“The Secret To
Faster Metabolism”


    You're about to learn secrets to getting a
faster metabolism and losing weight that most
women will never know.

    Are you wondering why you can't seem to lose
weight no matter how hard you try?

    And do you ever wonder what it is that's
keeping you from losing the weight that you want
GONE once and for all?

    Is it your genetics?

    Is it your job?

    Is it your relationship?

    Or is it your life and your routine that's
making you gain weight?

    Or is it something you've done in the past,
or something you're doing wrong now?

    If you've ever thought about these questions,
then tell me something honestly...

    Have you ever felt frustrated and wondered -

    "How come I can't change my metabolism and
start losing weight no matter how hard I try?"

    If so, then I've got some good news... and
some real-world tips that actually can help you
speed up your metabolism so you will START
losing weight.

    To get started, here's something I'm sure
you've thought a lot about...

    How come there are some women who can eat
anything they want, at any time they want, in
any amount they want... and they never gain

    Then there are other women (like myself) who
try to stay active, watch what they eat and
hardly ever cheat, but as soon as they do...

    BAMM!  They blow up like the blowfish on
"Finding Nemo"?

    What's the deal here?

    Are some women just dealt the crappy hand when
God is dealing out the cards for who gets fat
and who doesn't?

    Do some women just need to accept that they
will never be able to eat what they want, when
they want it, without having to think about how
their stomach pooch is going to puff out as soon
as they do?

    And are there other women that will never know
how difficult it is to live inside a body that gets

    Are they just lucky?

    The EASY answer is yes... there are women who
will never have to think about gaining weight, and
they will live their entire life in a size 4 dress
regardless of how they eat.

    Can we hate them?

    Well... I guess we can.

    But does that help us?


    Finally, one day I got tired of focusing on how
much I despised these skinny chics that can stuff
their faces and never get fat.

    That was getting me no where - I was still fat
and they weren't.

    I decided to change the way I was looking at
these women.

    And that's when it I realized something very

    I could LEARN from them.

    I guess deep-down, below all that hatred,
there was... curiosity.

    I've always wondered, how do they do that?

    It may be their active lifestyle, it may be
the choices that they are making, and it may be
their fast metabolism...

    But I never knew for sure.

    And it was that not knowing that was driving
me crazy.

    Have you ever felt that way?

    Have you ever seen those women who can eat
whatever they want, whenever they want and never
gain weight?

    Of course you have.

    And if you're like me then you've sometimes
wondered what their "secret" is for staying thin.

    I would have paid good money to follow one of
these women around and see EXACTLY how they get
rid of all those calories.

    Because whenever I would ask a woman how she
stayed so thin, she would always give that
annoying answer that ALL thin woman give...

    you know the one...

    "I don't know.  I guess I just have good


    I hate that answer.

    It's like all the thin women in the world
belong to some secret society and they've taken
an oath to give that SAME answer whenever they are
questioned about their weight.

    Well, I was determined to crack the code.

    I wanted the truth and I wasn't going to give
up until I had found out their "secret".

    So I set out to learn EVERYTHING about the body
and metabolism, and how I could change mine.

    I started observing the women with the bodies
that I wanted and I started talking to experts
about nutrition and healthy eating habits.

    I found out some really fascinating stuff!

    And there's good news...

    You CAN get a faster metabolism even if you
weren't born with one.

    Turns out, I was doing all the wrong things
that were actually SLOWING DOWN my metabolism
and making me fatter.

    All that effort I was putting into losing
weight was backfiring.


    That was a hard one to come to terms with, but
once I learned WHY I was getting fatter, it was
a lot easier to STOP the endless downward cycle.

    If you're frustrated because you've been trying
to lose weight for years, but you can never keep it
off... then maybe you're doing some of the same
things I was doing that were sabotaging my success.

    Now, let's get back to metabolism and what I
learned from all those skinny women that I've

    I found that there were some major differences
in the WAYS that these women were living...

    Things that I never realized were important
before, but now that I've started doing them they
have changed my metabolism completely.

