Shrink Your Fat Cells Forever

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Shrink Your Fat Cells Forever

Have You Ever Noticed That Fat Has A Nasty Way Of Coming Back?

How To Lose Fat…

Protect Your Body From Danger

Just when you think you’ve got this beat and your body fat is stable, you notice your “skinny pants” start to fit tighter and tighter until eventually you’re wearing the same old “fat pants” that you swore you’d never wear again.

Why does this happen?

Believe it or not, these fat cells inside of you are not playing some cruel joke of “hide and seek”.

These fat cells are just doing what they are made to do—protect your body from danger.

Let me explain: Your body uses fat cells as storage cells of energy, and it calls on this energy when there is not enough energy from food for your current metabolic state (or metabolism).

So these fat cells are there to protect you when the food runs out! Now of course, in our modern environment with restaurants, convenient stores, telephone take-outs, drive-through windows, and fully stocked supermarkets, running out of food is no longer an issue . . . but your fat cells don’t know that.

In fact, if you’ve ever restricted your calories or gone on any kind of starvation “diet” where you radically change your food intake, you’ve sent a danger signal to your fat cells that the food has run out.

As soon as they get this signal, the fat cells go into “starvation mode” where they store even more fat as soon as they get a surplus of energy (a.k.a. “binge eating”).

Your fat cells get “freaked out” and “hyper-sensitive” when you’re dieting because they never know when food is going to run out for good. All that will be left is the storage of energy in the fat cells to get you through.

In other words, your fat cells will help you survive a famine or drought and keep you alive when you are truly starving. Going on a diet triggers this “starvation mode” inside you.

But that’s not the worse part!! Fat cells love to multiply!! . . . Think of a fat cell as a balloon that you can blow up. And as soon as that fat cell balloon is maxed out, it splits and now you have two fat cells!

This process (called mitosis) continues over and over again, your body makes more and more fat cells, and there seems to be no limit to the number of fat cells the human body can produce (which is what happens with morbid obesity).
“If This Is The Case, Why Do You Lose Fat (Temporarily) On Those Fad Diets And Weight Loss Programs?” You May Be Asking!

Well, here’s the sneaky trick that the diet industry does not want you to know—you can shrink fat cells temporarily by pulling out water from the cells (just like you can deflate a balloon) but the fat cells are still there just waiting to blow back up again.

This is why you can “lose weight” on a diet for a while, but after a few weeks or months it stops working.

As soon as your metabolism adjusts to this new level of calorie restrictions (or level of energy), your body starts filling up those fat cells once again.

Because most of the weight you lost was most likely water and muscle tissue, you now have a slower metabolism that stores fat even more easily.

This is the perfect cycle to keep you hooked on weight loss products, pills, and “quick fix” solutions that are actually making the problem worse.

In fact, new research is showing that the average woman spends 31 years on a diet!.

That’s because the diet approach may give you the illusion of losing weight without actually losing fat cells.

The key to successfully losing fat and keeping it off is to “tell” your body to stop storing fat in the fat cells you already have, and stop making new ones. Believe it or not, this is possible, but it takes time.

That’s why you should never take weight loss or diet advice from someone unless they’ve kept their body fat down to a healthy level for at least five years.

Otherwise, they may also be in this “starvation mode” where they have the illusion that they’re losing fat, but in reality they are losing the weight from the water, the muscle, and other body tissue they need to be healthy.

Of course this is all an oversimplified version of what’s happening inside your body. When we are talking about the human body, we have to remember that there are millions of different chemical and metabolic reactions happening all the time.

But if you start thinking of your fat cells as balloons that can either be inflated or deflated, you will have a good understanding of what’s happening inside you.

I hope that this new outlook discourages you from jumping on some fad diet or celebrity weight loss bandwagon.

Every time you do this kind of dangerous dieting, you risk sending your metabolism into failure, storing even more fat, and destroying your self-esteem.

There’s only one way to lose fat the healthy way and keep it off – create a healthy lifestyle that you enjoy so you can do it for a lifetime. Turns out, your body and fat cells know exactly what to do when you give them the tools they need to do their job.

And yes, it is a journey. The faster you try to lose weight, the more likely you are to have a yo-yo backlash.

But the good news is that this journey of losing fat and creating a healthy lifestyle can be the greatest journey you’ve ever taken . . . it’s a journey to your healthiest body and most radiant, truest Self.

Successfully losing fat and keeping it off is a transformation of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. You become a healthier person inside and out.

You learn to nurture and care for all parts of yourself on deeper levels, and you give yourself attention and love. This heals your body from the inside out, and you start listening to your “deeper hunger” from your heart and spirit instead of turning to fattening foods and binge eating.

This is how the body stops storing fat and starts speeding up your metabolism which means you will have more energy, feel better, and look great year after year.

You may find that this journey takes you to places you’ve never dreamed possible, that you discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed, and that this fat loss journey is really a way for your body and spirit to reconnect.

Who knows, someday you may even be grateful to your body for storing fat . . . because, without this “wake up call”, you may never have discovered the true light of your spirit that was hiding underneath.

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  1. Hey Andrea,,
    I am so fat. People around me make fun of me. I hate my life. I wanna loose weight as soon as possible. I want to loose weight in 2 weeks, but I cant. I always cry cuz of my body! How Will I loose weight that quick?! PLEASE HELP, PEOPLE ARE MAKING FUN OF MY BODY AS I WALK INFRONT OF THEM. I HAVE NO CONFIDENCE AT ALL!

    • Since your wanting immediate results I’m gonna let u in on a technique that I just learned about recently and it actually works. My brother started selling body wraps that your supposed to put on the area that your wanting to slim down. I had heard about people going to the spa (like the movie stars) and swearing by it so I wanted to look up some research about it coz I was skeptical. I wanted to see if there was a cheaper way of doing it and here’s what I came across… Tara Banks super model/talk show host was doing a show about body wraps and wanted to test them out to see if they actually worked. Her and a friend went to a spa and got wrapped from neck to bottom of legs in this wrap and did a little exercise while having it on. They did before and after measurements and it worked and the inches they lost was significant. Here’s why it works… The body wraps sweat out the excess water you have and are carrying which causes u to lose inches but here’s the catch.. To keep the water weight from coming back u have to watch your sodium intake because that makes u retain the water again. Now, I don’t know about u but I can’t afford to go to a spa so I looked on UTube to see if there are some ideas for homemade wraps and there was!! That’s where I seen the video about Tyra Banks,by the way. U can by some Equate brand firming cream, sea weed oil and rub that on the area u want to shrink then wrap suran wrap pretty snug on it all the way around it. U want to get it pretty tight and use several layers so it will make u sweat. Leave on approx. 45 min. U can either exercise to coz u to sweat more or cover up with a blanket which will make u sweat too. MAKE SURE u drink plenty water throughout the day and this time so u don’t dehydrate. Replenishing with water isn’t what puts the weight back on it’s the sodium that retains the water. So remember to cut your sodium down as much as u can. I hope this helps. Let me know how it goes. Do this about twice a week with the wrap, maybe once in the beginning then the second at the end of the week.

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