My Own True Weight Loss Success Story

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My Own True Weight Loss Success Story

Are you sick of those yo-yo diet scams?  Are you tired of exercise in a bottle that doesn’t work?…

Hi, my name is Andrea and I used to be overweight.
I struggled with my weight for years and then I finally found the natural fat loss secrets that work.  Here’s my weight loss story …

Here are the words from the video above…
Until Nine Years Ago, I Always Failed When I Tried To Lose Weight And I Could Never Stick With It For Very Long…

It’s crazy to say that because it really seems like only yesterday, but yet I’m a completely different person today inside and out.  I don’t have many pictures of me because I threw most of them away.Anger and Disgust For My Body Made Me Desperate To Diet…

Back then I was ashamed of my body and I hated looking at myself, but now I wish I had more photos of that woman who I once was. Because when I look back and I think about her, I see that she is so amazing.

She has a beautiful radiant light that’s shining from her. Back then I was ashamed of my body and I was angry at it because I couldn’t lose weight and now I’m ashamed that I was ashamed of it.

When I dug this photo on the left out, the first few times I showed it to anyone, my heart started to beat really fast and I got like a tightening in my chest.

But now, I’ve made peace with this beautiful radiant spirit that is shining out through the eyes in both of these photos.

I see now that having anger or disgust for this amazing body that I’ve been given is not only disrespectful but it’s also self-defeating.

Once I discovered that part of myself that respected and loved my body, I wanted to honor and cherish it with my whole being, my words, my thoughts, and my actions.

And I’m not saying that this happened overnight, this was a journey.

I’m 22 on the photo on the left, but I’m 30 in the photo on the right.

Here, let me take you back in time once again and show you a snapshot from a moment along that journey.

Here I am on the beach.

My boyfriend at the time wanted me to lose weight and he told me that I wasn’t trying hard enough.

He made me stand on the beach while he took photos of me. He told me not to stand at an angle in order to make myself look thinner and to not suck in my stomach.

I’m completely humiliated in this photograph. But you can see that my body is definitely smaller here than it was in that last before photo and I was doing a lot of good things for myself at that point.

Had I just stopped there and not gone any farther, then that would have been great. But I still had farther to go.

The Weight Loss Transformation…

Here I am just one and a half years later. When I put these photos back to back and realize when they were taken, I thought, “Whoa, are you kidding me?”

I didn’t realize I had made such a huge transformation in only a year and a half. But now that I understand this journey and what happens, it makes perfect sense.

The Day I Finally Revealed My Bikini Body I had always dreamed of feeling really super confident and sexy in a bikini in public and at this island themed beach house party, I finally got my chance.

Gosh, it felt amazing to have my 16-year-old body back. It was like I had reversed time and I was getting younger because I was getting healthier.

And just in case I still haven’t gotten the point across, my rear end ladies and gentlemen on that same day at the beach. It felt like someone was lining me up for a firing squad.

It was one of the worst days of my life.

But just a little over a year and a half later, it’s amazing how things can feel like they’re so hopeless and depressing and then turn around so quickly.

And my rear end isn’t the only thing that’s tightened up.

I’m 22 in this photo and I’m 31 in the photo on the right.

Just in case you’re not good with math, that’s a 9-year difference. I’ve heard that some people think that aging is supposed to be depressing, but I haven’t gotten that memo. I love getting older!

We Are On This Natural And Healthy Weight Loss Journey Together…

So I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me through time and I hope it’s given you some amusement, a few laughs, and I hope it gives you some inspiration and some optimism, but more than anything, I hope that I’ve made an impression on you.

The next time you take a photo of yourself, before you go quickly to criticism, anger, or disgust, I hope you pause and instead look directly in to the middle of your eyes where that light is shining out and you see the beautiful, radiant being that you truly are and the potential of who you can become.

I believe in you!~

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