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Posted by on Jun 10, 2011

SUCCESS STORY #21 Judith, Mid 20’s Philippines Congrats on your new discovery Judith, those of us that have been unhappy and then found happiness know how AMAZING it feels! I remember doing yoga for the first time and it may have been a little scary at first but one of the best things we could have done for myself… You are an inspiration to anyone who may be feeling scared to make a healthy lifestyle change, thank you for sharing your story…   Amazing Body Now is inspired by You! Click here to know the 2 common weight loss disaster FREE Blast Belly Fat Starter...

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Easy Yoga Posture For Weight Loss

Posted by on May 17, 2011

Do You Want A FAT LOSS Tip That Is Easy To Do, And Available To You At Any Time And Anywhere? Practice Yoga Postures To Help You Lose Weight… Do An Inversion! … And while this photo on the left is a very advanced inversion, called “Headstand” in yoga… there are LOTS of easy inversions that you can do that will prepare you for this more advanced yoga posture. Here’s what this is all about… An inversion is simply changing your body’s position so that you INVERT your body’s normal orientation and the blood flows in the opposite direction. Inversions Are Very Easy To Do. And many of us do them without knowing it… Lifting your arms up, crossing your arms and resting them on your head Laying on your back and resting your legs on a surface that is higher than your heart (hospitals use this posture for healing patients) Kicking your legs up on a desk or chair Anytime you change the direction of the blood flow by lifting or lowering one part of the body differently than you normally do… this is an INVERSION. And inversions are SO good for you and your body’s health. By changing the blood flow direction, you are stimulating the circulation....

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Posted by on May 15, 2011

Success Story #49 Mary, 30 Mary found Amazing Body Now a few years ago. She is an inspiration for all young people who may not have been raised on the healthiest diet, but can choose to change! She recognized that she was not happy with how she felt and looked, did research, found Amazing Body Now and made the commitment to change. Check out those amazing before and after photos she sent in!  I am so happy for her! Mary thank you for sharing….your story is common for women of all ages and you are an example that the Amazing Body Now natural weight loss program does more than help you loose weight, it CHANGES YOUR LIFE! Click here to learn easy yoga posture for weight loss FREE Blast Belly Fat Starter...

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Yoga For Weight Loss – Thyroid Disorders Speed UP Metabolism Comments Off on Yoga For Weight Loss – Thyroid Disorders Speed UP Metabolism

Yoga For Weight Loss – Thyroid Disorders Speed UP Metabolism

Posted by on Feb 23, 2008

Learning a few basic Yoga postures to detox and cleanse your thyroid gland can have a powerful change on your body’s weight. The Thyroid Gland is located at the base of the neck — one of the areas that carries the most tension and stress. No wonder it starts to shut down… Watch this video to get a step-by-step demonstration on some yoga postures to help clear out your thyroid gland and speed up your metabolism: When you cleanse your thyroid gland, your whole body’s metabolism will be healthier and work better to cleanse all the toxins out of your body’s system.  It all works together. This is how natural weight loss happens.  I believe in you!~ Click here to stay  motivated in your weight loss journey FREE Natural Weight Loss...

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