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As soon as Laura started on the natural weight loss journey, she posted this on the Amazing Body Now Facebook Fan Page…

Yes!  That’s the best attitude to have when you’re starting a journey, success stories don’t just happen at the end of the training, they happen throughout the natural weight loss program, and your attitude and confidence in yourself is going to be a HUGE benefit to making sure you succeed for good.

Your belly is at the core of your body, it is where we digest food, process emotions, and find your inner strength for your natural weight loss journey.

When our bellies are a source of shame, or when we want to hide them, we don’t realize how it effects your belly fat loss journey.

That is why I am ALWAYS excited to hear about when people focus on their belly, and believe that they can create the flattest, healthiest belly possible.

Now that’s confidence!  When you believe in yourself, you CAN make it happen.

P.S.  If you’re reading this now, and YOU have a success story to share, please send it to

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