“Why You Stop
Losing Weight”



Why You Stop Losing Weight

   In this mailbag I answer questions from
readers about breaking through the weight loss
plateau, conquering sugar cravings, and how to
align yourself with the greatest source of
inspiration to get healthy.

   Let's start here...

        *** Question From Reader ***

My name is Jordan and I am 18 years old. I have
lost about 10 pounds so far. I have been over
weight for a lot of my life. I was just wondering
if you had any recondmendations to get out of this
pleateu affect I am in. Now I'm only losing 1lb.
every two weeks. (if that!!!) Please help me get

???? Jordan Ungashick Ohio

             *** My Response ***

Dear Jordan,

   Have you noticed that you're motivation levels
always seem to be connected to your progress?

   When you're doing "good", it's a lot easier
to motivate yourself... but when things are "bad"
do you just feel like giving up?

   As long as you are looking to an "external
source" to judge your progress, you will continue
to be frustrated and have a hard time staying

   This took me a long time to figure out.

   I would get really serious about losing
weight and I would follow some diet and exercise
program EXACTLY the way it told me to.

   I would weigh myself the first day I started
and take pictures of my body in a bikini (I always
hated that part!)...

   And then I would "check in" with my weight
several times a day.

   When I lost a pound, I was euphoric.  I felt
like I was floating on a cloud and I would think,
"Finally.  I've got this handled.  Finally, I'm
going to lose weight FOR GOOD."

   And I would continue to follow the diet and
exercise regimen...

   But the next day, I would jump on the scale
and it was higher than the day before... AGH!

   "Why is this happening?  I've done everything
I'm supposed to do."

   I would feel hopeless and defeated and it was
hard to believe that I was the SAME girl that
felt elated and empowered just ONE day before.

   When I was in this depressed state, I had a
REALLY hard time motivating myself to eat healthy
and to exercise.

   I would think, "What's the use?  I guess I'm
just meant to be fat."

   And instead of hitting the gym and eating a
healthy dinner, I would curl up on the couch with
a gallon of ice cream and just try to "escape"
from the bad feelings I had suffered through all
day long.

   Eventually I gave up on the diet and exercise
program completely and I would wonder, "Why did it
stop?  Why did I lose my motivation?"

   Well, after years of failed attempts... finally
I discovered why I would always give up and lose
my motivation...

   I was looking at the scale to judge my progress.

   I gave so much power to that little electronic
machine - it was the deciding factor of whether I
was doing "good" or "bad".

   That's insanity.  YOU are your own scale.  YOU
know better than anyone or anything how your
progress is going.

   I decided to stop looking at the scale and
instead focused on how I felt INSIDE.

   Was I feeling better?

   Did I have more energy?

   Were my thoughts clearer?

   Were my stress levels down?

   These are the internal questions I started
asking myself.

   And when I was eating healthy and exercising,
I would always get a YES to everyone of those

   And notice that it has nothing to do with weight.

   The scale will lie to you.

   When you are eating natural, healthy foods,
exercising and doing strength training, you will be
building muscle and burning fat.

   And guess what?

   Muscle weighs MORE than fat.

   So your weight may actually go UP even though
you are getting tighter and thinner and smaller
all over your body.

   Crazy huh?

   All these years of dieting advice telling us
to focus on our weight all the time... they were

   I stopped weighing myself years ago.  And it
was one of the best things I ever did to get on
a path of health and STAY there.

   Now, I have no problems keeping myself motivated
because I view my progress from the "internal"
feelings I get from giving myself HEALTH every day.

   So try it for yourself and see what happens.

   Throw your scale away.

   Focus on the INTERNAL changes that are happening
INSIDE of you.

   You may find that you no longer have a hard
time "motivating" yourself because you are
INSPIRING yourself from the INSIDE.

         *** Question From Reader ***


I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the last
newsletter where you wrote about sugar cravings and
what they can tell you. That they are a sign that
your body craves something healthy and nutritious
and not chocolate cake, a muffin or other sweet
things. I often have these cravings and always eat
something sweet in hope to get rid of them. But it
never happens and now I realize why! It's because my
body wasn't even craving this food in the first
place, but something nutritious due to a lack of

From now on I will always eat something healthy first
whenever I get these cravings and hopefully I will not
feel the same craving after sugar and fat food

Thanks again!
Best wishes


               *** My Response ***

Dear Erica,

   You are SO welcome.  I am so glad that you "got"
this on a deep level.

