My Weight Loss Secret 3

My Weight Loss Secret

Posted by on Dec 26, 2011

Weight Loss Tips…. Watch This Video To Learn My Weight Loss Secret: Here are the words from the video… The Obesity Epidemic In America Has Skyrocketed Over The Last 40 Years Is it our genetics? Why didn’t your grandmother and your great grandmother gain weight as easily as we do? And up until recently, there was this really big mystery about why the Europeans weren’t getting fat. I mean here the French are eating all those buttery croissants and all those cream-filled sauces and they weren’t getting fat like Americans, up until recently and now they’re getting fatter just like us. So what’s changed? Well sure, there’s the super sized portions that has something to do with it. But the main difference between what your grandmother grew up eating and what you’re eating today is the chemicals. The Chemicals That They’re Putting In Food Is The Prime Suspect For Why We Keep Getting Fatter And Fatter As A Nation And Now The World.  At the grocery store and in the bread aisle and I found this particular kind of bread. I’m not going to tell you the label of it because I don’t want to get sued, but basically the name actually has earth in it. So they’re trying...

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Megan 0


Posted by on Dec 26, 2011

“Thank you Andréa, with your help I was able to lose over 70 Pounds in just 7 months! I can see my collar bones, that’s always nice, no more double chin!… I feel alive, I have more energy and my confidence is beaming! No more high blood pressure. I’m super excited. So is my doctor. She said ‘I am her shining star of the day. Look your blood pressure is lower, no more medicine, yay!’ I feel fantastic! And I have lost over 33 inches of body fat, 7 inches off my abdomen… There is nothing that beats feeling healthy and energetic. Anyone can do it!” Megan Wow Megan, that is AMAZING! I am so proud of You! It takes a ton of courage to make that kind of change! If you don’t already know this, but Megan is my sister. She has made an amazing transformation and I couldn’t wait to see her again to record this interview. Here is a picture of Megan’s before and after picture, what a transformation! Click here to know weight loss secret FREE Ticket to Size 2 Secrets...

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1 Simple Way To Avoid “Bad Carbs” 3

1 Simple Way To Avoid “Bad Carbs”

Posted by on Dec 20, 2011

Avoid “Bad Carbs” To Lose Weight… Find The Perfect Carbs For You Only Eat Healthy Carbs… How do you know which carbs are “bad” and which carbs are “good” for you?… “Bad carbs” are the ones that cause fat storage, energy crashes, and MASSIVE cravings. In order to lose weight the healthy way, and KEEP IT OFF, then it’s important to avoid these carbs! Generally when you think of “good carbs”, those are the carbs that give you ENERGY and nutrition without storing fat. Remember, it’s the “bad carbs” that send your blood sugar levels skyrocketing, and that’s what makes your body store fat. The Easiest Way To Know “Good Carbs” And “Bad Carbs” I used to call them “good carbs” and “bad carbs” and that’s a fine place to start… But now I don’t like to associate those words of “good and bad” with food. This can make you feel like you’re “bad” when you eat them, and I’m here to always show you how to FEEL GOOD about yourself while you’re losing weight the healthy way. STOP Carb Confusion – Find The PERFECT Carbs For You! It’s best to think of them as “Easy” carbs. When they are easy for your body to digest, easy for your body’s cells to get ENERGY, and easy for your lifestyle (meaning they are convenient and affordable!)… That...

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Posted by on Jun 19, 2011

Success Story #33 Julissa, Age 32  I was a really chubby girl when I was young, I have been struggling with food for all my life, and since I remember I had a love/hate relation with it. I was looking for this information a long time ago, and when I found it, I knew it was what I was waiting for. I never thought I would lose my belly fat!  But now I feel confident and sexy in a bikini. Thank you! Click here to learn simple 3 breath exercise FREE Blast Belly Fat Starter...

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