“Bad Carbs”



   Do you want to eat carbohydrates in a way that
will keep your body fit and lean, without leaving
you feeling deprived?

   That's what I wanted when I started observing
how fit, healthy women eat.  I wanted to learn
how these women were eating without gaining

   I paid close attention to what carbs they ate
daily, and what carbs they never ate... and it
turns out that there are some very clear


   There are basically 3 types of Carbs:

   1.  Simple Carbs - are composed of 1 or 2 sugar
units that are broken down and digested quickly.

   2.  Refined Carbs - are made of flour (so that
means foods like pastries, breads, and pastas) and
are hundreds or thousands of sugar units linked
together in single molecules.

   3.  Complex Carbs - also called starch, are
made up of many sugar units and take longer to be
broken down and digested.

             >>>> FIBER IS IMPORTANT <<<<

   Complex carbs come in two varieties: high fiber
and low fiber. 

   Fiber is not broken down by the body into small
enough units for absorption... meaning, it does not
give you energy (in the form of calories) but it does
promote health in many other ways.

   So high-fiber complex carbs (vegetables like
broccoli and lettuce) are very good for you and
you should eat them as often as possible!

   Some carbs provide important nutrients that
promote health while others provide "empty calories"
that spike your insulin levels and cause your body to
store fat.


   In this newsletter, I'm going to give you 5 of
the best carbs to eat daily, and 5 of the worst
carbs you should only eat when you are

   Here are the HEALTHY carbs I eat daily:

>> Carb #1 = OATMEAL

   I start most of my mornings with 1/2 cup of
oatmeal and egg whites.

   Oatmeal is a great carb because it gives you
a burst of energy (like all carbs do), but it's
also full of fiber.  Which means that all that
fiber is undigestible and it pushes through your
system quickly.

   I prefer the 5 minute oatmeal, but the 1 minute
and instant oatmeal is fine if you don't have 5
minutes to spare.

   Just be sure it's raw, whole-oats without any
added flavors or sugar (remember, we're working on
eliminating chemicals from our diet to cut down on
cravings, and only eat NATURAL foods that supply
quality nutrition and calories).

   When I'm really in a hurry, I make an "oatmeal
pancake".  I take 1/2 cup of raw oatmeal and pour
it into my egg whites.  Mix this together then
spread it onto a pan lightly coated with olive oil.

   Fry it like a pancake on both sides (this takes
approximately 3 minutes), then wrap it up on a
piece of aluminum foil... And VOILA!

   You've got your oatmeal and egg whites to-go.
It's a pancake so you can eat it anywhere!


   Sometimes instead of oatmeal, I eat 2 pieces of
whole grain toast for breakfast with my egg whites.
And there are other whole grains other than just

   I try not to eat too much wheat because I have
an allergic reaction to it.  Wheat makes me
bloated and store water, so I prefer to eat Rye
Bread whenever possible.

   Choosing a healthy whole grain bread is VERY tricky
and you can never just go by what the name says on the
front of the label.

   I'm constantly amused (and horrified) by breads
that claim they are "100% Whole Wheat" and "Healthy",
but when you turn it over to the back and look at
the ingredient list, it has the bad processed
ingredients and chemicals you want to AVOID.

Such as:

   - Enriched flour
   - High-fructose corn syrup
   - Sugar
   - Natural and/or Artificial Flavors

   If your bread has ANY of these in the ingredient
list, DON'T EAT IT.

   I have only found 2 or 3 brands out there that
actually have natural ingredients, even though
there are hundreds that SAY they do.

   So, don't be fooled.  Read the ingredient
labels ALWAYS.

>> Carb #3: BROWN RICE

   Brown rice is another "whole grain" and it is
a complex carb that digests slowly.

   Slow digestion is good because the calories
enter the blood stream gradually - meaning you
have more ENERGY and less hunger for a longer
period of time.

   Brown rice is better than white rice because
white rice has been "stripped" of it's outer shell.
This outer shell is where most of the fiber and
nutrients are as well as the brown coloring that
makes brown rice brown.

   In other words, white rice is "processed" brown
rice because humans (or machines) have altered the
whole grain brown rice from it's original natural
form and made it into white rice.

   For my afternoon meals (I eat 6 small meals
throughout the day), I often eat a small serving
of brown rice.

   And if I'm in a hurry with no time to cook the
brown rice, or if I'm eating "on-the-run", I just
eat two salt-free brown rice cakes.

   Rice cakes are the perfect "on-the-go" carb
because they are pre-cooked, natural and with only
one ingredient - brown rice.

   Again, be sure that your rice cakes are ONLY
brown rice with no added flavors, sugar or


   It is surprising that sweet potatoes (also
called yams) are better for you than regular
potatoes because they taste so sweet... but they

   Sweet potatoes are a high-fiber complex carb
which means they are very good for you and give
you energy without making your body store fat.

   I grew up eating sweet potatoes with butter,
sugar and marshmallows on top for holiday treats.
But it turns out they taste great plain without all
that crap on top of them.

   In fact, if you wash them then take a fork and
punch a few holes in them, wrap them in aluminum
foil and bake them for about an hour, add a
touch of cinnamon... they taste great!

