VIP One Year Anniversary!

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VIP One Year Anniversary!

Who Else Want’s To Learn The Secrets To Natural Weight Loss?…

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Here are some of the natural weight loss secrets you will be learning in the VIP …

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The First Monday In The New Year …Show Us Your Abs!

New Year Abs

Here’s a photo of my abs on the first Monday after a LONG holiday of feasting and stuffing and pigging out on fattening foods.

It’s easy to “lose belly fat” for a while… But can you KEEP if off?

Even over the holidays

Be careful of any expert that says they are “feasting and then cleansing” to lose belly fat… that’s a VERY DANGEROUS game.

And just to make sure there is absolutely NO DOUBT that these photos were taken TODAY, here’s the “behind the scenes” screen shot from my iPhoto software where this image came from…

Why Sugar Spikes Are Making You Store Belly Fat, And What To Do About It…

There is a “Belly Fat Tipping Point” where all the sugar you eat spikes your blood sugar, and sends a signal to your body to MAKE MORE BELLY FAT.


But the good news is that you can BALANCE your stress hormonesand silence your sugar cravings to STOP making BELLY FAT.

Here Are The Results You Will Get
1. Stop Your FAT Activating Stress Hormones!
2. Balance Your Blood Sugar!
3. Blast Your Belly Fat!

After reading through hundreds of comments, 2 things keep coming up over and over again…
1.  Belly fat and 2.  Sugar

Did I get this right?

I want to make sure that I’m listening to you the best I can.
I’m going to be putting something together to get  the weight loss results you want and the body you desire.

And I want to make sure I’m focusing in on the most powerful ways to do that!

Answer these questions as best you can and post your comments below:

What’s the biggest problem or frustration you have with belly fat?

What’s the biggest problem or frustration you have with sugar?

How do you want me to answer your question? Video, audio, or written form (downloadable pdf. or eBook)

I can’t wait to read your comment below, and answer your questions in the VIP group.   Always remember that

I believe in you!~


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  1. What are the best exercises to lose belly fat? I have a decent body frame, it’s my belly that carries the MOST weight fat… thank you! you have helped me so much!

    • I prefer written, usually.
      Used to have very small waist, but has gotten thick over the years. Probaby sugar, since, when small, I rarely ate sweets.

    • I’ll show you the best exercises to do to flatten your belly and tighten your core in 5 minutes or less. I’m all about taking LESS TIME to get MAX RESULTS.

      • Hello
        I have had 4 back surgeries, need another per the MD. I have spinal stenosis at the L5S1 level. Alos have Rheumatoid Arthrits& Fibromyalgia chronic pain and oh yah, sciatica! Also have hypothryroidism. My joints and muscles hurt all day every day.
        I had 2 bikini cut Cesarean Sections 34 ad 33 years ago. Now have a small pouch of fat that folds over the incision line, and no muscle tone at all. Not difficult for me to relax my belly like you have shown :-)
        Heip I need activities I can do and not be discouraged and stop. I hurt and that’s a fact. I just want to get fit, get off the darn sugar and improve my health. I justed turned 57 and I have had it! I’m so mad at myself. I have to lose about 35 pounds as well.
        Can you help me?
        Thank you Andrea
        God Bless You


    • I’m all for less belly fat and a smaller waist! Don’t have a problem with sugar but do have a large waist and too much belly fat. Helppppppppppppppppp please. I’m happy with written, but think video is a great idea for showing the proper way to do any exercise.

      • I agree with Marilyn the video’s really help to make sure we’re doing the exercises properly.

        • Great! I’m so glad you are liking the video training. There’s A LOT more coming! ;) Let me know what videos you want to see!

  2. I want to get control over myself, because my problem is losing control and just eating a lot of food, witch maybe isn´t so good at all. I also would like to get wrid of my little belly and get some abs. :) (i often take lots of sweets and eat them, then i feel so bad that i did it)

    • Yes, belly fat and sugar are directly related. I’ll show you the steps I used to break free from sugar forever! It works for so many of my clients I know it will work for you too!

  3. Yes, it has got to be belly fat – hands down! I do intense interval training and eat a mostly raw diet – no sugar, except for fresh fruits. Calories are below 1000 cal/day and some days are fasting days. What other options are there? Would love your feedback.

    • You should never go below 1200 calories/day! It makes your body think it is starving and will store any food you consume as fat! Try to eat some more whole foods and you’ll notice a difference

    • There are healthy grains and seeds to eat that give you the healthy carbohydrates that your body needs for energy without spiking your insulin and storing fat. I’m going to show you all of my favorites in this new program. Stay tuned!

  4. For me, it feels like no matter what I do – I can’t get the belly fat to shrink an inch! I can drop inches off of my thighs and butt just by thinking about it – I can firm my arms up in a snap! But try and remove even 0.25″ off my belly… it just doesn’t happen!! :(

    • I know Jean! It’s the same story for me also!

  5. Similarly to Karen, I do intense workouts and my diet is low in sugar, high in protein, and high in fresh fruit and vegetables. Yet still, I have this extra skin on my midsection and layer of fat. I always put weight on there! But I’m running out of ideas on what more I can do to get rid of the belly fat. Help!

  6. yes belly fat is hard to reduce, I have also cellulite on my thighs that give me a problem. Is there anywy other than exercise that can solve the problem? All exercise that I am able to do is walking early morning for 0ne and a half hours. Give me your counsel pls! Thank u!

    • studies have shown the best way to get rid of cellulite is to do half and hour of weights and then half an hour of cardio, over six weeks 4 different groups of people exercising in diff ways, this way lost the most cellulite

  7. Yes, fat accumulation around the belly and the expanding waistline – just can’t get rid of it. Exercise is not making a difference. Look forward to your suggestions. Thank u!

    • 2-3 days a week of Yoga combined with weight-resistant machines and cardio exercise strengthened my core in a fabulous way. Inflammation-reducing natural supplements and daily replacing a meal (or 2) with healthy protein shakes also helps the process of reshaping the core.

  8. i cant find a decent exercise to stick to that helps with belly fat :(
    Sugar is in EVERYTHING! i dont know what to eat :(
    Video.please and thank you!
    thanks to you,iv lost 16 pounds!!!

  9. @Laila Congratulations! I know that this is just the beginning ;)

    • Thanks alot! :)

    • Do you people think 14 is to young to want to lose weight?
      I weigh around 130 and kind of have a small spare tire.

      Thanks :)

  10. The only way to decrease your belly flab is to keep your calories less than maintenance and to keep your insulin levels from spiking frequently. Eat a protein with every meal. Drink water between meals. I have lost my baby fat 3x now..with just a touch of lower abdominal fat left. I lose weight by eating around 1200 calories or a bit less (5’2″ frame). I have also taken pills for about a month to stop my hunger, and they worked as well, but I dont recommend them for many reasons. I dont see exercises doing anything about tightening muscles and burning a few extra calories. IM not an expert like Andrea, but for me, less quantity, then better quality of nutrition, then more exercise is the order in which I have lost flab all over.

  11. I got rid of internal belly fat when I stopped using hormonal contraception in the form of hormone capsule. Which is quite understandable if you think what is the hormonal status of human female when using capsule.. Body is in a state of pregnancy, and saving energy for the future.
    I had almost none of external belly fat (less then an inch), most of it was inside around the organs which showed as thickness of midsection.

    When my cycle normalized, I got my slim shapely feminine figure back, hips and waistline was as they had been before the hormone capsule 4 years before.

  12. Yes, I’m addicted to sugar but found that it increases around the time of the Full Moon, no kidding. It’s an addiction that was started when I was young…dessert after dinner every day, candy dishes that were so easily accessible. Through the years I’ve cut down on the intake of desserts, replacing sugary things with fresh fruit, drinking water to satisfy cravings…but lets face it I still have the addiction. When I swim laps and take water aerobic classes regularly the belly fat and cellulite go away. When I lapse into couch potato again, like now when it’s below zero, the belly fat creeps up again. Instead of fighting it or getting frustrated about it, I just rub my belly, tell it that I love it (smile) and start all over again with the water exercises. I hate sit ups and rarely do them. What I do like is an exercise in the water that we do while hanging on floats on our backs. We lift our knees to our stomachs and then extend full out, numerous times. Then we do it on either side to take care of the obliques. I find that this exercise is less strenuous and gets the job done. By the way I’m 70 years old and look good in my clothes, have lots of energy and sometimes my peers envy the way my body looks. I can’t complain in front of them about the belly fat because that makes it seem as if I’m bragging and wanting attention. Most of the women that I work out with are in their 40’s and they encourage me to stay the course.

  13. I have actually managed to quit sugar! The truth about what sugar (not glucose, that is the fuel for our bodies- a special type of sugar called fructose) does to our bodies is chilling! I no longer eat fructose, except in fresh fruit.
    But, back to the survey, belly fat I agree with. But most of all I’d love to be able to slim down my legs. They aren’t huge, but i hate them.

