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“Thank you Andréa, with your help I was able to lose over 70 Pounds in just 7 months! I can see my collar bones, that’s always nice, no more double chin!… I feel alive, I have more energy and my confidence is beaming!

No more high blood pressure. I’m super excited. So is my doctor. She said ‘I am her shining star of the day. Look your blood pressure is lower, no more medicine, yay!’

I feel fantastic! And I have lost over 33 inches of body fat, 7 inches off my abdomen…

There is nothing that beats feeling healthy and energetic. Anyone can do it!”


Wow Megan, that is AMAZING! I am so proud of You! It takes a ton of courage to make that kind of change!

If you don’t already know this, but Megan is my sister. She has made an amazing transformation and I couldn’t wait to see her again to record this interview.

Here is a picture of Megan’s before and after picture, what a transformation!

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