Losing Fat vs. Losing Weight 0

Losing Fat vs. Losing Weight

Posted by on May 2, 2014

In this video, you are going to get really clear tips on how you can start losing fat and stop focusing on the wrong thing: So, let me explain what I mean by fat loss. We’re trying to lose body fat here, so the fat cells are what you really want to lose. The “biggest misconception” people have is to focus on weight. Every time you step on the scale, you’re measuring your entire body. Duh? That make sense. When you go on a diet or weight loss program and look at the scale, you can get the wrong idea of what’s really happening inside of your body. For instance, you may do something really unhealthy for your body which can cause a negative reaction. And you may lose weight and the scale would give you the “wrong idea” that you’re doing something healthy. Also, as you exercise you increase muscle mass… Muscle mass weighs more than fat and it takes up less space than just one or few fat cells. As you’re gaining muscles, your body is going to get tighter and leaner and you may gain weight. So, that’s why I really encourage you to make this shift in your mind. You want to focus on losing fat, not on losing weight. I...

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Healthy Fats To Lose Weight 2

Healthy Fats To Lose Weight

Posted by on Apr 12, 2012

You can’t expect to live without eating fat. It’s only a matter of time before you break down in a binge eating an entire bag of potato chips. The good news is that you CAN eat healthy fats that will satisfy your cravings and help you slim down. Watch the video below and NEVER deprive yourself of fats again. Eating healthy fats is how you get the nutrients your body needs, and you are able to KEEP the weight from ever coming back. With these healthy fats, you will have more control over binge eating and the cravings will go away. I know you are more powerful than even your biggest cravings… I believe in you! P.S. What are some of YOUR favorite healthy fats? Leave them in the comments below :) Click here to learn more about fat loss secrets FREE Natural Weight Loss...

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Eat Chips With No Belly Bloating! 4

Eat Chips With No Belly Bloating!

Posted by on Feb 26, 2012

Enjoy Salty Chips Without Storing Belly Fat… Tips For Eating Out I am out at a Mexican food restaurant. I wanted to give you a tip for when you’re eating Mexican food. You know, those tortilla chips that they bring to the table? Well, it’s impossible to just eat one so tell yourself I’ll eat the chips after I eat my meal. That way, you don’t feel deprived and at the end of your meal, you’re only going to eat maybe two or three tortilla chips because you’re not hungry anymore. So try this tip and see how it works for you. Notice how your belly bloating goes away when you make these simple changes.  It works! I’ve discovered simple tricks like this so that you can eat out and enjoy your life and still lose weight. What other quick tips do you have for eating out at restaurants?  Share them with us! Want more tips for natural weight loss? Click here to be inspired by brett’s weight loss success story FREE Natural Weight Loss...

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More Success Stories! 0

More Success Stories!

Posted by on Dec 25, 2011

“This Natural Weight Loss Message Is So Important”… Here’s just a tiny sample of the success stories that come in on the Amazing Body Now Facebook Fan Page every day… Click here to be inspired by Megan’s weight loss success story 3 Tips to Get A Bikini Butt in 28...

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Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods – What To Eat To Lose Fat? 4

Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods – What To Eat To Lose Fat?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2011

Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods The Easy Foods To Lose Weight With… By Andréa Albright It Can Be Confusing To Know What Foods Will Help You Lose Fat… So let’s make it super simple… I want to talk to you about how you can decide whether you should eat a food or say, no thanks. This is actually a much more complicated discussion than you would think, but I want to really break it down to where it’s super clear and super simple for you. So I used to talk about foods that you should eat as “good foods” and in the first book I wrote that’s how I described all the foods that you should be eating. I said they were the good foods. And then all the foods that you shouldn’t be eating, I called them the “bad foods.” Well, that makes certain amount of sense, right, and a lot of people had tremendous success from the book and from Losing Fat in this way by just realizing that there are good foods and that there are bad foods to eat. But a friend of mine was reading the book and she is a wellness coach and she said, “Andrea, you know, I think there could be...

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