  14. hello….
    thank you for all these amazing information……
    i want to lose 5 killoz of my weight for EVERRRR…..
    i eat lots of sugerrrr iam addicted to sweeetssss how can i stop that addiction…
    i have a very bad habit which is eating at night before i sleep is this helps me to gain more weight ??????
    thank youuu

  15. Hello Andréa,
    My head gets crazy with thinking about what to eat, when to eat, am I hungry? Am I not hungry? This unceartenty makes me sooo confused!
    Then food gets so conflicted with stress and uncertenty that I eat to fast. So I miss how much I am eating because I dont chew it enough ( And then I don’t understand how much I actually am eating) – this I know so some days I can slow down but it is so easy to fall back into the stress.
    Then sugar is there as a comforter every day. I know I comfort eat. Because in the stress of not knowing what to eat, actually eat it and be satisfied (knowing what to do if I am not satisfied after a meal) – I turn to sugar. When I have had an argument or a heavy session and my shrink- thats the thing that works. When I dont know how to take care of myself sugar numbs it off, makes me tiered and I dont have to deal with it.
    These are all my inner conflicts and maybe I am to hard on myself and have been over analyzing but maybe, MAYBE you can understand and perhaps help me.
    Love and Light to you.

  16. #1 how to dress to cover it up, I’m hoping it’s menopausal and will go the way of the willow once I get past it. I’m only 5 ft. tall so losing my waist is a real hardship, I don’t have much of a butt and without my small waist and relatively flat belly, I don’t have much of a shape!! #2 I love sweets, can’t imagine not having sugar in my diet, I don’t consume a whole lot of them (don’t want to gain wt., though menopause is not co-operating!) but can’t fall asleep at nite without a couple pieces of something sweet (no it doesn’t keep me up). #3 written, audio, video, just so long as I don’t have to download it to get access to it – that would really be appreciated! Thanks!

  17. My biggest problem with belly fat is that it keeps coming back every time I eat artificial sugar things. When I get fat on the first is on the belly.
    I still have a sugar addiction, so even if I replace the industrial sugar with fruits and ci I lose control and want THAT special sweet, … because of the memories I associate with it I guess. The more I try to avoid the industrial sugar sweets the more I want them.

  18. Definititly the belly fat! I had a C-section 18 years ago and it has not gone away since. Most of my fat storage heads right for the stomach and hips.

  19. Hi Andréa,

    According to Brazil´s present ideas on nutrition$diet , fruits are sweet and frutose turns into sugar.
    So, in any diet, only one fruit a day, maximum. (banana or apple)
    People who can´t loose weight usually eat fruits or drink orange juice,and think fruits are innocent. They are not.

  20. The problem with sugar is that it is addictive! I do not use sugar in cooking or preparing meals but if I see sweets and chocolates I go weak! I can’t stop eating them once I start.
    So this time of year is really a challenge.
    With regard to belly fat, I find yoga or pilates which help to strengthen the core muscles is really useful. But I think women are fixated on belly fat, we are meant to be a bit curvaceous especially if we have had babies.

  21. hey Andrea! my questions are how can sugar cuase fat gain so fast!?
    because i had a beautiful toned body for a long time and for a month now i havent been w eating healthy because every body hated it that i was eating healthy and pressured me to stop! but i loved myself! and everybody was so mean to me! and so i statred binging and not caring and now i lost my toned body and have fat in places where again! how do i overcome this and get back to my beautiful body>?

    • Hi Mary, this is why it is so important to surround yourself with other people that are also CHOOSING to live the healthy lifestyle and mindset. People who are not on this path unconsciously sabotage you and tear you down, but they don’t even know they are doing it! It’s their own fears and insecurities being projected onto you.

      And when you start to “shine with health” and feel happy, it’s a mirror to their own feelings about how they are feeling inside, it either comes out as “Yay! I’m so happy for you!” or “Why are you even trying? There’s no point!”… and it all depends on what’s happening INSIDE of them.

      They are reflecting out to you what they see and feel in themselves.

      That’s why I’m starting this community… we need each other more than ever! A lot of people are in pain and suffering out there, and it’s up to US to make sure we stay “in the LIGHT” always.

      I believe in you!~ I’m sending you so much love and light to heal you from within and surround you with every breath.

    • Hi, Mary – (and Andrea…also everyone else, plz read) –

      Those people that you said pressured you to stop eating healthy are just jealous of the body that you had, you shouldn’t allow them to control your life and the way you do things….if you loved yourself and felt good about eating healthy then you should continue doing so no matter what those idiots thought or said about you. Tell them that is what makes you happy and you owe it to your body to put only healthy things inside of it. My husband, 3 kids and I moved from the States (Michigan) 4 years ago, we ended up moving across the BIG ocean to Liverpool, U.K. and when we first moved here, I didn’t like most of the English/British foods at all not only because I wasn’t used to that type of food but because it was literally disgusting and tasteless, very bland. So, I only ate a bit of the meat and potatoes or rice (and I mean just ‘a bit’ but I made sure that I had double the amount of vegetables on my plate. I didn’t put butter on anything (which was not like Me because in America I couldn’t eat a baked potato until I slobbered it with TONS and I mean TONS of butter as well as sour cream.) I also read in a Diet magazine here that whenever you get the urge or craving to binge on sweets (cake, cookies, candy bars, ice cream, etc.) instead of going for any of that, make yourself a cup of hot tea, coffee or anything hot and that will crave your sweet tooth and will also help your metabolism somehow. So, I tried that every time I had a sweet tooth which was pretty much like 5 times a day. After about 2 weeks of doing this and cutting down on what I ate, and eliminating bread, potatoes and rice as much as possible as well as cut out butter and extra toppings like salad dressing, etc. and drank more water throughout the entire day, after the 2 weeks I pretty much didn’t like the taste of anything that had sugar in it so I eventually started putting less and less sugar in my coffee and tea. When I was in America, I would put at least 5 teaspoons of sugar in my tea and 3 1/2 teaspoons of sugar in my coffee, I ended up cutting that down to only 2 teaspoons in my tea and only 1 teaspoon in my coffee because once you add cream or powdered milk into your coffee that automatically has sugar in it. I also started walking EVERYWHERE when we 1st moved from the States to the U.K. because we didn’t have a car when we first moved here since it’s much harder to get your driver’s license so if we didn’t take public transportation like the bus, taxi or train, then we just walked to wherever we wanted to go and I tell you we walked so much that I ended up getting heel spurs in my feet (which went away after getting cortisone injections in my heels). Once I got used to walking, I would end up doing that instead of taking a taxi when it rained and believe me it rained almost daily here, so I made sure I had my umbrella and good shoes on and I went walking for at least 3 hours every day and drank TONS of water. Also, make sure never to skip any meals because my GP (doctor) here said that when you skip a meal or stare yourself that your body ends up storing that fat or something like so if you can’t eat 3 normal size meals a day then you can eat 5, 6 or 7 tiny meals instead throughout the day. So, I did that and I ended up losing over 9 stones which converted to pounds – I ended up losing about 126lbs within 8 months or so. My stomach got quite tight and I kept the weight off for quite some time but once I was diagnosed with having Fibromyalgia and was prescribed a bunch of really strong pain meds, that made me really drowsy, I ended up where I could hardly move or get up by myself which I needed my husband’s help just to get out of bed each morning, and since cold weather affects Fibromyalgia that Winter I ended up becoming very lazy not by choice but because of the horrible symtoms that came along with it so I ended up putting all that weight back on plus more so right now I’m not at all happy with my weight (278lbs.) in a size 26 pants which I was in a size 22-24 when we first came to England from the States. When I did lose all that weight I went down to a Size 12-14 and it was the best time of my life and I felt so much more healthier, I had a spring in my step, I wasn’t so tired and lazy all the time as when I was fatter and my high blood pressure went away, but now that I’m fat AGAIN, I have all those health problems and feelings back and it sucks BIG time! So, I really NEED to lose this weight again and learn how to keep it off – but most importantly I need to learn how to keep the weight off especially in the Winter months when the cold weather is affecting my body really bad. Anyways, sorry for the long story but I hope that you (Mary) will go back to eating like you used to and hopefully tell those people off that don’t like how you live your life. It’s not their life – it’s Yours and if you were happy when you ate healthy and had a nice body then that’s your solution – DO IT AGAIN!!! GOOD LUCK to Everyone on here in achieving your goals and keeping the weight off for good. To Andrea, I actually came across your channel on YouTube so that’s how I learned about this website of yours. I really ENJOY watching your video tutorials on YouTube and hope you upload some more recent ones on there very soon. ThX for reading & take care everyone & Good Luck!

      (in Liverpool, U.K.)
      YouTube: Amerikkahz5nUK

  22. Belly fat is going to kill me, I have heart disease and the doctors said I have to get it off aand nothing seems to work and everything I eat has carbs, which I crave.