    And you know what that means?

    That means that when I do cheat and eat
something that I know I shouldn't, it doesn't go
straight to my thighs like it used to.

    In fact, you can't even tell a difference in
my body at all.

    Now I can eat what I want and NOT feel guilt
or despair because it doesn't undo all the
good things that I have done.

    Sounds great doesn't it?

    I bet you're wondering what these "secrets" are
that I found out...

    Here are 3 ways you can speed up your
metabolism RIGHT NOW:

    #1.  Get Hyper

    Out of all the women that I have studied over
the past 6 years (and I've studied A LOT), none of
them were what most people would call 'lazy'.

    In fact, they were just the opposite.

    As children they might have been diagnosed with
hyper-activity disorder because they are
constantly moving around.

    Even when they're just sitting around talking,
they are moving their hands, shuffling their feet,
and fidgeting back and forth.

    Odds are, you won't find these 'naturally thin'
women laying around on the couch for too long at
a time because they just can't sit still.

   And all this nervous energy adds up to calories
being burned ALL THE TIME.

    Now, if this seems unnatural to you, don't
worry.  I'm not asking you to develop a nervous
twitch in order to get skinny.

   The point I'm making is that you don't have to
wait until you get to the gym BEFORE you start to
move around... YOU CAN KEEP MOVING

    And the more you move, the more calories you
will burn.

    Once I figured this out, I started looking for
ways I could bring activity into my life

    And I found the opportunity to move in a lot
of places.

    Here are some of my favorites:

    >> Coming home to my apartment, there was a
flight of stairs right next to the elevator.

    I made the commitment to myself that I would
ALWAYS take them unless I absolutely couldn't make
it with all the groceries I was carrying.

    I made it into a game where I would challenge
myself to see how fast I could make it up and down
the stairs... and it became FUN.

    I felt like a kid playing on a playground.

    And that quick burst of activity would spike
my energy level so when I walked through my
front door, I didn't feel like plopping straight
down onto the couch.

    Just try it a few times and you'll know what
I'm talking about.

   >> I parked as far away from the entrance as
I could.

    I found that walking across a parking lot
before I got to where I was going would clear my
head and give me some alone time to think.

    I began to enjoy these longer than necessary
walks throughout my day because it gave me a
chance to relax and slow down.

    And it was always easier to find where I
parked my car... I would just look to the
farthest possible spot in the parking lot.

   >> I took a 5 minute stretching and walking
break every hour.

    I programed my cell phone alarm clock to go
off every hour and remind me to stop what I was
doing, stand up and stretch or walk around the

    And I found that when I returned to work, I
felt better, I was more focused, and I got more

    That's right.

    By taking these breaks I was more productive
at my job AND I was burning calories!

    >> And my favorite way to burn extra calories
during my day is to turn on loud music and dance
around my living room.

    The joy of letting go and dancing around when
no one is is watching is exhilarating.

    I feel like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance and
I'm just dancing cuz' I can't help myself...
legwarmers and a cloth headband help to complete
this fantasy.

    I bet you used to do this all the time when
you were a teenager... remember how much less
you weighed when you were a teenager?

    That's what I'm talking about.

    Don't wait until you get invited to a party
to let loose... get up and start shakin' your
groove thing!

    All of these small changes during my day
added up BIG TIME.

    By bringing activity into my daily habits
instead of just waiting to move around once I
got to the gym, I had more energy throughout
the day and I increased my metabolism.

    Find places in your life to be active and
you will feel and see the results immediately.

    Be creative.

    When you are active THROUGHOUT your day you
will end up burning a couple of hundred extra
calories every day... and your metabolism will
go into 'hyper' speed.

    #2.  Zen Out

    When I was overweight and unhealthy, I used to
think that relaxing was a waste of time.

    I mean, there was all these things that I could
be doing... I could be exercising, or cleaning, or
doing that extra work that would get me farther
ahead in my career...

    And that image I had of myself as a highly
productive (and thin!) woman did not allow for me
to 'take time out' and relax.

