Healthy Weight Loss Plan 0

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Posted by on May 23, 2014

Today, you will get 3 steps for a healthy weight loss plan: So many people fail at losing weight because they’re looking for that “quick fix”. With this way of thinking, you only set yourself up to be victimized by all those internet and diet pill scams. The only way to lose and maintain weight long-term is to follow a healthy weight loss plan. Here is “Step #1”:  Start feeding your body with healthy nutrition. A lot of diet plans tell you to stop eating many types of food, but that only makes you feel deprived. Instead, start eating a lot of healthy food. This will keep your body nourished which will eliminate most of the cravings you have… Because cravings come when your body is not getting the nutrition it needs. Take broccoli, for example, how much do you think I’d have to eat in order to gain weight?  Let’s just agree that it would be impossible for me to eat enough broccoli to get fat. So, don’t think about how much food you’re eating, think about the quality of food you’re eating. Here is “Step #2”:  Find activities that are fun for your body. The key is to find activities and movements that make you feel great. Maybe you like team sports, or you want to take...

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Losing Weight Fast Blast Tips 4

Losing Weight Fast Blast Tips

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012

Here’s a video I shot for you on the canyon cliffs of Malibu California. It was a sunny and slightly windy day, and I was practicing this quick and easy upper body exercise. It will release tension and stress while you gain energy and stop sugar cravings, need I say more! The stress in your body really does effect your cravings and how to lose weight. Here’s what you’ll get: • Release tension in your shoulders and upper body • Gain Energy • Feel Great • Lose Weight Watch this video and join me in this quick easy exercise… P.S. Practice this with me and let us know how you feel in the comments below.What areas of how to lose weight are you struggling with? What are your big obstacles? I will make future videos for you! Remember to enjoy your natural weight loss journey so it lasts! Click here to checkout motivational tip FREE Ticket to Size 2 Secrets...

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5 Tips To Avoid Holiday “Binge Eating” 0

5 Tips To Avoid Holiday “Binge Eating”

Posted by on Dec 17, 2011

Get Your Eating Under Control… Overeating Help! Tips To Stop Overeating… The only way to avoid overeating and “binge eating” at holiday parties is to be prepared ahead of time. If you go simply hoping that your “willpower” will carry you through it, then you are setting yourself up for disappointment, cravings, and fat storage. This year, you can show up with confidence knowing that you are going to be in control, even if everyone else around you is not. Here are the 5 things you can do to avoid overeating and “binge eating” at holiday parties: 1. Call ahead and ask about the menu And don’t just stop with the menu. Feel free to also ask about ingredients. Many people are always “sneaking in” butter and fat into dishes that you would think are healthy. 2. Eat a small “mini-Meal” prior to the event If you arrive on an empty stomach, then your blood sugar levels will be dangerously low and your body will be desperate for energy. This is what’s going to lead you straight to the most fattening dishes because your body knows where to get the calories and the sugar rush that it’s craving. Eat a small, healthy “mini-Meal” before you leave and you will arrive with a positive mood, lots of energy, and no cravings! (BTW.. I’ll show you exactly...

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Simple Tips For Weight Loss 0

Simple Tips For Weight Loss

Posted by on Nov 23, 2011

Change Your Life With These Weight Loss Tips… Learn Tips For Weight Loss And How To Lose Fat. Cravings will control you… if you let them. They will drive you crazy and destroy your chances of losing weight. Cravings will sneak up on you when you are at your weakest moments, and seduce you with their powers… But if you can resist them for a few days, you can control them forever. Follow this one simple tip to control your cravings, and you will see that after a few days, it gets much, much easier. Let’s start here… Cravings Will Come And Go When you are having a mad craving for something that’s fattening or sugary (like french fries or chocolate) you may think the only way to eliminate that craving is to eat it…But here’s something that took me years to figure out… Cravings are your mind’s confusion. You may think that your body wants that fat load or that sugar rush, but your body is sending you that craving because it is starving for nutrition. It may be desperate for a certain mineral or vitamin because it needs that for ONE of your body’s biological processes (there are millions, by the way). Your body is always going...

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Heidi 0


Posted by on Aug 20, 2011

“I’m A Mom That Lost 20 Pounds In 5 Weeks!” Success Story #35 Heidi Mother of 2   I started by watching your videos on YouTube that motivated me to start — I Am 20 Pounds Lighter Today. I am a mother of two children, for anybody out there that knows what it’s like – after having kids it takes lots of hard work to get that body back. I was inspired automatically.  Andrea knows from her own past experience she knows what it’s like to feel depressed and not fit into clothes that you like to wear. I used to dread the summer.  And now I know I have to change me I know that – she gave me the motivation to start. It feels good when you look in the mirror and notice it and the more you feel good about what’s happening today and how to take caer of your body. You immediately see results. Watch Her Video Here …. Click here for free natural weight loss...

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How To Stop Cravings & Lose Weight 0

How To Stop Cravings & Lose Weight

Posted by on Dec 20, 2007

Cravings are your mind’s confusion. What is your body actually craving?  Watch this video to find out the answer: I have been addicted to fried foods, to red meat, and to sugar. I use to think that I had to eat all those foods every day and through breaking those addictions, I realized a lot about cravings and what they really mean. You think you want French fries but really, your body is trying to tell you something. When your body does not have the right balance of vitamins and minerals, it will send out a signal trying to get you to eat something just this very powerful eat now, eat now, I need a vitamin, I need a mineral. And you get that sensation, I need to eat something because if your body can get you eating, the odds of it getting that mineral are much higher than if you’re just not eating, right? So your body is trying to say, I need this, I need this; you’ve got to start eating. You think you want French fries because you saw an advertisement or you walked by a fast food restaurant and you smelled the fries cooking, but that translation between your body saying, I’m needing a mineral or a...

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