    • @ Joyce – I’m going to show you how to break free from your carb addiction so you stop storing belly fat and get your health back for good! You are in the right place… you are a miracle of LOVE and LIGHT… and I know that YOU are ready for even bigger miracles. I’m sending you so much LOVE and HEALING LIGHT to surround you always!~

  23. Andrea, First off I love your ebook, your emails, and your desire to make the world fit, I think it goes far beyond financial gain, and in my mind, you are a fitness saint. I have been working hard for the last three months to live like a fit person (like you suggest), and not focus on the results on the scale or the prize. I have lost 24 lbs and look better than I have in years, but am still working on being fitter. As to belly fat, I feel it will take care of itself, When we focus to much on the end result, we are shortsighting our goals, by looking for shortcuts. Nothing replaces hard work and desire, if those are in place everything else will take care of itself. If you never get rid of that last little fat, it is just a reminder or battlescar of the person what we once were. Most of us can’t admit that it took a long time to put it on, and will take some time to take it off. Now when I see the rest of the world eat crap food, I am thankful there are people like you who care and tell the truth. Thank you for your inspiration, God bless You!

    • Thank you! I’m crying with joy. You “get it”… you see that when we stop focusing on the “problems” with our bodies, we start to see the AMAZING miracles that they are right now, in this very moment.

      You have “woken up” and now you see that! Which is why the weight loss has been so easy and effortless… it’s a sign of the healing that is taking place inside of you.

      I’m so glad you are here! Thank you for your words and for sharing your journey with us. You are my inspiration! Blessings back to you.

      Love, Light, And Laughter!!

  24. Hi Andrea, although I do love sugar I don’t go overboard! Reading comments from others, I see there are some who DON’T eat too much sugar and yet have belly fat! To me it seems that the negative emotions we store within are responsible for our belly fat in a big way! Exercise does help but we need to release our negative emotions too.

    • You are so right on! The belly area and the entire abdomen stores “A LOT of emotional energy… and that’s why you “feel it in your gut” when things aren’t quite right.

      If we disconnect and BLOCK OUT these messages, we literally begin to “insulate” ourselves from feeling these emotions we are trying to avoid. Having TOOLS to heal our emotions is KEY… because you will never be able to remove emotions completely. I’m so glad you brought this up!!~

  25. I am geting confused about food . I love sweets and i cant stop eat them. What about fruits is true (People who can´t loose weight usually eat fruits or drink orange juice,and think fruits are innocent. They are not.) what you think?

    • Yes, I know it’s confusing! Turns out the sugar in fruit is a natural form of sugar (called fructose) and it does not spike your blood sugar or cause belly fat storage … as long as you are eating the WHOLE fruit.

      The problem with “juicing” is that it strips away all the fiber, nutrients, and other elements that “slow down” your body’s digestion… and when these are gone, all that’s left is the sugar molecule which DOES spike your blood sugar quickly and cause fat storage.

      So really, the answer is yes and no… fruit is part of a healthy diet, but you have to eat the WHOLE fruit in order to get the healthy, flat belly benefits.

      I’ll show you exactly what fruits I eat every day, and how I make sure that I never spike my blood sugar and cause fat storage. When you know how to eat fruits the healthy way, then they are a VERY important part of your natrual, whole -food diet and they give you lots of vitamins and minerals.

      Great questions!~

  26. Hi Andrea I have the same problem as Ayesha Grice, when I stop walking for some reason or other I get back the belly fat or my boobs starts growing and when I do any sort of exercise as simple as it may be, I’m back to losing what I had gained .. I stopped taking sugar and deserts and any food that has white flour, white bread is one of them and to be honest with you that’s what I miss most, I can do without sweets & deserts but I crave for white bread. What can you do for me? Thank you for your good work and I look forward to hearing from you. Rosemarie

  27. For the past two years I have had digestion issues. They started out minor and progressively got worse. Nothing I tried seemed to help and my doctor was just a baffled. Then I met a woman with Celiac and cane sugar intolerance. I knew of Celiac but had no idea that someone could have an intolerance of cane sugar. The amount of sugar I was consuming through processed food was mind blowing. It took less than a week of going completely cane sugar free for me to start to feel better. Three months later I’m issue free and 10 pounds lighter. The majority of the weight has come off my waist. Having a cane sugar intolerance doesn’t mean you give up all sweets forever. I sweeten things with agave nectar, honey, beet sugar & maple syrup.

  28. Sugar addiction leads to the cravings that derail my efforts to eat better.

  29. The biggest problem with belly fat? It’s there. The biggest problem with sugar? It’s there. LOL

    Seriously. I think the biggest problem with belly fat are the health issues for women. The older we are the increase for heart problems, strokes, high blood pressure, etc., increases. And the belly fat is a terrible burden to all of this.

    With the sugar it is the breaking of the addiction. I am convinced wheat products increase the sugar addiction.

    • seY3FF That’s a mold-breaker. Great thinking!

  30. Dear Andrea. About sugar. I’m sugar addicted. I’ve always eaten candy and sweets but the last three years something’s changed, I can’t stop myself anymore, my discipline is totally gone and unluckily for me my metabolism is not as good as it used to be.(Btw I stopped eating meat about 2 years ago, could that have “destroyed” my resistance towards sugar?). I moved to London three months ago and I don’t think I’ve been without some sort of sugar for one single day. I believe I have lack of every nutrient existing. The gist is that I can no longer wear any of the pants I brought here and I’m feeling such deep angest about my body now. I really want to change my life, I want to love my body and be proud. I think I’ve gained at least 8 kg in 6 months and I hate it because I hate to be this heavy and tired all the time. I hate this bad circle I’m in!
    Please, I really need to have help fighting this addiciton (mildly put it)
    Love Agnes

  31. Yes, belly fat is my biggest problem. I served in the military for 6 years when I got out had my baby thought I’d never gain as much weight as I have. It’s difficult to change the way I eat so I exercise, but as a busy single mother can’t find enough time to get rid of this belly fat.

  32. #1: My biggest problem I have is feeling so uncomfortable. My pants dig-in when I sit and I feel so self-conscious of the rolls.
    #2: I like sugar too much. I have been working at cutting it out of my diet as I feel horrible when I eat it, but I still just crave it. My mouth starts watering at just the thought of a chocolate chip cookie. I can think all the good thoughts why I shouldn’t eat sugar, but I just want that sweet. How can I get my tastes to change?
    #3: I really enjoy watching your videos, but the other is just fine.

    Thanks, Linda

  33. My stomach is too big for my body. You can’t see it when I wear clothes, but I think most people I know would be shocked if I wore an extremly tight top or something. It sticks so much out that it looks like I’m either pushing my stomach forward or that I’m newly pregnant. -.- How depressing. Never getting the chance to wear a bikini.

  34. seems like all my sugar goes to upper body, my legs started to slm down but i put weight on my arms and chin, i dont exercise and when i look at the mirror i have became just like my mother and i wonder can i change anything here..

  35. this is fake

    • Hi, Michelle –

      Just wondering why do you say this is Fake?? It really isn’t, Andrea videos’ on YouTube clearly show when she used to be really BIG and then what she looked like when she lost some then when she lost even more. There really isn’t anything fake about her losing the weight and anything is possible if you want it to be. It just takes willpower, the know-how, dedication and sacrifice. I truly believe in what Andrea has to teach all of us. I lost over 126lbs. about 4 years ago when my family and I just moved from Michigan to the U.K. (as I mentioned in my very long comment earlier) I would’ve been able to keep the weight off, IF I knew how and that’s why I think what Andrea has to teach us will be valuable information in order to succeed in keeping it off for good. It really isn’t fake as you say.

      By the way Andrea, I forgot to mention in my last comment (the really long one) that I really don’t have a sweet tooth or overeat – the reason I gain weight and stay fat is because I starve myself (in my earlier comment I said my GP said “when you skip a meal or stare yourself” I meant to say STARVE yourself. That’s exactly the reason I stay fat and am overweight, it’s because I DO starve myself quite a bit and I usually go through each day only eating (1) meal (dinner) and that’s it, instead of the normal 3 normal sized meals or the 5,6 or 7 tiny sized meals my GP mentioned we should eat. The only reason I only eat (1) time a day or go 1-2 days without anything to eat is because as a child I was force fed – if I didn’t eat EVERYTHING up on my plate then I was literally force fed, and I mean LITERALLY – my mouth was squeezed open and I had the fork or spoon shoved into my mouth. So, I grew up HATING the sight of food and tried to avoid it as much as possible so overeating is NOT my problem and eating sweets or junk food isn’t my problem either, I usually only get a sweet tooth about once every week or every 2 weeks. When I was living in America though…I was addicted to COKE, I would wake up early every morning & have to have a can of Coke and I’d drink it all day long up until bedtime. Well…I hardly ever drink Coke at all now that I’m living in the U.K. because Coke here in England tastes A LOT different than the Coke in America so I gave that up right away after moving here. Also, the other reason I’m overweight is because of my health and not being able to do things like I used to because of the pain & debilitating symtoms of Fibromyalgia (which my GP now is talking about sending me for testing to see if I have MS or ME) so, most times now since I’ve been diagnosed with this 2 years ago, on rainy, cold or winter days I pretty much can’t move about without my husband’s help so I spend most of my time either in my bed or on the sofa in front of the TV and have frequent muscle spasms/contractions & in the mornings I can’t move at all. Anyways, sorry I have a problem with writing too much. Also, just want to say Andrea, that any method that you use to send info is fine by me. ThX for reading & Take Care! GOOD LUCK Everyone! :)

      Linda :)
      (in the U.K.)
      YouTube: Amerikkahz5nUK


  37. I have lost a dress size using mostly your information and 6 meals a day. My rear and thighs used to be the main problem with buying slacks, but I would be a whole pant size smaller if it weren’t for the size of my belly! I think there is a little negative critter sneaking through my thoughts when I am unaware telling me to eat sugar! It is almost like fighting myself trying to remember to replace those thoughts with positive ones that keep me pointed toward health.