    Boy was I wrong.

    Once I started studying these fit, thin,
healthy women, I noticed that all of them had some
way to de-stress and relax.

    Whether it was writing in their journals, or
listening to calming music, or doing yoga or
meditation... all these women took time to
bring peace to their lives and relax.

    I know, I know it sounded strange to me too.

    I mean, when you're losing weight you're
supposed to be MORE active, right?  Didn't
I just say that in tip #1?

    Well, this is true but if you're stressed out
all the time then your body is not functioning at
it's optimum level.

    When you're chronically stressed, your body is
flooded with stress hormones, like cortisol which
stimulate fat cells to increase in size and
encourage fat storage.


    And stress hormones spark your appetite, making
you likely to overeat and eat the wrong things.

    Just by taking the time a few times a week (and
eventually every day, if possible) to relax and
de-stress yourself... your metabolism will work
at it's optimum level and burn through calories
without storing fat.

    I went searching for ways that I could slow
down and eliminate stress and I found yoga to
be a great way to do it.

    Once I gave myself permission to spend time
relaxing, everything changed.

    Today, if I go more than a few days without
doing yoga, my thoughts turn very negative.

    And when my thoughts are more on the negative side
of life, I turn to food to bring me comfort.

    Which only makes me feel worse -- like a failure.

    These negative feelings remind me of how I used
to live every day BEFORE I figured out how
important it is to relax, de-stress and zen out.

    And you know what?

    It has made me a much happier person.

    When you have a positive way to deal with
stress, you won't turn to food to make you feel

    You will be able to stay on path with your
healthy lifestyle and feel great while you're
doing it.

    Your metabolism will be fast and healthy, and
you will have more things in your life to feel
good about.

    Just try to relax for a little bit every day
(5 minutes is better than nothing).

    And no, watching tv doesn't count.

    I'm talking about conscious relaxation where
your mind can rest by focusing on a single, calming
task or thought.

    Do breathing exercises, write down your
feelings, draw or create art, meditate, do yoga,
gardening, scrapbooking...

    There are as many ways to relax in this world
as there are ways to get stressed.

    Find them.

    Discover what relaxes your mind.

    What brings you peace?

    Once you find your own special way of
relaxing, it will be like finding a vibrant
stream of fresh-running water hidden and
surrounded by a scorching hot desert.

    You will want to return to your stream
to replenish your SELF when the desert of life
leaves you thirsty and dry.

    Try it for a few weeks and I promise
you'll be hooked too - hooked on the positive
feelings you give yourself when you find peace and
learn how to relax.

    #3.  Become A Grazer

    The biggest mistake most women make when they
go on a diet to lose weight is that they they eat
less often and even skip meals when they can.

    I guess that this comes from us watching
anorexic women or those stick-thin women that
have no muscle tone.

    Well, you know what happens to a lot of those
stick-thin women when they get older?

    They get fat.

    Or at least flabby.

    I don't know about you, but I want to be
healthy and lean with a tight body that isn't
going to sag as I get older.

    And that means that I have to eat often in
order to supply those healthy muscles with

    And eating more meals throughout your day
speeds up your metabolism so you burn fat.

    If this doesn't make sense to you right away,
don't worry.  This is different than what we have
been told women should do to lose weight.

    I didn't really understand it either until I
read Bill Phillips excellent book 'Body For Life'.

    He explained it like this...

    Have you ever seen a horse eat?

    They are constantly munching on grass and hay.

    And their body fat is non-existant...
they are some of the leanest animals alive.

    And then you compare that to a bear.

    A bear eats only once and then can go days,
weeks, even months without eating again at all.

    And a bear has a HUGE amount of body fat to
carry them from one feeding to the next.

    Now, this isn't exact science and I think Bill
only uses these animals to represent a point...

    But would you rather be a bear or a horse?

    If you want to be like a bear with a huge
body-fat storage, then you should eat
infrequently, maybe only once a day.

    But if you want to be lean like a horse (and
I'm guessing you do) then you should eat often.

