“Why Starving
Doesn't Work”


    I'm about to tell you something about losing
weight that will make those 'diet pill' companies
very be angry at me...

    I'm about to "let the cat out of the bag" on
what REALLY works for losing fat long term...

    And tell you why those diet pills that suppress
your appetite are actually making you fatter.

    But let me ask you first--

    Have you ever starved yourself in order to
lose weight?

    If you're like me, then even as a little girl
you tried starving yourself in order to
"get control" and make your body lose weight.

    Looking back on it, I wasn't even fat yet when
I first attempted the starvation thing.

    I was a little girl pretending to be like a
grown woman and from my perspective, that's what
grown women did.

    I loved sounding feminine and sophisticated
when I would tell my mom I wasn't eating dinner
because I was "on a diet".

    If we first start getting that message as
little girls - that 'ladies' and sophisticated
women should starve themselves...

    Imagine how powerful that message grows
as we become adult women --

    "If you want to lose weight, you should
eat less."

    I know that you've heard this so many
times throughout your entire life...

    That when I tell you this is the WRONG
thing to do, you probably are not going to want
to hear it...


    So I'm going to take you back to the source
of where this bad information came from.  I
hope that you will be able to shift your
thinking about starving and losing weight.
Because until you do, you will never have
the weight-loss success you want.

    Let me explain...

    I've done a lot of research in this area and
I've got some of the really big things figured out,
and some of those things are not what you'd expect.

    It just makes so much intuitive sense that when
you want to lose weight you should just eat less.

    You almost can't avoid it even if you've
been told that it doesn't work...

    It's almost impossible to stop thinking this
way because, after all, you KNOW that the reason
you got overweight in the first place is from eating
too much...

    So if you eat LESS, then that must be a good

    And if you eat EVEN LESS, that must be an even
better thing.

    The less you eat, the better it must be.

    That's of course why it is so seductive...

    Why you think you need to starve yourself in
order to lose weight.


    That's what our moms did when they were dieting
back in the 1970s -- They would starve themselves.

    To them it made perfect sense.

    I mean, after all, the whole purpose of fat
is that it's being stored so that when the time
comes when food is in shortage (which happened
a LOT up until 50 years ago)...

    The fat you had stored up would get you

    Your fat would keep you alive until your next

    It does make perfect sense that since that is
what the fat is designed for then that is HOW
you should eliminate it.

    And that's what our moms were told back in the
70s-- that when you starve yourself and take it to
the extreme, then you would burn through these
fat storages that your body has set aside for
exactly this time.

    It's almost like they looked at the starving
people in the world, and they thought, "Oh, well
they're not fat - that's what I need to do."

    Well, that's what they thought back then...

    But NOW we understand the science a lot better.

    Are you curious about the science of how your
body burns fat?

    Are you ready to let go of superstition and
wives tales in order to get healthy for a lifetime?


    You're in the right place.

    I'm going to break it down for you in very
simple terms.

    Yes, your body is complex and the science
behind it is sometimes written in a way that
normal people can't understand...

    But lucky for you, I'm not a scientist.

    I'm going to only give you the information you
need in order to understand how your body burns
fat... the information that you can actually USE.

    Okay, here we go...

    The biological reason that your body stores fat
is so that your body can use it in times of famine
when there is a shortage of food.

    It's a defense mechanism that keeps you alive
when there is no food around to eat.

    (So far, just what our mothers thought.)

    Your body will burn the calories it has stored
in your fat cells when it can't burn calories from

    Yes.  All that is true.

    But, here's the big problem...

    What we NOW know from modern science is that
BEFORE the body burns that fat, it burns its

    And this is very counterintuitive.  Because you
need your muscle, but you don't need all that fat...

    So why isn't the body burning the fat FIRST?

    Well, that's an excellent question.

    And the reason is, IF there really is a shortage
of food (and when you're starving yourself and
you're hungry all the time, that's exactly what
your body thinks is happening)...

    If there is a shortage of food, the body
can use the fat as a last ditch effort to survive.

    But BEFORE it does that, it's going to eat
away a lot of your muscle.


    Because muscle burns A LOT more calories than
fat does.

    A famine might last a long time.  It might last
longer than your fat supply can keep you alive.

    So the first thing your body needs to do when
you're consistently hungry is to get rid of some
of that VERY expensive muscle.

    And by expensive, I mean, it costs a lot of
calories to keep it alive -- it is CALORIE

    And so that's what it does.

    It gets rid of the muscle FIRST.

    That lowers your overall calorie needs, and so if
things go well for your body...

    (but not so well for you and your self esteeem)

    ...in times of starvation, by lowering the amount
of muscle you have, there's now enough food (calories)
to survive on.

    If not, eventually... the body will start
burning fat.  But the fat will last much longer now
without all of that expensive muscle, and from the
body's point of view, you are more likely to

    The reality is that what your body is trying
to LOWER your metabolism to a point where it
can SURVIVE on whatever amount of food you are
giving it --

    And obviously lowering your metabolism is

    So, yes, you will lose a little bit of weight
in the short term, but the weight you lose is
mostly muscle.

    And then you've simply adjusted to less food,
You can't lose any more weight unless you starve
yourself even more.

    And guess what you lose first?

    That's right -- you guessed it...

    You lose more muscle again until your body reaches
another state of equilibrium.

    This is particularly maddening because you're
not gonna starve yourself forever.

    Nobody wants to live hungry all the time.

    And if you think to yourself, "I'll just starve
myself until I reach my target weight."

    Well, guess again.

    You've reached your target weight by eliminating
that muscle.