  38. The biggest thing with belly fat is to get rid of it!!!

    I guess the only way is abs???

    As far as sugar, same thing I’ve been pretty good and I have noticed that when I was walking every day, my water intake was way better, I would get my body toned and I would shed those pounds…consistently and not crave about sugar…It lasted about 2 months and then I lost track and went right back to my old routines…So how do I get back on track? and lose that belly fat?

  39. Like everyone i also have the same belly fat problem, inspite of taking fresh fruits and high fiber products like wheat and oats, i am not able to reduce the belly fat. Can you help us with some good exercise which we can do from our home to reduce this belly fat. Awaiting for your reply.

  40. My biggest frustration with belly fat is that it gets in the way of alot of things. its so hard to play and have a good time..even to sit indian style on the floor with a group of friends. i’m self concious of it, of course. But thats not even the biggest problem. I just want to be able to DO things that other teenagers do. I’m not obese, but i’m chubby. And it still gets in the way. And then….. I turn to sugar because i “crave sweetness”. its almost like i’m tied up. i think personally that my belly fat and sugar addiction are almost connected. i would like to know how you would reccomend breaking sugar addictions. i have read in your ebook and done what it said, but it didn’t last long. what was your mindset behind it when you decided to break YOUr sugar addiction? I would like you to answer questions in video. it brings it to life alot more. thanks :)

  41. Eat at least 6 meals a day about 3 hours apart. Ranging in calories from 200-300 a meal. Have a lean protein, vegetable, healthy fat and clean carb with most meals. Eat all fruit in the morning meals and cut them out at noon. Cut all clean carbs off by 3:00. So the last two meals of the day will consist of lean protein and green veggies (Salmon and steamed broccoli). My meals are at 6 am, 9am, 12 noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm (egg whites and veggies here)

    As far as exercising, abs come from the kitchen. We all have ab muscles, most are just covered in a layer of fat. Get rid of the fat and you will see your six pack. Eat clean—it’s a lifestyle-not a diet. I don’t leave home without my cooler of pre-prepared meals and water. I have went from 276 pounds to 134 pounds. My body fat is now around 10%. I also have three boys and a full time job—so I MAKE nutrition and exercise part of my day, even if it means setting my alarm for 4 am to do fasted cardio.

    With that being said, cardio and weight training is a must. When I first lost my weight by cardio and eating clean, I was a skinnier version of my fatter self (called “skinny fat”). Once I began weight training, I redesigned my body. I am now asked if I am a bikini competitor.

  42. Oh yeah. And don’t go by what the scales say as your only means of feedback. I trained a coworker in my office. Her weight before she began was 149 and 3 months later it was 147. Not good you say? However, her beginning fat % was 30 and now it is 19%. That means she gained 10pounds of lean muscle but lost almost 12 pounds of pure fat. what does that translate to? She is four pants sizes smaller===inches.

    • @ such a great point! Muscle takes up less space and weighs more than fat so you end up getting “thinner” but you may weigh more. thanks for bringing that up!

  43. helo im 14 and resently went on a diet by starvin myself and i lost alot of weight but now if i eat somthing i overeat if i tell myself i am going to eat this and not get another 1 but i cant seeem to help myself by eating loads and im crazy about chocolate and now i need you to help me lose weight before i put on alot of weight

    • Celine I am the same age as you and I know how you feel. It totally sucks it’s my mission ever since I was 11 to be fit and thin. Cuz I’m like 15 pounds overweight but I don’t look like it. I’m 5’5 as weigh 139 I read that I’m supposed to be 125 pounds or less so I need to lose 13 pounds to be my healthy weight. And I want to tell you not eating anything will actually make you gain more!!!! Don’t do it!! Here’s my advice to help you.
      1. Diet. That means cut out sugar and butters anything that has bad fat in it. Eat like fruits and veggies chicken whole grains etc
      2. Excersise. Omg that’s so important. If you have access to the gym run jog walk on the treadmill for an hour and lift weights and stomach excersises etc
      3. Watch how much you eat. I hear you I’m obssessed with chocolate also. But make it a once in awhile treat. Like have a small bowl of choclate ice cream or a handful of chocolate chips. Eat meals in smaller portions and don’t overeat. I do that and I’ve gotten alot better about this and it’s helped.
      4. My question 2 u. Are you allergic to wheat or dairy? Because if you are stop eating it and replace with spelt anything gluten free. If you aren’t careful with your intake cause it can cause weight gain. I know that me myself I’m allergic to it and ever since I stopped eating it I lost 7 pounds in a week or something crazy like that. I hope what I said here helped please reply back to me if this worked good luck Celine ;).

      Xoxoxo Anya

  44. i cant eat nothing without feeling full i eat until i am going to burst and i was underweight before id hardly eat my body went to starvation but now i cant help myself even if i tel myself im going on a diet…plz i need to lose weight so if you have any tips to help me lose weight plz email me xx

  45. Bread. Sugar. Belly fat. Chocolate which has sugar. Pizza pasta

    • Just want to WARN all of you….Whatever you do, DON’T click on the above link (falconz dot com) – I clicked on it thinking it had something to do with this Diet issue and it had nothing to do with this and it ended up crashing my computer…made it Shut Down saying ‘do I want to send a Crash report?’ YES or NO – so I suggest don’t click on it, now my computer might have a Virus…just wonderful…NOT!! :(

  46. I desperately need to lose belly fat! I think with
    your help I’ve lost quite a bit but it’s still the
    most problematic area. And yes.. Sugar is evil
    I had to give in at times

    • @norah I understand your frustration! My belly fat has been the last place on my body that transformed, and don’t worry… this is just the way your body is designed to store fat… when you turn off the fat storage in your body, it will get to your belly fat too… and I’m going to show you how to make it happy faster and safer. Hang in there! You’re doing great!

  47. It sounds like you’re creating issues your self by trying to resolve this problem rather than taking a look at why
    their is really a dilemma in the 1st place

  48. I have a lot of fat accumulated around my belly, waistline and thighs. Need help in getting rid of the excess fat at the same time be fit. Vani

  49. I have belly fat that won’t go away!! I’ve done cardiovascular, stomach excersises and cut back on wheat an sugar because I’m allergic to wheat and dairy and if I eat it they go straight to my stomach causing me to have stomach fat!! It’s Soo annoying and I cry cuz I wish it wasn’t there! Any ideas??

  50. Video Please!

  51. Belly fat is the only problem an answer in short audio form would be fine. Do not care a hoot about sugar; never touch it in any form.

  52. I have lost quit a bit of wieght. Have a long ways to go. Problem is flabby skin!!!!

    • Skin brushing helps, check out T-Tapp method of skin tightening.

  53. Video and written email work well, I can watch with email backup to read again later.
    As I have gotten older I had a lower below the belt pouch. And in the last few years developed the over the belt
    fat bubble of belly fat. As this is happening I started to notice how many young women have developed the same belly fat,
    which leads me to believe this is an epidemic and is cause by what we eat, the only thing is what exactly is it or is it a combination of items that is causing this issue, and could it also be caused by hormones in our foods that are utilized to produce our foods especially meat?
    Help, I want to lose it and I seem to never find the time to do additional exercising as I should.

  54. Please put your helpful information in written form.
    Thank you,

  55. Please use written form.

  56. I love to hear from you in a video. To see your face, hear you voice – maybe some drawing or a place in the sun to inspire me – I absolutely love that!

  57. Hi my clients also struggle with these same issues and I would love to hear yoru imput on it, to pass along your advice and to help myself. Sugar is my big oups, but I am not really over weight either, I just want to be ripped and that extra 5 lbs would be nicer if it just stayed away. However, I think a video would be nice, something easily passed along over the net.

    Hear from you soon,

  58. Thanks for all your tips. As for me sugar is the killer. i have candida and i had been on a strict diet for long time and then for the last few months i started eating cookies. only 1 a day and they were so good lol. so in the last few months i started to have this belly bulge . so i stopped eating those cookies and didnt touch any other sugar and guess what the bulge is starting to disappear. also i had been doing these hip movement workout from the S-Factor and found that is also helping. it took only 4 days of no sugar and the workout and i was able to wear my indian outfit sari and looked and felt great.