   And one medium-sized sweet potato is the perfect
portion for an afternoon serving of high-quality


   Fruits and vegetables are the MOST important
part of a healthy diet.

   They give you the vitamins and minerals you
need to support your immune system, fight cancer,
prevent aging... and all those other reasons you
want to get healthy other than just losing weight.

   They also are a very important part of stopping
cravings.  Because most cravings are your body
sending you a signal to "EAT" because you are
lacking some important vitamin or mineral.

   Fruit got a bad rap during that anti carb craze
a couple of years ago because they are made up of
simple sugars, but as long as you are eating the WHOLE
fruit, you are also getting the FIBER which will slow
down the digestion process and prevent the sugar from
entering your blood stream too quickly and spiking your
insulin (which causes fat storage).

   Many health professionals recommend anywhere
from 2-4 servings of fruit and 3-5 servings of
vegetables a day.

   That may sound like a lot of fruits and
vegetables to eat every day, but it's not when
you find creative ways to add them to your daily

   For breakfast, I love to scramble vegetables
into my egg whites or make an egg-white omelet.

   There are so many great vegetable combinations

   - Tomato, spinach and fresh basil
   - Red peppers and scallions
   - Zucchini and yellow squash
   - Mushrooms and green peppers

   The delicious combinations are endless!  And
when you start your day with vegetables, already
you are 2 servings into your daily dose.

   I also add frozen berries to my protein shakes
(blueberries are my favorite because of their
high antioxidants and fiber).

   And for one of my six daily meals, I eat a
piece of fruit (like an apple, banana or
grapefruit) and a handful of almonds.  This is a
great meal that is fast, easy, satisfying and

   The fruit and nuts meal combo is perfect to
take to the office, eat when you're in the car,
when you're running errands, or anytime you are in
a hurry.

   And once you get hooked on the great feelings
you get from eating vegetables... YOU WILL NEVER

   I eat vegetables ALL DAY LONG.  Green
vegetables (broccoli, green beans, spinach, green
peppers, asparagus, etc.) are the ONE carb that
you can eat all day long and never eat too much
of them.

   Green vegetables are mostly water, vitamins and
fiber so they are the BEST of the BEST foods in
the world.

   There is no better feeling than going to one
of those all-you-can-eat salad bars and stuffing
yourself with fresh, clean vegetables.  You can
literally feel all the vitamins and pure, clean
vibrant energy pulsing through your body.

   In the beginning, you may have to pay close
attention and make sure you are eating enough
fruits and vegetables, but once you get the
habit you will miss vegetables when you don't
have them.

   And like me, you will NEVER be able to go
a day without eating them.

             >>> 5 WORST CARBS YOU SHOULD AVOID <<<

   Okay, so those are the best carbs, and now
here are the worst carbs that you shouldn't be
eating if you are really serious about weight loss.

  1.  Chips
  2.  Sugary deserts (doughnuts, pastries, cookies,
      cakes, pies, candies)
  3.  Cola and carbonated beverages
  4.  Sugar, honey, syrup, jam, jelly, molasses
  5.  White bread

   Now, you may notice that pasta is not on this
"avoid" list.  That's because I know that pasta
is one of the hardest foods to stop eating (I've
only recently been able to stop after years of

   So, if you're going to eat pasta...


   This is the hardest part to do because pasta
definitely triggers an "eat-until-you're-stuffed"
mechanism.  Which is why I finally decided to cut
it out of my diet completely.

   But if you MUST eat pasta, try one of those
brown rice pastas or whole-wheat pastas instead.

   They are refined carbs, so they WILL enter
your blood system quickly (which will cause your
insulin levels to spike and your body to store

   But it's better than the white flour pasta
that's been processed BEFORE it was refined which
makes your blood sugar spike EVEN FASTER (and
store even more fat).

   You may have noticed a pattern that the worst
carbs are all "processed" foods - meaning a
machine has taken a natural food and broken it
down into small pieces, then "processed" those
pieces to make some new, man-made food.

   I noticed in myself and observing other healthy
women, that when you return to a NATURAL diet and
eliminate processed foods, your body will also
return to it's natural weight and health.

   I explain why this happens in my ebook and I
give you a step-by-step plan on how you can
STOP eating these processed carbs that make you
gain weight and wreak havoc on your health.

   I know that it's not easy to get healthy after
you have been living with a lifetime of bad
eating habits.

   I've been there.

   But you are stronger than your worst habits.

   I believe in you.

   Your desire to LIVE your BEST LIFE in the

   You are already on the path towards HEALTH, and
each step you take you are surrounded by healing
love and radiant light.

   Every time you make POSITIVE choice, you are
taking one more step towards freedom and

   Notice these positive changes that are
happening inside of you.  Take the time to pause
and to celebrate when you give yourself HEALTH,
and when you give yourself LOVE.

   This reinforces the HABIT of POSITIVE choice.

   And soon you will find that your entire life is
one BIG celebration.

   Keep looking in you inbox, there is SO much more
to come...


            Your Friend,
            Love and Light,


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