Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods – What To Eat To Lose Fat?

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Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods – What To Eat To Lose Fat?

Good Foods Vs. Bad Foods

The Easy Foods To Lose Weight With…

By Andréa Albright

It Can Be Confusing To Know What Foods Will Help You Lose Fat…

So let’s make it super simple…

I want to talk to you about how you can decide whether you should eat a food or say, no thanks.

This is actually a much more complicated discussion than you would think, but I want to really break it down to where it’s super clear and super simple for you.

So I used to talk about foods that you should eat as “good foods” and in the first book I wrote that’s how I described all the foods that you should be eating.

I said they were the good foods. And then all the foods that you shouldn’t be eating, I called them the “bad foods.” Well, that makes certain amount of sense, right, and a lot of people had tremendous success from the book and from Losing Fat in this way by just realizing that there are good foods and that there are bad foods to eat.

But a friend of mine was reading the book and she is a wellness coach and she said, “Andrea, you know, I think there could be a better way to describe what foods a person should be eating if they want to Lose Fat the healthy way.

Because anytime you put any kind of “good” or “bad” label around eating, the person can personalize it and begin to feel like they’re a bad person or they’re doing something bad,” and that really stuck with me.

I started to think well…

How can I express this, how can I teach what foods you should eat and what foods you shouldn’t eat without putting this “good” or “bad” label on them? I’ve come up with a better way of describing this concept.

So from now on in all of my videos and all of the coaching programs, I’m going to be talking about the foods that you eat, the foods that you should be eating for your fat loss journey, we’re going to now call them EASY. We’re calling them easy because these are the foods that are easy for your body to digest.

 They are Going To B Easy For Your Body To Get The Vitamins And Nutrients That Your Body Needs…

They’re also going to be easy for giving you energy and accelerating your mood and then they’re also going to be easy for giving you positive you brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine that are going to make you feel good.

This is literally going to give you the feeling that your life is so much easier and definitely your fat loss journey, your Healthy Fat Loss journey is going to get so much easier. So from now on, we’re calling them the EASY FOODS.

Foods that we want to keep in our life and keep in our diet.


The Hard Foods…

They’re hard foods because these foods are going to slow down your digestion or maybe not be able to digest your food at all.

Your body is not going to be getting the nutrients or vitamins that it needs in order to do what your body’s metabolism needs to do.

So it’s going to be making everything much, much harder on your body and this is going to have an effect on your emotions and your moods and your energy and your brain chemistry and so life is going to seem much, much harder. It’s also going to make your fat loss journey very, very hard.

I’m not looking to label ourselves as “good” or “bad,” we’re really trying to look at how are these foods affecting our body, our mind, our hearts, and our spirits and are they in line with the lifestyle that we want to live.

So when you think about what foods you’re eating, think about what’s going to be easy not in the terms of what’s quick and convenient and fast, but “what’s easy for my body, what’s easy for mind and for my moods and for my energy levels”. What is going to be easy in the long run.


  1. Can I get a recipe for rice cakes?

    • Hi Michele,

      Thank you for your inquiry about a rice cake recipe. I have yet to make these at home, however within the next week I will have a recipe for quick easy & healthy snack to eat on the go I am sure you will LOVE! Stay Tuned!

      Your Friend in Natural and Healthy Weight Loss,


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