  59. Hey A, thanks a million for your constant tips. I usually prefer videos because when i actually HEAR it from You, i feel more motivated andfind that i take your advice quicker

  60. Andrea…I don’t know how you do it every day. How do you get up in the morning and not give up and go back to your old ways? I can’t do it and am very frustrated.
    I used to be so slim that I never thought about ever gaining weight.
    But now I am 51 and look old and fat.
    I want deperately to look good in my clothes.
    Sugar is in my diet and I can’t stop.
    I have no control right now. Why??
    I would love a video…you are very inspiring.
    Thank you.

    • You got it Karen! Lots of inspiring videos coming soon :) … and YOU are my inspiration ;)

  61. What are the best exercises that target the lower part of the belly? Even though my belly isn’t my most problematic area (it’s my thighs.. everything else is shrinking, but my thighs aren’t), I notice that the lower part of my stomach will still have that “fluffy” look to it even after everything else has gone down. Starches and Sugars are my issues. I find myself craving them often. A written response will be fine.

  62. Video!…. please!

  63. Hello Andrea,
    Thank you for asking. I would like to see it written so I may print out your solutions and advice. Seeing this information on video with you would be great also, the personal touch so to speak. I do believe different people learn in different ways. Some of us are more visual for example. some of us take more in by hearing it. So perhaps sharing your information in more than one way would help more of us. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity Andrea.

    Most Sincerely
    Marie Keough

    • Great idea! I can record a video and then write out the script and post it for an audio download too. Thanks for the great suggestion! I’m off to work on it now ;)

  64. i feel like i have all the knowledge i need to change but i just can t do it, i m stuck in my habits and frustration.

  65. Im addicted to sugar, i tend to binge and then feel sorry for myself, ive stopped from sugar before and noticed a huge difference in my belly, but getting to stop in the first place is the hard part

  66. I try to eat right 75% of the time, and it isn’t like I eat too much. i need to lose about 15lbs. I have tried so many eating plans, nothing works. I walk 4 miles a day and do other exercise too and the belly fat will not go. I am also 53 years old that makes a big difference when you are talking about belly fat. You should address the different age groups as far as methods to get rid of belly fat. It is different for a 25 yr. old vs a 35 year old, 45, 55, 65. If you can address that in writing very specifically that would be great.

  67. I really like your video’s, it’s like you actually talking to just one person! I hope that I will be able to lose the extra belly fat. I have been taking care of myself much better. I find if I take the time to relax and stop from my busy life. Then I don’t need to binge on sugar as much. And the more I treat myself better the more I want better things for my mind, body and soul! I have found you book an amazing tool. Although I got stuck on “stop eating for fun” But the idea has slowly started to feel better. I am not there yet, but the seed in now planted, and I think a little more before I eat recklessly! I really appreciate you saying many times that this is a process, and it will take time for all the concepts to sink it. It takes the pressure off, so I feel like the little goals are attainable. This is a life style change, and it will take time! So thank you for caring about us, who struggle with weight issue’s!

  68. video please :)

  69. Audio would be interesting to listen to. May I make a comment here. Not all sugar is bad. There are hundreds of sugars derived from the foods we eat. Not all sugars are sweet and some are good for us. The study of glyconutrition explains this and I will lead you towards Mannatech’s Science website to gain more information on this subject. There are 8 sugars that are essential for our wellbeing – Mother’s milk contains five of these.

    Some of the messages coming from both you and Josh the Coach are confusing. It would be best to say “Moderation” in all things is the mother of all virtue.

    • Great point! The word “sugar” is used for LOTS of different things. This is a great idea for a special video on how to know “what sugar is healthy and what is unhealthy” for your body… and of course, BALANCE is always the key to health. Thanks for the great input!~

  70. i have belly fat that is giving me alot of problem and i have done all i know both walking and running and the problem is still very much tell me the best way to get reid of it please and i will live to thank you every day of my life

  71. andrea,
    i would like written format of belly fat reducing solution

  72. Is belly fat is age problem?Even less eating make the body slim but belly more elaborated.Exercise also not doing somthing to reduce belly fats. So now I M taking this truth that “EAT One piece of meal lessr to urs hungerness”So it gave improved results.

    Sugar can be with fatty belly as Pancreas function may be hindered.On otherhand
    Injected Insuline for control of sugar may make the body & particulary belly the Dome like.(womenish belly with 4-6month pregnant)ha ha …Would u like it.

  73. I agree with a previous poster, the videos are great! Also written comes in handy for me as I use my iPhone to access the info 99% of the time so just incase the video isn’t compatible writtens always there to go back to. Thanks for your inspiration. Kelly :)

  74. I think a video would be great! Sugar is the culprit I’m sure. When I feel so bad I finally commit – I can give up sugar completely. Takes about 5-7 days & I don’t crave it anymore as long as I eat enough protein with every meal.

    It’s so hard though to say ‘no’ all the time but seems once I start again I can’t stop. Read the book ‘Sweet Poison’…and it makes a lot of sense. We eat sooooo much more sugar than can be good for us. I think if I didn’t have to cook for others I could eat a lot cleaner and stick to unprocessed raw salads etc.

  75. yes i would like to see the video. i have tried almost every diet and nothing works.

  76. What’s captcha code?, pls provide me captcha code codes or plugin, Thanks upfront.

    • The captcha code is just to make sure you’re not a robot spamming the blog :)

      We got your post, so you did just fine… sorry about the confusion!

  77. I have the same problem: belly fat and I am addicted to sugar. Even if I have already lost more than 10 kilos, I still have belly fat. I am interested in receiving your reply either in a video or in a e-book. I trust all of you and particularly you, Andrea, and I hope you are going to help me. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Italy!!!

  78. I prefer written. Thanks

  79. You created some great factors there. I did a search around the subject and discovered most people will concur with
    your blog.

  80. Great blog! I genuinely love the way it? s easy on my eyes as well because the Information are well written. I’m wondering how i could be notified when a new post has been created. I have subscribed to your rss feed which want to try and do the trick! Possess a good day!



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  84. I have lost a good deal of weight but my waist stays thick and bloated. Maybe that is my age, but I would like to think there is a solution. I have cut out all processed foods, and pretty much all sugar. Yes every once and awhile chocolate calls… I have greatly changed my diet by incorporating juicing veggies and fruits. Also all meals begin with fresh veggies. What else should I be doing?

  85. i prefer you do it as a VIDEO plz..
    thanks dear for the effort u r doing ..

  86. no preference…anyway you choose….getting the information is what we all want.

    Thank you…

  87. No preference…Anyway you choose….Thank you

  88. No preference…Anyway you choose…Thank you

  89. That’s Also nice, when it comes in india hope it might make a Rocking location for youngster.. hope that
    come accurate.

  90. What a good submit. I actually adore reading these types or articles. I can?t wait to see what other people need to say.

  91. Please, can you Pm me and tell me few much more thinks about this, I am genuinely fan of one’s blog… 34

  92. It is your turn to come up with that concept that clarifies dilemmas with so well.

  93. Hi,i really enjoy your videos and try to follow. Its hard to take away my belly. I think its because i crave sugars everyday and think i have to eat it and after i get upset.

    i really admire you!
    video please!

  94. Hi Andrea,
    Thank you so much for your videos! I love them.

  95. Great work … Thank you Andrea …. I apply your tips to my children before I do to my self as I really want them to have better future with their bodies than I did. However, I feel that my long lasting struggle with my body is coming to an ending sooner than later in 2011 :-)

  96. Wow! What an encouraging community – great to read the comments – thanks everyone for the nuggets of gold in them, too!

    I, unfortunately have dial-up still and the videos just can’t load on the system… I caught a couple when I was on a broadband comp at my sons over Christmas.

    My problem is general obesity but having a belly and apron that is just the awful thing to shift! I have started losing – from 143kg to 128 so far … Just buying a juicer and starting a new regime.. walking each day helps. Blessings!

  97. Hi Andrea! Thank -you so much for the last video on the 5 most important secrets and for reminding us NEVER TO GIVE UP ON OUR BODY! You have inspired me to want to make the difference and I feel that you make it sound so easy….I also want to loose some belly fat and your tips make so much sense!

    Looking forward to all your updates and wonderful enthusiasm!

    Thank-you for reminding me to LOVE my body and making it a priority to find my very important ME TIME!

    PS: I am in Portugal…Thank-you for reaching out across the Globe!

  98. Wow, you are so encouraging and motivating. Looking forward to the new year and working with you. Here’s to my healthiest year yet. Breathing deep…what a great place to start.

  99. I am 19 years old and I want to get healthy and I do feel like that my belly fat gets in the way of doing many things, especially in University. Not being able to wear clothing that my peers are able to wear. I want to get healthier so I can climb a stairs without losing my breath, I want to be a stronger woman with a strong mind and be happy! Please help us all get healthier!