   Cravings are your body's confusion and by giving
in to them, they will only continue to confuse your
body and your mind more and more.

   The best way to stop having cravings is to eat
a healthy diet of natural food.

   When your body is getting all the vitamins and
minerals it needs, you will not have the urge to
eat sugar, fat and salt.

   And the cravings will stop.

   Congratulations on taking control of your
body and mind.  You have just overcome a really
big obstacle in giving yourself HEALTH for a

        *** Question From Reader ***

Dear Andrea,

I bought your E-Book several months ago but am
having difficulty in how it is going to work for me.
I wish there was a plan out there for busy moms who
do not have time to sit down and read about losing
weight. I need a plan that will not only give me
"spiritual food" but a 7 day no nonsense
meal/shopping plan. I have tried everything under
the sun and am at the end of my rope. What will
these CD's do that the book was supposed to do. I
can not keep buying every self help weight loss
scheme that ends up sitting on my shelf collecting
dust because I either don't understand it or get
bored with eating things I normally would not eat.

Proud Wife of a U.S. Marine

                *** My Response ***

   Dear Joan,

   If you've already read my eBook you know
the strategies for accelerating your metabolism,
conquering your cravings, and thinking about
weight loss NOT as "sacrifices" you're making but
as a "gift" you're giving yourself.

   You know that when you turn this around in your
head, being healthy and making healthy choices is
a way of feeding yourself positive energy every
day of your life.

   But maybe now you're ready for a more ADVANCED
lesson in this whole concept of "spiritual food"
as you put it.

   Maybe you want to go even deeper into how when
you align yourself with your spiritual purpose for
being healthy, it continues to INSPIRE you to
make healthy choices year after year.

   If you're ready to go deeper and learn more,
then you should check out my CD audio program
"Reveal The Thin Within".

   This program takes an even more integrated and
complete look at the behavior, the traits and the
techniques that ANY WOMAN can use in order to make
herself her own greatest INSPIRATION to get
healthy and lose weight.

   The inspiration is INSIDE of you and just
waiting to be revealed.

   This program covers:

   - 4 easy but often overlooked things you can
do to improve your health TODAY that will give you
instant results.  You'll feel better on the INSIDE
first and then the outside will catch up quickly.

   - How to program your brain to actually PREFER
healthy behavior like nutritious, natural foods and
exercise... instead of accidentally "repelling" the
things that you need most for a lifetime of health.

   - How to completely avoid the roller-coaster
ride of losing weight and then gaining it all back.
Bypass the crash diets, drugs and all the "false"
promises that only temporarily take off the weight.
Lose weight NATURALLY, so it never comes back again.

   - And much more...

   I know that it's hard to make time to sit down
and read a book even if it is on your computer, so
that's why I've recorded these onto CDs that you can
listen to in your car, while you're getting ready in
the morning, while you're working out... or ANYWHERE
you have a cd player and some speakers or headphones.

   I had busy women like you in mind when I
created this program and you can go back and listen
to it over and over again until things really "stick".  

   I've spent over a decade searching for answers
and solutions to my own weight loss. 

   I followed a lot of different paths that never
got me where I wanted to go, but I've finally
figured it out.

   I've lost the weight, and I continue to get
thinner and healthier every year of my life.

   I want you to have the same.

   In this audio program, I share my best secrets
and my own personal self-inspiring techniques.

   But most importantly, I teach you how to find
it in yourself... so that you will have it for a

   Go here now to check it out for yourself for a
whole month, free.  I'm taking all the risk here
because I know that you will get all that you need
and more.

   Thank you for the email and for letting me know
how I can best serve you.

   YOU are the reason why I do this.

   I am trying to make a difference in the world
by telling the truth about weight loss.

   I had to figure it out on my own the hard way,
and I'm hoping I can save you from some of that.

   You deserve the best that this life has to

   You deserve to have a healthy body, mind and
spirit... and to have it all aligned in optimum,
radiant HEALTH.

   Everything you need is already inside of you.

   And it is all just waiting to be revealed.

   Your Friend,

   With Love and Light,


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