Fat Loss Secrets – Hidden Sugars In Drinks

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Fat Loss Secrets – Hidden Sugars In Drinks

These “Hidden Sugars” can cause you to store fat, but not if you know the secrets!

When you look at the label and it doesn’t flat out say it has sugar in it, but it is filled with Carbohydrates, then it’s very possible they are calling sugar by another name.

Sugar by another name still tastes just as sweet and still makes you gain weight and crave more.

What seems like a healthy drink can have hidden sugars that lead to fat storage and out of control cravings for more sugar. Watch this video for the fat loss secrets…

That way you can know for sure that you are not getting extra sugar in your drinks and you will start to lose fat faster than ever before.

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    Great warning about drinks with added sugar. It actually makes me angry that there are tons of well packaged and heavily marketed food and drink products which are made to appear to be good for you. When in fact they contain ridiculous amounts of sugar and/or synthetic additives.

    I tend to recommend that people who are seeking to lose weight to only only drink water, because it’s easy to become overwhelmed with too much choice. I think it’s OK to start drinking things like almond milk and fruit juices once you’ve reached some milestones and have some experience of how your body reacts.

    I know lots of people think plain water is boring, especially when you’ve been used to not drinking it for years, so I’ve actually written a whole blog post about water and how you can make it drinkable :) http://awaytoloseweight.com/drinking-water-to-lose-weight-3-pitfalls-3-rules-tasty-recipes/

    I’d just like to say I’m really impressed with your story, it’s inspirational and you certainly do your site name (amazing body now) justice!


    • Thank you James! Yes, water is best. And you HAVE to read the ingredients on all your foods in order to check and see if they are sneaking chemicals in where they don’t belong. Even in “healthy” foods there are added surprises.


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