    • I totally agree Isha, and don’t forget be able to put your socks and shoes on without panting heavily, struggling & taking a break in between. It’s HORRIBLE being overweight, I can’t wait to loss weight AGAIN…the last time I lost 126lbs. was about 3 1/2 years ago and that was the best time in my entire life, I felt like a changed person and my medical problems (high blood pressure, etc.) disappeared while I was ‘skinnier’ during that time but now that I’m fat again, my health problems are back and even worse now then ever before. I can’t wait till I can walk up the stairs without losing my breath. GOOD LUCK to you as well Isha & everyone else. It’s soooo nice that Andrea is willing to help all of us. She is a God-sent ANGEL. ThX Andrea…I can’t wait to get started. :)


      Linda :)
      (in the U.K.)
      YouTube: Amerikkahz5nUK

  100. I like the five points videos and I personally do well with hearing the same points over and over again over time. I think it’s because we are bombarded with so much information every day, that I can know something is good for me, but I “forget” and need alot of reminding, even though it seems like just the basics and fundamentals.
    So, if you get this formum going and need to keep making the same points over and over about what works for getting rid of belly fat, that is okay by me and actually what I think is needed.

  101. Great video!
    I’m excited about the upcoming plans you have to help us with belly fat.

    As far as diet, what are your thoughts about Weight Watchers/points system?

    Thanks for your help!

  102. Andrea! Your videos are an amazing blessing.

    Like many of the commenters highlighted: repitition of essential tips is crucial.

    Additionally, I would love functional ways (incantations, meditations, email support groups) to establish a positive self-image. I am sure I am not alone in my struggle with breaking the pattern of blasting myself!

    I know for myself, the ommission of sugar would competely eradicate me. I would be a freer woman. But man, come 3pm, there is nothing I want more than a sweet vitamin chewy or any other sugary thing. So something radical, a bracelet we wear to remind us that we are all travelling down this path to health together!

    What I would truly love is an immersion-type experience to rebirth my mindset. Focus solely on the overwhelming desire for health and sexiness and to hell with the thought of failure. No more!

    I look forward to what you are creating, Andrea.

  103. Could you please include some diet and exercises for people with thyroid problem which working against their weight loss and keeping it off for long time ?

    I liked your taking a 5 min. off a day .. the me time advice .. it feels good.

    Thank you.

  104. Hi Andrea,

    i’ve got a question 2.
    Why does my brain tell me to eat things I know are not healthy for my body?
    How can I feed my brain and not my belly-fat-organ (hihi) And how do I find balance?

    Two years ago I had the healty and feel good thing realy going for me, but I lost it somewhere and now I can’t find it back. And the harder I try the more depressed i get because I am getting nowhere.

    I’d like to learn how to feed my brain again and break up with my belly-fat-monster…

    Lots of love from Holland,

    • Cravings are your body trying to telly you something that it is lacking, a mineral or a vitamin. And if your mind interprets it differently than what your body was trying to tell you, then it makes you eat foods that makes the cravings MORE intense.

      And it just gets harder and harder to break free from the cycle,

      That’s why I’m going to be teaching you about the MINDSET to BEAT YOUR CRAVINGS.

      • Count me in!!!

        I love the way you can really motivate!

  105. Hi Andrea! My biggest problem with belly fat is that no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to lose it! :( Please help me!


  106. I have been reading about sugar and its addictive properties. I have also found that flour , wheat flour , and processed white flour are just sugar in disguise. I am trying to get rid of wheat gluten and flour. I am 55 years old and it is hard to break this habit. I have been breathing, walking more and riding my bike. I have put on my calendar a hint to ride my bike.

    Your videos make so much more sense than other “exercise” videos.
    I am grateful for your information and you are a wonderful energetic speaker.

    • Sugar in disguise! Yes! We have to outsmart them. I’m going to give you the steps to break FREE. Thank you for being such an AMAZING inspiration!~

  107. Thanks for the great Videos you are doing. Love all the energy you have and very
    grateful for you showing us belly fat tips. I am a senior and in the last 5 yrs boy
    that belly fat seem to come on. I know am not burning the energy I use to so any
    your tips seem a great idea. Thanks. Lins

  108. Hey there,
    I love all the information on belly fat and the videos you have been doing. the way you deliver information makes alot of sense. i would like you to try to make a video about how to handle it emotionally when someone tells me that i am fat or need to lose weight. i mean…obviously i am more aware of it than anyone else. i want to feel good about myself no matter what i look like. because loving someone for what they look like is so hollow. i want to love myself for who I am. i can tell that you have alot of grasp on the concept. you seem so wise. i want to be like you. i am 17 and i really just want to get everything under control so i can become the person i know i can be. not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. thanks so much Andrea.
    – Malory

    • Everything you see in me is because it also lives in you… otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to see it ;) It’s the LIGHT reflecting back to you.

      I see the beauty and light in you always!

  109. Andrea, I have watched both videos on the 5 tips for losing belly fat and gaining a stronger core. I also watched on your FB page the video on “Weight Loss Secret”: Counting chemicals not calories. After reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food I’ve made a stronger effort to eat whole unprocessed foods. Thank you. THANK YOU, for being honest. I understood that belly fat required blood and oxygen etc. but hadn’t thought of it as a living organism. That really put things into perspective. Also the finding a support system, be it a friend who has traveled down this road or a support group. I think that is an excellent tip and am going to find that support. I’ve been overweight all my life and am exhausted by it, and so utterly depressed by it that I didn’t feel like going on. Watching you share you tips your enthusiasm was contagious. You truly are bringing love and light to us who are tired of living in the dark and that’s what I really feel like as an overweight individual that I’m living in the dark.

    • Hi Anne! I’m so glad you’re here! I care more about this than I can ever express in words. I’ve been through this journey, and I’m committed to YOUR SUCCESS through this too! We are going to be traveling an amazing journey together. It’s going to be healing in ways we never knew possible ;) I’m so excited for you! and I’m so honored to be on this journey with you!~ Love and Light to you!

  110. I enjoyed the video on the 5 mistakes, you mentioned working on the lower body. when the time comes and you discuss relevant exercise to that area I would maybe suggest again dividing it up into age groups, different ages different needs and abilities. I am 53 and I know that I need more work or different work than an 25 year old who is over weight. I am just flabby all over and have belly fat for instance. thanks Andrea i appreciate your videos.

  111. Hello! Just started getting belly fat over the past 2 years. (Welcome to the 40’s) I’m so ready to listen up! Tired of depriving myself of food…need to reduce my sugar…and I’m very motivated to GET MOVING! Not looking for a quick fix…Needing a long term change.
    Love your videos!

  112. Hi Andrea and Everybody!

    you are amazing!
    i love your e-mails and videos
    thank you for all the good tips and inspersion!

    i’ll be glad to have some exercises videos
    exercises you love to do everyday
    thank you!!

  113. I am so excited to see what you have planned for 2011! I completely agree that fat loss must come not only from the physical aspect but also the mental, emotional, AND spiritual aspects of ourselves—something that other programs fail to address. I feel that I have finally found my path to stop my endless cycle of yo-yo dieting! You have made me believe that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Happy New Year to you!!

  114. For me the biggest problem of belly fat is ,its exercise i mean i hate that exercise alot which is used for belly fat reduction.And secondly i am not too much addicted in sugar but i use to take more than 10 cups of tea in the day and as tea contains sugar so i can,t live without tea i am addicted with tea. And i want you to answer me through written form Pdf downloadable. Thanks

  115. Hi, Belly fat is a great problem for me, because it means that my diabetes is getting worse. I was being wonderful with the sugar, but then I fell into having a square of 85% dark organic chocolate with my coffee after lunch, and suddenly it was as if, because I’d been so good for two years, eating none of my favourite sweet and fatty foods (in fact, no sugar whatsoever), and keeping a total control on my diabetes, I lost the plot completely. I have sometimes eaten half a big bar at one go. I have even begun to order a large dish of icecream after lunch when we eat out. Before then, I wasn’t even having the coffee, and was doing all the other right things (which I still do)…loads of organic fruit, whole grains and pulses, nuts and seeds, low fat poultry or fish every day, oily fish three times a week., and the right amount of water. I don’t think the coffee helps, because it’s like a trigger. It’s amazing how quickly the belly fat popped back on.
    I do one hours meditation every morning, and a little before I go to sleep, one hours stretch exercises after meditating (because at my age it is so important to stay limber), walk now instead of the gym, but have not managed that lately because we have been snowed in for about a month, and the streets and pavements are very icy. I am, however, preparing to move to another county in the South of England, and that has been very hard physical work for me and is incredibly stressful. I am certain that all the stress entailed has also added to my belly fat.
    I’d like to receive my information by video or e-mail.
    Thank you so much for everything you have done to date. I have found it helpful and enlightening.

  116. Hi Andrea! Hello from Sacramento, California! I signed up for the 2011 program! But I am unsure where to go on January 2nd. Like a website? Or will we get an email?


    • Hi Amanda!

