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Julie – Age 28
Mother of 3

Way to go Julie! Having babies dramatically changes our bodies. And then you are surrounded by kiddie snacks all day! Loosing weight as a Mom is not an easy thing, and you have 3 kids! We are so proud of You!

Read below to hear from Julie herself…

“Physically, everything has changed!

I have more energy! And I can keep up with my kids now. I was fat, and I didn’t feel sexy.

I’m smaller now! My belly is finally flat again after having 3 kids! The sizes started getting smaller.
I am so thankful that I learned the truth and I’m learning to love myself more!

With my kids it has been such a wonderful transformation and having the energy is so important for being a mother.  I’m just more of a smiling person now! I look back and see that I was a sad person before….It’s been a year, and I’m so glad that I have this inspiration to continue with my health!”

Watch Her Video Here …

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