Why “Starvation” Diets Sabotage Weight Loss Comments Off on Why “Starvation” Diets Sabotage Weight Loss

Why “Starvation” Diets Sabotage Weight Loss

Posted by on Apr 22, 2012

Have you ever starved yourself to help you lose weight? Maybe you learned it from a magazine, a celebrity, or some other “dieter” that told you that was the fastest way to lose weight… “I just stopped eating so much food, and I got skinny” is what we hear all the time so it makes sense that it would work for you too, right? But is it really that way? Maybe you can relate to this… You start the day thinking, “I need to lose weight in time for (insert special event here), so I’m not going to eat at all today! You are CONVINCED that you can stop eating. You’re on a willpower “high” because you’re absolutely positive that you can do this. You skip breakfast, and think, “No problem at all”. And then in the afternoon, you pump yourself up with some caffeine or pop a diet pill to suppress your appetite, and you get even more confident that you are really on the track to getting thin. But then in the early evening, your body and brain is starting to shut down, and your emotions are out of control, but still you’re certain that you’ve got the willpower to make it through… Until you smell a...

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Fear Of Gaining Weight? 0

Fear Of Gaining Weight?

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012

When you worry too much for too long it can actually become a part of you. Here’s a lesson on learning how to overcome your FEAR. Maybe you’ve never had a break from the worry, and you don’t even know what it would be like to NOT have the fear that all the weight is going to come back? Or maybe you fear that you’ll never lose the weight for good and that all this effort at losing weight is not going to work? When you’re overwhelmed by worry and fear that you’re going to gain weight, you can feel paralyzed from taking action. And that’s why you need a powerful tool to STOP the fear and worry from taking over your thoughts, controlling your life, and destroying your body’s health. “The Optimist Creed” was written in 1912 by Chistian D. Larson who was a revolutionary thought leader of his time. He had a simple philosophy… Be optimistic. When I stumbled upon this creed, I had to share it with you because I see that being optimistic has been one of the most valuable tools I’ve had along this natural weight loss journey. Will it work for you too? “The Optimist Creed” Promise Yourself To be so strong that...

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What To Do About Self Sabotage 0

What To Do About Self Sabotage

Posted by on Dec 16, 2011

Self  Sabotage And Weight Loss: How To Recognize It And Overcome It Surrender Your Fear Of Failing… by Andréa Albright It’s So Important To Reduce Your Weight. When you find yourself destroying all your success, it’s hard to know what to do. You may feel like you’re your own worst enemy on this path of getting healthy and losing weight the natural way. How do I know this?… Here’s the most open and honest I can be in this moment — There are parts of me that still want to destroy my success. Every day, there are voices that come up and tell me… “It’s too hard.” “It will never work.” “I’m not strong enough. “It’s not going to happen, so why even TRY?” These are the voices that take me on a ride. And what a ride it’s been. Struggle. Surrender. And everything in between. The endless dance of creation, and growth… it never stops, and on every level it takes you further. The spiral rings dancing further and further apart… Yet united in the center as ONE. And I see now that the separation of these voices as “bad” or “wrong” was only an illusion. Here I am, in this place of “safety” of security, of adventure. And...

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Why Is Bread So Addictive? Eat These 3 Foods Instead 1

Why Is Bread So Addictive? Eat These 3 Foods Instead

Posted by on Nov 15, 2011

How Can You Break Your Bread Addiction? Get Rid Of It… by Andréa Albright Eating Bread Is Just As Addictive As Heroine… but unlike a heroine addict who has to go out and “score” their drug… If you’re addicted to bread, you have to face it everywhere. Why Is Bread So Addictive? Bread is a refined carbohydrate, meaning it has been stripped down of all the nutrients,and even the fiber has been removed. All that’s left is a carbohydrate, or a sugar, that is absorbed into your blood VERY fast. And unlike table sugar that is only one chain of a sugar molecule (or maybe two in some kinds of sugar)… Bread is an entire CHAIN of sugar molecules. And that means you get a MASSIVE sugar hit to your system. All these chains break down in your digestion in an instant and FLOOD your blood with sugar. This gives you an energy spike, but when your blood sugar (or glucose levels) are too HIGH… Your body does this really amazing thing to protect itself… It stores fat. And then you CRASH. Isn’t that fantastic?! And when you crash, you crave more and more bread in order to get your sugar levels back up. And the cycle repeats. You Can Break Your Addiction To...

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Loneliness And Emotional Eating 0

Loneliness And Emotional Eating

Posted by on Nov 14, 2011

Loneliness Can Be A Painful Emotion To Confront… Overcoming Emotional Eating Due To Loneliness When You’re Feeling Lonely, Do You Turn To Food To Escape?… Loneliness can be one of the most powerful emotions – it’s no wonder you want to run away from it! Here’s where this all came from… “Loneliness is the absence of another. Aloneness is the presence of oneself.” I read that in a quote this morning from a teacher and philosopher, Osho. He was writing about how when you are “lonely”, you are feeling a negative feeling – you are MISSING the company of another person and the feeling of being with another person. However, when you feel “aloneness”,  this is a positive feeling – of being content in being with yourself and yourself alone. He says “We must all be our own light to ourselves, and find our way along this journey of life.” Pretty deep, huh?… That got me thinking about how emotional eating often starts from feelings of loneliness. When we are craving comfort, it is often because we are overwhelmed with the emotions that are coming up for us in that moment. Maybe it’s feeling like you’re “not good enough” to be loved, or to be deserving of being loved by another. Or maybe you can be surrounded by people, but no one “gets” you the way you see yourself… the room...