      The program OPENS SOON and you signed up for the “early bird” list so that means I’ll let you know first when it’s open with a link to the website where you can check it out.

      It’s a good thing you’re on the “early bird” list because there are some FAST ACTION BONUSES that are going to go quickly.

      Okay, I’m back to the preparation… I have A LOT to do before it can open. Gotta go! :)

  117. Thank you Amanda, the stress thing really rings a bell with me, I am constantly thinking about work and don’t ever really allow my brain to turn off. I will now take at least 5 mins a day to switch off and have me me me time. Can’t wait to loose that belly.

  118. I am not overweight but I would like to have toner thighs and core muscles. What are the best foods for burning fat and retaining muscle?
    Thanks for all of your help!


  119. Great Video! Thank you for the 5 quick tips!
    Hardest place to lose is belly. Are there exercises to do even if you’re suffering from a bad back? Also really hit home on the “stress” part – didn’t realize it was yet another contributor to the belly fat.

  120. Hello Andrea,

    I am so ready and want to know more about what you have to offer.

    Thank you so much for including me in this adventure.

    Most Sincerely

  121. my thighs are my worst problem area … i am pear shaped and didn’t have a belly till i hit my 40’s. now that i have it – i want it gone! muffin top on a pear, not pretty.

    i just watched your top 5 mistakes. i totally do the belly suck in … and i am have shallow breathing and no muscle tone. you’d think holding it in would be at least exercising the dang gut!

    this comes at a great time for me – i’m being told in other areas of my life to breathe deeply, mediate and i know that i’m a sugar addict. eager to move forward with you!

  122. Video or written

  123. hi andrea,

    i luv ur videos and have followed u on youtube and fb.
    my biggest issue is that i always suffer from acidity and bloating. i have chronic constipation and gas pain. i workout everyday but am unable to lose weight bcoz of these probs.
    plz help me.
    eagerly and desperately awaiting your reply

    p.s.: i have gotten all my gastrointestinal tests done even the most uncomfortable and embarrassing colonoscopy bt everything comes out normal

  124. Andrea, Thank you SO much for the videos! I’m excited to get started with your program. Even though I practice yoga frequently – over the past year I have noticed my belly fat and mass expand more than I care to admit. I joined a gym last month and your I’m looking forward to your tips in this program – I estimate that I have about 20 to 25 pounds to remove and I want to to it in a healthy way – I love the light and inspiration that you bring.

  125. M y biggest problem is belly fat and also the fat at the back of my waist which makes fitting tops and tee shirts look gross. I do really need help in getting rid of this fat. Am of medium height and have broad sholders and a reasonably wide hip but i need a flat belly and flat back for me to have a shapely body. I used be very shapely but it’s all gone. Please Andrea help me. I dont eat sugar that much.

    Thanks for your help


  126. Hi Andrea,

    I’m interested to know what kind of sugars you mean when you talk about beating sugar cravings….does that include fruit? I’m trying a ‘raw’, low fat vegan diet / lifestyle. It basically consists of raw, organic, living, whole fruits and some veg (ie peppers, courgette/zucchini etc) and SOME nuts and seeds. This diet is called 80/10/10 and is authored by Doug Graham. I have always had a healthy diet but put on weight very easily, so I’m going to give this a try.

    You might be asking yourself why I’m here, but I love your spiritual, holistic approach and enthusiasm! I love your video’s, and even if some of your information is contradictory to the diet I’m choosing to try at the moment, I need to follow a plan with consistent information (ie, this diet emphasises low fat, high natural sugar) as I’m very much an ‘all or nothing’ person and find it very hard to maintain balance, given temptation!!

    My body has an even covering of fat all over, but especially my legs and love handles!! I’ll let you know how it goes, and I’d love to hear everyone’s success stories, as they are very inspiring!

    Lots of love


  127. 1.Problem with belly fat-cant fit into snug clothes
    2.Sometimes cant stop sugar cravings…this occurs towards evenings-how does one stop this?
    3.prefer wrtten reply to my e-mail..thx Cee Dee

  128. Hi Andrea,

    (1)belly fat and love handels! would love to smash them,

    (2) I love my desserts, mostly chocolates, but when i put my mind to it i could switch to dark chocolate and still not feel deprived.

    (3) Pdf and videos are great , t your positive energy is inspiring

  129. I have a savoury tooth more so than a sweet one and don’t normally crave sugar but whenever I “diet” – more aware of what I eat and try to eat healthyer.
    My body wants chocolate and buiscuits – mental !!
    Wat is going on?

    P.S. I prefer stuff written.

  130. Hi Andrea,

    I’m 19 years and 5 ft and thanks to you I have lost my love handles they are smooth and gone, but my worst thing is my tummy is really huge, I mean I can literally hold it with two full hands, the problem with me is I eat until I feel full and then I stop. I can’t get rid of it. hope you help me and thank you.

    Can’t wait to see more info.

    • Awesome! You are seeing results and you are on the right track. Spend some time sending some loving, healing thoughts to your belly. And I would find a way to use your hands to send “healing, peaceful” messages to your belly… so maybe grabbing it with two hands and squeezing it isn’t the best way to honor it ;) I want to show you a new way to use your hands to HEAL your belly fat instead of judging it… I believe in you!~ :)

  131. Hi Andrea, I am new to all this. I love sugar, and breads and pastas! I am overweight and I barely exercise. But…I am beginning to gain interest in the way you emphasize eating whole foods and getting off sugar! I want to do all the right things and I believe I will , I need support and a lot of education. Written and videos are great!

    • You got it! You’re in the right place ;) and welcome to the healthy vibration!!

  132. I got up at 4 AM my time to see the show WHEN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO START and I have stopped looking I am disapointed

    • @Tricia that’s about the time I went to bed last night ;) … thank you for hanging in there! My Goal is for you to say “Wow!” as soon as you see it ;) Thanks for sticking with it! I am working around the clock with all the websites and technical details (wow! it’s a lot) … doing all the TESTS right now… I’ll give you the COUNTDOWN TO OPEN – it’s gonna happen soon!

  133. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for this program. Having been a person who never had to struggle with her weight before, and now that I am in my 40’s, the pounds come on quicker and are a lot harder to lose, especially my tummy with the oh so pretty baby pouch.

    My question is: Do you know what the cost will be, if any? We are a single income home with three children so money is tight, anything outside of our day to day budget has to be planned and saved for.

    • @Ria I’m so glad you’re here! We are going to be focusing on how to balance your hormones before, during, and after menopause so the belly fat stays OFF and does not come back. And eventually, this program is going to sell for hundreds of dollars on the web, but I’m going to be giving a HUGE discount for the 2011 VIP Group because you’re going to be creating it with me! :)

  134. Hello,
    Thanx for all the info everyone has put on here and Andrea thanx for everything! You always have all the answer’s we need! Thanx! I wanted to ask, How do we lose the under arm FAT? I’ve been working out for 1yr and 3months. First 6 months i went everyday and then after that i started going 4 times a week and now I go 2-3 times a week and i do tony little;s EASY SHAPER in between. The easy shaper is a bar with them bands that help you tone your body attached to it, comes with a dvd. It get’s my cardio up and help me focus on my bottom section and my upper and even a little on my abs. I don’t do much abs like you said but, I do them every 3to4 days for 20mins. I’ve been losing my belly fat. I do still have like a little little pooch still. But hey its going away. I will be listening to your video when you put it out. but my main thing i can’t lose is my under arm fat! I have done push ups, i do 60 mins or more of cardio a week. some people say i need to do more. but i don’t think i need to hurt myself lol. Can you help with helping me know how to lose the under arm fat??? Jen from waco, Texas! Thanks

  135. Yes! I do yoga everyday… even if it’s only 5 minutes! It’s great for a quick break during the day too when you need an “energy boost”… can’t wait to show you my favorite yoga poses that strengthen the CORE and flatten the belly … plus the endorphins help with the sugar cravings too! I’m creating these yoga videos for you now… and the 2011 VIP Group is going to give me ideas for their favorite yoga poses to practice before work or anytime. Lots of love and light back at ya!~

  136. Andrea – Heres a name idea for the group:

    “Sugar Free, Beautiful Me”

    Looking forward to seeing what its all about!!

    • How beautiful! Yes… that’s the TRUTH.

  137. Hey Andrea,

    What a great idea! I love the way you use your energy to create. I did some thinking about a name for the group

    – ABC – Amazing Body Comunity (to learn the ABC about belly fat an sugar free living)
    – High on Health

    That’s it for now haha

    • Wow! these are such great names! It’s going to be so FUN TO VOTE and see which one wins.

  138. Hi Andrea!
    Good morning! I am so excited to see what you have loving created!
    How about “The Flat Belly VIP Lounge”
    Lots of love,

    • oooohhhhh! I like it… sounds like someplace I want to be! Lots of love back at ya!~

  139. Hi Andrea! Sorry to message u I know you are so busy right now! When the 2011 group is up & running, wil you still be running the ‘Inner Circle’ group as well? Thanks a mill Kelly x :)

    • Hi Kelly, Yes! The Inner Circle is still going on, and there are some special surprises I’m setting up just for the Inner Circle. … and you are never a bother, I always love to hear from you!~ :)

  140. Hi Andrea!

    It’s Teresa from Portugal!

