“Why You Lose Weight,
Then Gain MORE Back”


   Have you ever wondered why when you lose
weight it never lasts?...

   And why you ALWAYS gain back even more weight
than you lost in the first place?

   This frustrating phenomenon is called "yo-yo"
dieting and it is caused by the MOST common
form of dieting - starving yourself.

   Different diet programs may have sexier ways
of saying it like "restricting calories" or

   But they all mean the same thing - STARVATION.   

   Every time you force yourself NOT to eat,
even though your body is telling you to eat...

   THIS is starving yourself.

   And if you've ever tried to do this, then you
already know how PAINFUL and DIFFICULT it is.

   Sometimes you can go a couple of hours
resisting the urge to eat... sometimes you might
even go a few days...

   But no matter how badly you WANT to "lose
weight" you can NEVER starve yourself for very

   And isn't is crazy that even though we've all
tried to do this.. and we KNOW it doesn't work...
that it NEVER lasts for very long... that we
still keep believing,

   "If only I had more willpower.  Then I could
eat less (or not eat AT ALL) and lose weight."

   Wake up girl!

   It's NOT about willpower.

   It's NOT about eating less.

   It's NOT about starving yourself.

   This idea of "restricting calories" or
"eating less" in order to lose weight may sell
a lot of diet books and pills, but it does NOT
give you the RESULTS that you want.

   But what it DOES do... IS MAKE YOU FATTER.

   Let me explain...

   When you restrict calories or eat less in
order to lose weight, you MAY lose some "weight"
in the beginning.  But that is only water from
your fat cells - this is what they call "water

   Sure, your fat cells might "shrink" when the
water comes out, but the fat cells are still
there just waiting to BLOW BACK UP.

   Now I don't know about you, but I don't want
to just temporarily shrink my fat cells by
pulling out some water... I want to ELIMINATE my
fat cells FOR GOOD.

   Are you with me?

   Good.  Then keep reading and I'll tell you
exactly how you can later in this newsletter.

   First let me ask you a question to get you
in the right "head space" because I'm about to

   What happens when you starve yourself?  And
why doesn't it ever WORK?

   First let me tell you what happens to you on
the PHYSICAL level.


   When you force yourself not to eat even though
your body is telling you to eat - this is STARVING

   You are going AGAINST your evolutionary and
biological wiring and trying to FORCE your body
to lose weight.

   Do you notice how harsh this sounds?

   Well, it's actually doing even MORE damage than
you could ever imagine and you will NOT get the
results you want...

   You will get fatter.

   Here's what happens to your physical body when
you go into "starvation mode".

   #1.  You Lose Water Weight

   Your fat cells are tricky little suckers and
it can be very hard to get them to PERMANENTLY
leave unless you know HOW they work.

   When you starve yourself, in the beginning you
will lose "weight", but this is NOT the kind of
"weight" you want to lose.

   It's the water from your fat cells, and that's
why it's called "water weight".

   This is what MOST diets base their success on.

   They show you how to STARVE yourself for a few
days or weeks and this makes the water from your
fat cells leak out and be eliminated by your

   And then they say, "See, You followed our plan
and you lost weight!"

   But the problem with this "weight loss" is that

   Those fat cells are still there just waiting to
plump back up.

   And if you continue to starve yourself, things
go from bad to worse...

   #2.  Your body slows down your metabolism

   If you think you can "trick" your body into
getting thin, think again.

   Your body is a VERY advanced machine that has
evolved over thousands of years to deal with
times of famine and drought.

   When you starve yourself, your body does not
know that you are TRYING to get skinny... it
thinks there is a shortage of food and so it goes
into "survival mode".

   Survival mode is a dieter's worst nightmare.

   Just when you think that you can fool your fat
cells into shrinking more and more (and make you
lose more and more weight), your body catches on
that there is a shortage of food... and this
means that YOU NEED those fat cells.

   Fat cells are the storage cells that WILL keep
you alive when there is no food around.  And so
if this is what your body thinks is happening, it
will NOT let any more fat cells get smaller...
and in fact it will do everything it can to make
sure they get EVEN BIGGER.

