1 Day Weight Loss Transformation 0

1 Day Weight Loss Transformation

Posted by on Oct 12, 2011

Transformation Can Happen In A Moment… Way To Lose Weight Fast. Weight Loss Transformation Just like when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly… it’s never the same again… It was something before, but now it’s “different” without any of the past limitations, struggles, or obstacles that it had before. That’s what happens when a person has a weight loss transformation. Who they were before when they were struggling, and trying to FORCE their body to lose weight… Suddenly, they are “different”. Empowered. Confident. Happy. And losing weight is effortless. In fact, “losing weight” is no longer an issue for them in their life at all. They are no longer fighting for it… there’s only freedom for LIFE and living, and gratitude for the journey they are on. Just like the butterfly never has to worry about crawling around on the ground, moving from one leaf to the next in search of water, nourishment, shelter, or food… The butterfly can fly anywhere it wants to go.  There are no limits! Click here if you want to make your birthday even more special FREE Natural Weight Loss...

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Shrink Your Fat Cells Forever 2

Shrink Your Fat Cells Forever

Posted by on May 18, 2011

Have You Ever Noticed That Fat Has A Nasty Way Of Coming Back? How To Lose Fat… Protect Your Body From Danger Just when you think you’ve got this beat and your body fat is stable, you notice your “skinny pants” start to fit tighter and tighter until eventually you’re wearing the same old “fat pants” that you swore you’d never wear again. Why does this happen? Believe it or not, these fat cells inside of you are not playing some cruel joke of “hide and seek”. These fat cells are just doing what they are made to do—protect your body from danger. Let me explain: Your body uses fat cells as storage cells of energy, and it calls on this energy when there is not enough energy from food for your current metabolic state (or metabolism). So these fat cells are there to protect you when the food runs out! Now of course, in our modern environment with restaurants, convenient stores, telephone take-outs, drive-through windows, and fully stocked supermarkets, running out of food is no longer an issue . . . but your fat cells don’t know that. In fact, if you’ve ever restricted your calories or gone on any kind of starvation “diet” where you radically change...

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Yoga For Weight Loss – Thyroid Disorders Speed UP Metabolism Comments Off on Yoga For Weight Loss – Thyroid Disorders Speed UP Metabolism

Yoga For Weight Loss – Thyroid Disorders Speed UP Metabolism

Posted by on Feb 23, 2008

Learning a few basic Yoga postures to detox and cleanse your thyroid gland can have a powerful change on your body’s weight. The Thyroid Gland is located at the base of the neck — one of the areas that carries the most tension and stress. No wonder it starts to shut down… Watch this video to get a step-by-step demonstration on some yoga postures to help clear out your thyroid gland and speed up your metabolism: When you cleanse your thyroid gland, your whole body’s metabolism will be healthier and work better to cleanse all the toxins out of your body’s system.  It all works together. This is how natural weight loss happens.  I believe in you!~ Click here to stay  motivated in your weight loss journey FREE Natural Weight Loss...

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