    Be a grazer.

    All the thin, fit women I studied are grazers.

    And once I started eating 5 or 6 smaller meals
a day, my metabolism got faster and my old 'bear'
body with lots of extra fat started to get lean like
a race horse.

    Let me explain how this works...

    Your body makes fat for storage when food is
in shortage.  Fat is there to keep you alive
through a famine.

    When you are only eating a few times a day,
your body thinks, "There isn't much food around
and it may run out soon, so I better store fat
for when it does."

    And when you go on a diet and skip meals then
it really goes into 'fat-storage' mode because
the worst possible scenario has come true...

    Your body isn't getting the food that it needs.

    On the other hand, when you eat every 2-3
hours, you are telling your body, "I live in a
land of plenty.  There is food everywhere so I
don't need fat to keep me alive."

    Your body will stop storing fat and start
making muscle (if you're exercising).

    And eating 5 or 6 times a day will make your
metabolism skyrocket!


    Because digestion burns calories.

    Keeping a steady supply of high-quality food
running through your system keeps your metabolism
churning like a steam-engine on a locomotive.

    In the beginning, it is a challenge to eat
every 2-3 hours because you have to plan ahead.

    But don't worry, I've made it super-easy for
you and created a step-by-step plan to ease you
into the lifestyle...

    Once you're doing it, not only is does it get
easier, but it's very habit forming... you start
to look forward to that small meal every 2 hours,
and because you don't over-eat at each meal, you
never have that tired, after-meal lethargy.

    So how do you get started?

    I've already done all the heavy lifting for you.

    Over several years I interviewed women who
have stayed fit in the 'real world' while they
continued to live 'real lives' with all the stress
and obstacles.

    I've talked to experts and professionals about
what it really means to be healthy... and
researched and observed everything you could
imagine from overcoming bad genetics to how women
can avoid diet scams and learn to live healthy so
that they will BE fit and healthy... forever.

    I've already helped thousands of women
change their lives and find the kind of fun,
excitement, and happiness that they thought
was only for the lucky few women who had those
perfect bodies and perfect lives.

    Don't keep living in that world of hope
and worry that one day maybe you can have the
health, happiness and the life you want.

    Just go ahead and make it happen TODAY.

    And once you start to lose weight while you
are eating more often, you will wonder why you
ever put yourself through so much suffering with
all those low-fat, low-carb, and starvation diets.

    If you're suffering, you aren't going to stick
with it... and you're going to fail.

    Following my lifestyle tips will make you feel
great, and give you tonz of energy and burn fat
like crazy!

    You'll never want to go back to your old ways
of eating again.

    In this newsletter, I've revealed some of the
"secrets" for how you can speed up your metabolism
and start losing weight.

    So the next time you start thinking that your
metabolism is what it is and there is nothing you
can do to change it...

    Slap yourself across the face and yell out:

    "That's a LIE!"

    Okay, maybe you don't need to be this dramatic,
but I hope that I've at least gotten through to
you and given you inspiration to make some of
these small changes to your daily life.

    Your metabolism is in your control.

    It's not your in genetics, not in your parents,
or your boyfriends, or your jobs... or whatever...

    It's in YOUR control.

    You control your choices, you control your
actions and so you can control your metabolism.

    The good news about that is that now you know
HOW to control it differently.

    You are learning things that most women will
never know... because they will never go looking
for it.

    Be grateful that you are the kind of person
that WANTS to learn how to be healthy and happy.

    Most people are too afraid of change.

    Be patient with yourself as you integrate these
changes into your life, change takes time and
requires lots of love and reassurance.

    I am here to give you as much love and
inspiration as I can, but I can only do so much...
ultimately you must also learn to love and
inspire yourself.

    I know you can do it.

    You are a special person and you are blossoming
into the beautiful flower that you are meant to

    Enjoy this process.

    There is beauty at every stage.

    I'll keep checking in with you to see how it's
going... stay tuned to your inbox for more

    There is so much more to come...

    Love and Light,


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