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Success Story #22

Misty, Mother of 2 

I secretly hated my belly fat after 2 kids. After a day out with my family at the State Fair, I felt guilty about all the junk I had eaten.  I was feeling disgusted with myself…

Then I saw you on Facebook and when the coaching program came my way and I said “I wanna do it! I’m just going to do it!”  And I have always resonated with everything you say and how real you are…It’s been fabulous! The first day was easy, second day was hard but after that was easy! Even my daughter has said “Mom look at you, you look brighter!”

I realized if I don’t take care of myself I cannot take care of my children, not the way I want to.

And now I have a new belt! And new bra’s! And I’m sleeping better! I just feel better…people around town keep saying how good I look. I am actually really excited for the first time in a long time about my own personal journey! I want every women to feel this!!!!

 Watch Video Here…

There’s proof that this journey of natural weight loss does not have to be hard or take a long time.  When you have the path, and the inspiration, you can do it too!


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