying motivated, and living a healthier and happier life right here on this website.

And please, always remember: Whatever the “excuse for” or “reason why” you gained the weight in the first place…

Today is a new day…This is a new beginning.

Now you’re getting the TOOLS you need to start losing weight the 100-percent-natural, healthy way, from a person who’s been through the exact same process.

We’re in this healthy, natural weight loss journey together, and please, no matter what…NEVER, EVER give up. And never forget…I believe in you!

Your Friend in Natural Weight Loss,
Love and Light,



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Most people can’t believe that I was ever overweight and that I struggled with dieting until they watch this video with my weight loss success story.

You can do it too!