    Congratulations on all that you are creating! I think we in for quite a storm! I love your jumping for joy image! So that is what being free from sugar and a flat belly does to you: It makes you jump for JOY!!!!

    Name Suggestion: BlastFatAway&Jump4Joy!

    Looking forward to the big day!

    Love Teresa

    • Como é belo! Adoro! ;)

  141. I’ve had blood sugar issues for most of my life (hypoglycemia and gestational diabetes). When I’m eating clean and sugar-free, I feel fabulous, full of energy and even-keeled. But sugar keeps creeping back in, just when I finally feel that I can “let my guard down.” The intense cravings start all over again after a little taste of sugar. Unfortunately, keeping my guard up all the time is exhausting, and (especially during times of stress) and eventually I wind up getting overwhelmed and burning out on being dilligent!

    I’m convinced that there is a way to rid my body of its taste for sugar for good….. and I’m all ears!

  142. That’s A Great name! LIke that British TV show called “Absolutely Fabulous!’… so good! I love that show ;)

  143. Hey Andrea!

    My friend showed me you “weight loss motivation” video just before the holiday and I’ve been following along ever since – great work! Your energy and enthusiasm is really inspiring!

    I’ve got a couple of questions

    #1 I love getting exercise, especially swimming and playing underwater hockey. But I’m not sure these are enough to work all parts of my body. I’m really interested in yoga and would love to teach myself at home. But I’m not sure it’s a good idea to do it unsupervised as I know some exercises can be specific to certain muscles, and if you do them wrong they’re just a waste of time! What do you think? Do you know any good resources?

    #2 This one’s a bit more important.

    My dad is very overweight, and I’ve been very worried about him for a long time. He’s been on diet after diet, but keeps on giving up and indulging on things like cheese and wine. He’s too big to be very active safely as he’ll hurt himself, and he’s on a waiting list for a gastric band. It’s a long list though, and my dad’s approaching 60 now. It’s not a safe procedure at the best of times! I’d love to give my dad some weight loss inspiration, but – with all due respect – I’m not sure AmazingBodyNow is his scene, it’s a little too ‘out there’ for his liking! I really think he would benefit from listening more to his body, but i don’t know how to help him! What do you suggest?

    Sorry this is a long one!

  144. Oh, PS name suggestion: Sweet Freedom Society 2011 :)

    No rush getting back, I know you’re working flat out!

  145. well….I´m from Spain, Valencia.
    The opening will be at 9p.m my hour…and at that time I will be out with my boyfriend…you know what I am going to do¨? Taking my mini laptop and my internet mobil and I am going to be one from the first 10 :D you will see !!! jajajajaja
    Love and peace to all of you!

  146. Hello!

    I want to know more about how muscles are made at night. This idea has inspired me to get proper sleep. Do you know the science of sleep related to your muscles?


    • Great question! And a great idea for a video. thanks for the cool idea ;)

  147. I’m very excited. All of the questions everyone is asking is helping inspire my “ideal life” I can’t wait until 6am tomorrow!!! xD

    • We opened a little late, but the 2011 VIP Group is LIVE. Go here:

      I was up all night, and of course, sweating at the last hour… but it’s all behind us.. now we get to ENJOY the amazing VIP Group we are creating!

  148. –> 1. What’s the biggest problem or frustration you have with belly fat?

    –> 2. What’s the biggest problem or frustration you have with sugar?

    It all ties together for me…. I am not prepared ahead of time with my mini meals,
    so I don’t eat as often as I should and many times I get too hungry then over eat and or eat the wrong things. I “fell off the wagon” during the holidays, so now I have that sugar crave (was truly sugar free and loving it for a year!) but now have to tackle it all over again… so it is all working together to create belly fat again! Was size 12-14 originally and made it down to a size 4-6 with your teaching, but now gained about 10 pounds back! I don’t want to slip back into this position ever again…. I want this done for a lifetime. It is really up to me… but whatever inspiration and advice you have is certainly welcome… really it is cherished!

    –> 3. How do you want me to answer your question?
    Video, audio, or written form (downloadable pdf. or eBook)
    I prefer a downloadable audio, that way I can listen to it at work on my music player and in my car during the long commute… this is what made my original weight loss so successful! I had your wisdom in my ears all the time… it really made the difference. Keeping my goal in front of my eyes at all times. the videos on the website are great, but I need to be able to access the information much more than that to make it really work and stick! Thank you in advance, Becky Myers of Hillsboro, Missouri.

  149. how much fat do you eat in a day , is fat intake the culprit ?? or sugar intake???

  150. Woo hoo! Not long now peeps lol x hope I get in on the bonuses :D

    • CONGRATULATIONS! I saw your name on some amazing Fast-Action Bonuses! I’m just going to make sure all the credit cards are processed before I announce the FINAL WINNERS. Stay tuned!~

  151. I’ve been waiting for 40 minutes past the actual due time :( I hope it is up soon!!! I know you are working very hard Andrea! I have complete faith in you!

    • Thank you Amanda! We are LIVE and you can get in on the FAST ACTION BONUSES Here:

      If you would’ve seen me the last hour before the LAUNCH… you would’ve had a good laugh!

      It’s so amazing how computers LOVE to mess with you right when things are really getting interesting ;)
      Thank you for your faith in me! It makes up for not getting any sleep last night ;)

  152. Now, that’s what I’m talking about! What a positive attitude! I’m so glad that you’ve joined the VIP group and I’m so happy you’re liking it so far… there is SO much more coming! Some people take a little longer to jump in, so soon as we get everyone in then we are really going to get things cooking ;)

    And thank you for the positive energy!! Yes, I believe that everything happens for a reason… and sometimes it takes a while before we see it. But I can see on thing for sure… THIS IS YOUR YEAR!!

    • Oh yeah, almost forgot! I’m just going through to make sure all the credit card payments went through, and then I’ll be contacting the WINNERS of the Fast Action Bonuses very soon! … you know me, EVERYONE is a WINNER and there are LOTS of surprise bonuses coming soon! ;)

  153. Have you actually thought-about adding extra videos to your blog posts to grow the audience extra entertained? I suggest I simply examine by way of your finish article of yours and it was fairly good but since I am far more of a noticeable learner,I observed which to be extra helpful successfully let me comprehend how it seems! I really like which you men are all the time up too. This kind of intelligent function and reporting! Maintain the great performs guys I’ve additional you men to my blogroll. It is a stellar report thanks for discussing that informative details.. I’ll take a look at your blog recurrently for some newest submit.

  154. I used the Dr Max Powers Burn for about two weeks and I lost 3 pounds so far. Amazingly, most of the weight loss came from my belly.

  155. I have terrible sugar cravings and my stomach is so big.Please send this info to me e-mail

    • Don’t worry! We’ll be covering sugar cravings in the VIP Member’s Area… just wait and see how easy this is when you “get it”! :)

  156. Hi! I am flying to LA right now and will be arriving at big oppening time! Good luck in our journey to everybody :)

  157. Thanks Andria, i love your videos,very inspiring.I look forward too loosing more weight and toning up with you.More power and success to you. Dan.

  158. My biggest problem with belly fat is that darn little pouch on the lower stomach. You know, you just want to tuck a tight fitting shirt in and wear a belt without the little blob! Very stubborn, very hard to get away. I hear losing it is mostly tied with diet? Is that true?

    With sugar, my biggest problem is I can’t just have one sweet. I’m a binger, and the sugar works against me. So I try to stay away from them all together, but life happens, you need to grab a protein bar running late to work one afternoon, but then for some reason at dinner you are just CRAVING that cookie so bad! Then 1 cookie becomes 2, 3,4.. you see what I mean.


  159. my biggest obstacle is I love food and love to eat. sweets and carbs are my favorites though. tell me how to give them up, and I could be slim and trim like you.

  160. My biggest obstacle is the ability to not give up during a plateau. I usually eat right and exercise but if I don’t see constant results, I want to give up. Also, as I get older, it seems harder to keep belly area thin, especially after pregnancies and two C-sections.

  161. The biggest obstacles for me are the cold winters that keep me in the house most the time. The other thing is the fact that I live in the country and am a stay at home mom. I go to town to shop only once a week. Other wise I’m in the house cleaning and taking care of kids all the time.

  162. Emotional eating & stress. Poor coping skills. This is what keeps belly fat on me.
    Knowing all the right things to do, yet not doing them out of habit.

    This is my issue. Establishing better coping mechanisms and the habits needed to lose & maintain good health.


  163. My biggest problem is emotional eating. I know I’m doing it but I can’t stop.
    Another problem I have is that I’m very social with my friends but whenever we do anything there is always mountains of food. I will just eat and eat and eat.

  164. Scratch what I said above. Andrea’s diet is much better to do. :)

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