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Quick Weight Loss Tip – Stop Overeating 1

Quick Weight Loss Tip – Stop Overeating

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011

Stop Overeating To Maintain Your Body… This Tip Is Going To Help You Stop Overeating … I Use This Tip To Make Sure That I Don’t Go Into “Fat Storage” Mode From Eating Too Much … Here’s the words spelled out for you below… So grab your iPhone or your Blackberry, most cells phones today have a feature that’s a timer inside of them. So right before you start to eat, grab your iPhone, set your timer and 15 minutes later, stop, tune in to what’s going on inside of your body. For men, you can tune in to your mental clarity and women, we tend to feel things more emotionally so look at your mood, your state of happiness, your state of wellbeing. This real simple quick tip is going to help you become more self-aware, more tuned into your body, and will help you to stop overeating. P.S. Please let me know what are YOUR best tips to stop overeating? Click here to see a natural weight loss success story FREE Natural Weight Loss...

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Emotional Eating Tip 0

Emotional Eating Tip

Posted by on Oct 30, 2011

Emotional Eating Can Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts… A Tip To Stop Emotional Eating Don’t Underestimate This Powerful Tip To Break Free From Destructive Emotional Eating Just Because It’s So Simple… It’s a really simple one — journaling. This is just a really simple black journal and you can even see that’s what it says right there in the front, it says journal. Taking your journal, coming outside…I’m at a beautiful park right now and I just brought my journal. I came outside to record my thoughts, release my emotions. The reason why this helps with emotional eating is because you’re learning how to process your emotions in healthy ways. Instead of holding on and stuffing them down, that’s just going to drive you to emotional eating. You’re gonna feel depression, you’re gonna feel sadness, you’re gonna feel anxiety, and you’re gonna want to run away from it because you don’t know how to deal with it or how to process it. But if you’ve learned how to journal, you can get those emotions out of you so that you can release them, let them go, and stop emotional eating. I wish you the best, light and health!~ Click here to learn quick weight loss tip FREE Ticket to...

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Top 10 Mistakes Women Make In Losing Weight 0

Top 10 Mistakes Women Make In Losing Weight

Posted by on Sep 16, 2011

Why Women Fail In Losing Weight? Weight Problems For Women… by Andréa Albright Unprofessional Approach To Fitness. Here Are The Top Ten Reasons Why Women Fail At Losing Weight – And How To Make Sure YOU Avoid Every One Of These Disastrous Common Mistakes…     >>>> MISTAKE #1: Blaming Your Genetics Have you ever wondered why some women get the “skinny genes” and some women get the bad genetics that make them fat? Is it just bad luck? Just like me, I’m sure you’ve had girlfriends that can eat anything, never exercise and still look great… But for some unfortunate reason this lifestyle doesn’t keep YOU from getting fat. And if you’re like me, it’s almost impossible not to think that you have been genetically cursed with the “fat gene”. When I was a teenager, I actually thought, “God doesn’t love me because I don’t have the skinny genes like those women on television and in the magazines.” And that hit me at the core of my being. I felt hopeless and depressed, which only made me want to eat more and hate my body more… It’s an endless cycle. I was headed for obesity. But the TRUTH is that it was not God or my genetics that were keeping me from succeeding in getting into shape and staying in shape. It was hard to admit that to...

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1 Shocking Way You Gain Weight 0

1 Shocking Way You Gain Weight

Posted by on Aug 4, 2011

The Reason You Gain Weight…. Weight Gain Problems… This Will Surprise You… If you’ve ever wondered why you suddenly started gaining weight… Even though you haven’t changed your diet, or your exercise… All of a sudden, your clothes started fitting tighter, and you went up another dress size… You can’t figure out what happened, and where you went wrong… But this may surprise you… There’s a study about the area of brain health and mental focus and one of the things that research has found is that multitasking actually makes you gain weight. This is really amazing because we live in a world where we are distracted all day by cell phones, emails,Twitter, and Facebook and just crazy amounts of media. … it’s information overload! And your mind gets overwhelmed with lots of different things happening at once. Turns out, this will make your body release “stress hormones” that cause you to gain weight! … pretty shocking, huh? There’s this idea that, especially in a lot of corporate America jobs and really high pressure jobs, that you’re supposed to do more than one thing at a time. It’s actually kind of this noble badge of “I’m a powerful worker because I can multitask.” By now, you’re probably wondering…How Does This Make Me Gain Weight? Everything that research has found shows that people who multitask actually release more of the...

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“My Body Isn’t Perfect”… 0

“My Body Isn’t Perfect”…

Posted by on Jul 12, 2011

Get The Perfect Body… How Media Images Destroy Our Self-Esteem… And Ruin Our Relationships With Our Bodies… When we see images of “perfection” and “over-stimulated” sexual organs in our media – tv, internet, movies, billboards – everywhere there are images being mass produced to sell us products has created a new form of psychology – Media “Perfection Psychosis” The obsession with being Perfect… Perfect boobs, perfect hair, perfect flat belly….. And while underneath all of this, is our attraction to health and humans that express healthy attributes, but it can also turn to a destructive force. It brings up things in relationship that the human animal has never experienced before.  As our ancestors were living in a society where beauty was RARE, we are surrounded by it daily. Images in media give the human brain the ILLUSION that perfection is the norm and that being ugly or “less than perfect” is ab-normal. This sets up a no-winning battle where a woman will never feel beautiful enough… and a man will never fully have his idealized fantasies fulfilled. And as a woman, feeling less than beautiful or desirable by her chosen mate causes a source of great pain and shame about her “less than perfect” body. It’s easy to go...

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