Best Ways To Lose Weight 2

Best Ways To Lose Weight

Posted by on Sep 27, 2011

Weight Loss Tips… In This Video You Will Learn About The 4 Pillars Of Losing Weight… By Andréa Albright And you will get some of the best tips on living a healthy, active lifestyle while balancing family, friends and work. Watch this video to get the best ways to lose weight…  Start by doing a little bit at a time…. and practice, practice, practice! Thank you for honoring yourself by choosing to live a healthy lifestyle ~ Get Your Free Blast Belly Fat Starter Kit here...

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The Secret To End Self-Sabotage Forever 0

The Secret To End Self-Sabotage Forever

Posted by on Jun 30, 2011

Find The Greater Goal Inside Of You… The “Magic Number” On The Scale That You’ve Been DYING To Get To… Why can’t you get there?… Why do you fall apart every time you come close?… Are you starting to wonder if there’s something else going on underneath all these layers of body fat?… What are you hiding from? And why do you KEEP self-sabotaging over and over again?… If you’re asking these questions to yourself, take a ~deep breath~ and relax into this moment. You Are Safe. These questions mean that you are on your healthy Weight Loss journey.  Your healthy path of healing. And you are READY to look at what’s going on with you even if it’s painful. This is how the healing process happens. First, you have to look at it, embrace it, and accept it before
you can transform it. Your “goal weight” is something that is out in the future… it does not exist now. It is a VISION that is propelling you forward and it is HEALTHY to have this, but you can also INVITE your present day body into the conversation as well. Accepting and loving your body EXACTLY as it is right now, this is what sends in the ~healing vibrations~ that will calm your...

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