Natural Ways To Lose Weight 0

Natural Ways To Lose Weight

Posted by on Jun 27, 2014

In this video, you will get 3 tips to lose weight the natural way: I’m in Melbourne, Australia and I’m staying with a friend who is a nutritionist and a chef. She calls herself a “food philosopher” because she encourages people to look at the common sense around food and how our bodies are actually one with nature. Look at your body and what it needs. The most abundant nutrients on the planet are in alignment with the nutrients that your body needs. So, what’s the 1st most abundant nutrient on the planet? Think about it… And if you really start to look, you might think plants or animals. However, the most abundant nutrient that’s important for your body and losing weight is oxygen. Oxygen is everywhere, we’re surrounded by it. So, focus on how to breathe really deeply. Learn how to use your full inhalations to absorb as much oxygen as possible with every breath. This is going to speed up your digestion and your metabolism. It’s going to allow your body to do what it naturally wants to do. And I know that it’s so obvious and it’s like, well, duh, of course… But I didn’t realize how important this was until I learned from my friend about what she calls the “Nature...

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Your Inspiration to Lose Weight 2

Your Inspiration to Lose Weight

Posted by on Jun 20, 2014

Today, you will get inspiration for your weight loss journey: For years, I knew exactly what to do… How to exercise and how to eat, but I never had the inspiration to do it. I didn’t have the desire to do it for more than a day or two or a few weeks. Or maybe I would start some challenge or program, but as soon as the challenge was over it was like BAM! right back to my old lifestyle. And, there’s nothing more frustrating in the world than being stuck and knowing that it’s you who are keeping yourself stuck. So, if this is where you’re at, let’s just take a deep breath. Just accept exactly where you are right now… Know that you are on your journey and that all the information in the world is not going to fill the hole that is inside of you. There’s something deeper that is craving your attention. And it doesn’t matter how many times you outthink it or outsmart it, when it’s coming from your heart, you have to listen. So, I encourage you to really figure out why you are turning to food to comfort yourself, why you are in a pattern of self-sabotage, why you are making choices that hurt...

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Butt Exercises To Lose Weight – Top 3 Mistakes  2

Butt Exercises To Lose Weight – Top 3 Mistakes 

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014

In this video, you will see the “Top 3 Mistakes” women make when trying to get a toned tight butt: I’m a natural weight loss expert and I used to be overweight. I’ve kept it off for over 10 years now… And one of the things that women ask me all the time is, “Andréa, how do I tone my tushy? How do I lose that flab and cellulite on my backside?” So, I want to share with you the “Top 3 Mistakes” that I see women making all the time. “Mistake #1” is that the food and drinks they consume are full of chemicals. These chemicals are just going to destroy your metabolism, increase your cravings, as well as cause fat storage and cellulite. So you want to eliminate those chemicals. There’s nothing better than natural foods and water to hydrate your body, energize yourself, and speed up your metabolism. So that you stop storing fats and you start building muscle. It’s the only way to get rid of that flabby skin and cellulite. This leads me to “Mistake #2”. Trying all those creams, body wraps, and potions won’t give you a toned tushy. It just doesn’t work. Throw them all away because nothing will give you a tight firm butt except energizing your body from the inside. “Mistake...

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Flat Belly Strong Core Secrets 0

Flat Belly Strong Core Secrets

Posted by on Jun 6, 2014

In this video, you are going to get special tips and secrets for your “Flat Belly Journey”: It’s amazing when a person wakes up to realize, WOW, my belly is getting flatter. I’m stronger in my core, I’m breathing better, I feel more alive, I have higher self-esteem, and I have better metabolism. What’s more exciting than that, right? I call this the “Flat Belly Journey” and I’ve been through it and still going through it. You will see results quickly with having awareness in your core and your posture. We’ll do some core awareness exercises which are so important for getting a flat belly. You start with becoming aware of what is the core… and when somebody says core, it is so much more than just the abs. Your core is the center of your body and it’s also the place where every other part of your body is supported. Core starts at the tailbone and the tailbone is the place where you connect to your root chakra… And this is your connection to the mother earth which is the grounding energy. And so, you always want to start there. When you go on the “Flat Belly Journey”, be aware that there are different phases you’re going to be moving through as...

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Best Way To Lose Weight – Natural & Healthy So It Lasts! 0

Best Way To Lose Weight – Natural & Healthy So It Lasts!

Posted by on May 30, 2014

In this video, you will discover a major potential disaster about “weight loss” products: Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that billions of dollars are spent on “weight loss” products every year. If you think I’m going to tell you that they don’t work, you’re wrong. Many of them are actually great… But if you’re about to just whip out your credit card and purchase any of the these “weight loss” products, you could be headed for a major potential disaster. Look at all these supplements that are sold to help you lose weight. These are the products that you really have to watch out for because let’s face it, if they really worked you would all know about it. You’d be off telling your friends that you discovered this miracle pill. That company would have more money than Microsoft, it would be a household name, and we would all be skinny. The truth is, I am a firm believer in healthy supplements especially for people who don’t get enough nutrients in their diet. All these pills and herbs that they sell on the internet are completely unregulated, which means we don’t know what they’re going to do to us long-term. Crazy side effects? Who knows?...

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