   It does this by slowing down your METABOLISM.

   And the first thing to go is your muscle cells.

   Your muscle cells are the "hungriest" cells you
have and they are burning through calories all
day long, even when you're just sitting there
doing nothing.

   When your body goes into "survival mode", it
gets rid of these expensive muscle cells FAST.

   And it slows down your energy output so
that you don't move too fast and burn up too
much of these valuable calories that are coming

   Have you ever been dieting and felt really
tired all the time?...

   And was it especially hard to work out or
exercise because you're just so wiped-out?...

   Well, this is your body slowing down your
metabolism and conserving your energy output for
the more important things like keeping you alive.

   And then it goes to work on your brain.


   Your brain controls your both your emotions
and your logical reasoning.

   When your brain is "out of whack" your emotions
and your thinking will be thrown off too.

   Here's why starving yourself makes this

   Your brain is also a "calorie hog" and the
more active your brain, the more calories you
burn through.

   (That's pretty cool that "thinking" burns
calories, isn't it?)

   Well, your body recognizes that it's life is
in danger because there are NOT enough calories
coming in, so it slows down the amount of calories
to your brain.

   This does VERY bad things to your emotional
and mental health.

   If you've ever been on a diet and felt very
irritable and snappy with everyone - this is
your emotional brain not getting enough energy
to function at a healthy level.

   And if you've noticed that you have a hard
time concentrating or getting things done when
you're dieting, that's because there's no mental
energy to work with.

   So here you are TRYING to get skinny...

   - You're telling your body to hang onto your
fat cells instead of get rid of them

   - You're forcing your body to eliminate your
muscle cells and LOWER your metabolism

   - You have no energy to work out
   - You're tired ALL the time

   - You're snappy and cranky and pissed off ALL
the time

   - You can't concentrate on work or your life,
you can't "think" straight at ALL.


   It's enough to make you run out and eat a
large pizza and finish it off with a gallon of
ice cream!

   Which you do... eventually.

   NO ONE can live like this.

   And all those "results" you were seeing in
the beginning when you were losing the water
weight, even those aren't happening any more.

   You've hit the dreaded plateau and the scale
isn't going down anymore.

   That's because all that weight you lost in the
beginning was only an "illusion".  It was only
the water from your fat cells, and as soon as
your body has slowed down your metabolism, it was
able to put all that water right back where it

   So you give up.

   You go back to eating the way you ate before
your diet.

   And this is when things get really, REALLY


   So you've given up on the diet.  You've
figured it out that's it's IMPOSSIBLE to live
like that.

   But unfortunately, the damage has already
been done.

   Now that your body has lowered your metabolism,
and you have less muscle cells than you did
BEFORE you went on that starvation diet...

   Your body doesn't want or need the same amount
of calories that it did before - it got "used"
to that starvation mode, and now when you go back
to eating the way you did before there are TOO
MANY calories for your body to process.

   So it stores those extra calories as fat.

   And your fat cells get BIGGER.

   Isn't that wonderful?!

   Your body is preparing for the next time the
food is going to run out.  It is making sure that
you will have MORE than enough fat cells to keep
you alive when there is a "famine". 

   You've already proven to your body that this
can happen at any time... and that it WILL happen.

   Food WILL be scarce.  There WILL be a shortage
of calories.

   There will not be enough calories to keep you
alive, so you better make as much fat now as
you can - while you can.

   So all those calories that you're eating now
go straight to fat.

   This is why women who have been on a diet
always gain back more weight than they originally

   It's a discouraging situation.  It makes you
want to just give up on ever trying it again.

   I think that's a good idea.

   I hope you never "diet" or restrict your
calories again.

   There IS a much easier way to get skinny that

   I've explained some of the reasons why you
don't want to starve yourself in order to lose

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   I want you to have the peace and happiness of
living in a body that you are proud of and
knowing FOR SURE that you will continue to get
healthier every year of your life.

   Your body is a miraculous machine and you
will be amazed at how quickly it can transform
when you give it the right inspiration to do so.

   Keep inspiring yourself to make positive
changes in your life and health.

   You are worth it.

   Your Friend,

   Love and Light,

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