    The second you STOP starving, and add back just
a little bit more food into your diet--

   You're going to gain weight AGAIN because you
now have LESS muscle and your body now burns LESS
calories per day.

    So when you add food back into the equation,
guess what you're going to get more of...

    More FAT.

    This is what is called the yo-yo effect of
dieting.  And WHY your fat has always come back
after you stop dieting.

    Does this make sense?

    Now, do you see WHY starving is the worst idea
and the last thing that you want to do?

    Okay, I'm going make it easy on you to
re-program your thinking with a psychological

    The next time you think, "I'm going on a
diet, I'm gonna start counting calories and
watching what I eat, and learn to live with being
hungry all the time.  I will endure
this suffering and starving..."

    Slap yourself across the face as hard as you

    After a few sessions of this, you will stop
thinking about starving yourself.

    Or... you could skip the slapping thing and
just realize that:

    You know better now.

    And now I'm going to make it really easy for you
to remember (and to explain to your friends by
giving you the 3 reasons to not starve yourself:


    This is NOT what you want for losing weight.

    A lower metabolism MAKES YOU FATTER.

    And this is what happens when you take a pill
that suppresses your appetite.

    Sure, you may be eating less -- but eating
less is not going to make your body burn fat.


    Sure you can stick with it for a while, but at
some point, living with hunger is not going to
make sense for you.

    You may tell yourself, "I can live with hunger.
It's not that painful."

    You will think differently as soon as you smell
food or have a major craving.

    It's just not practical.

    The first celebration you have, as soon as you
start eating, you're going to go crazy!

    And as soon as you do eat, it will cause an
insulin spike that will make you store fat.

    Frankly who wants to live a life in pain
and deprivation?

    The point of having a thinner body is about
being happier and having more energy to enjoy your
life MORE.

    You're going to have more energy, be more
attractive and attract more men... or your husband
is going to have sex with you more... Or

    You have all these ideas that having a thinner
body is going to ADD pleasure to your life.

    But being hungry all the time is just going
to torture you.

    And why would you live your life in a state of
torment and agony?

    There is a better way.

    And the 3rd Reason to NOT starve yourself...


    The thing that uses the most calories in your

    the organ that requires the most calories to
operate efficiently...

    ...more than muscle

    ...more than digestion (which we know is a big one)

    ...more than cardio

    ...the number 1 consumer of calories in your
body is your BRAIN.

    It's the one thing you can't afford to be

    When your brain is not functioning properly

    You're less alert when you're driving...

    You're crabby and impatient with your lover, or
your kids, or your parents...

    You're not as productive at work, which means
that you make less money or you may be fired.

    Your brain NEEDS a lot of calories to
function at it's best level.

    When you starve yourself, your entire life

    Aren't you tired of suffering?

    You don't have to.

    Let me show you a better way.


    Okay, so now you know what NOT to do --

    Don't Starve Yourself.

    And you may be thinking, "That's great that I
know what not to do... but now I need to know
what I SHOULD do."

    Don't worry -- I'm right here with ya, and I'm
going to share the answer.

    I've spent the past 5 years researching the
most effective ways to lose weight.

    I've talked to nutritionists, doctors, scientists,
bodybuilders, and regular women who have lost weight

    and good news -- there is a PROVEN formula for
building muscle and burning fat.

    I'm living proof that this formula works.

    After struggling with extra weight for my entire
adult life, I used this formula - lost the weight -
and it hasn't come back.

    In fact, I KEEP getting into better and better
shape with almost no effort at all.

    If you're willing to let go of all the myths and
false beliefs that you've been told about dieting --

    If you're ready to learn the truth about how to
LIVE a life of health so that you don't ever gain
weight again --

    Then you need INFORMATION.

    There are some very specific strategies that
you're going to need to break bad habits and make
the lifestyle changes that you can actually stick
to permanently.

    Fortunately, there is a step-by-step path to
becoming a healthy person.

    Usually when something is really challenging
or frustrating in your life --

    The REASON it's challenging or frustrating is
because you lack some essential skill or knowledge.

    If you didn't lack this skill or knowledge, it
would be easy.

    So when you run into something that is
frustrating in your life...

    It's NOT that you can't do it --

    It means that nobody gave you the knowledge and
you just haven't learned the skill...


    Have you ever thought about it like that before?

    It makes sense.  Doesn't it?

    I mean, you wouldn't want to perform heart surgery
on someone... because you didn't go to medical school.

    But if you DID, you probably COULD, right?

    Well, losing weight is the same thing.

    The reason that it's so frustrating is because
you don't have the right information.

    So what you need to do is get that information.

    And I've made that part really easy for you.

    I've put all the information you need into an
electronic book that you can download for FREE for
7 days.

    I'm not asking you to pay me anything for it
until you know that it's the real deal.

    If I can't help you, then I don't want you to
pay for it.

    Just click on this link, download my ebook to
your desktop and start reading.

    If you decide that it's not what you're looking
for, then just tell me you don't want it and I won't
charge you anything for it.

    And even if you decide that it's not right for
you and you ask for a refund, you can still keep
the ebook.

    Like I said, I don't want you to pay for it if
I can't help you.

    Now, I know that some people are going to take
advantage of this and ask for a refund even if they
are using the information, but that's okay because
I know that you won't do that.

    You're going to be so excited about finding
what you need -- Finally.

    You're going to want to tell all your
girlfriends about what you've discovered --
and then you'll be their inspiration too.

    You are literally only minutes away from
having all the information you need to change
your life.

    Now, I'm not saying that it's going to be
easy (and anyone who tells you losing weight is
easy does not have your best interests in mind)...

    But it's no longer going to be frustrating.

    Now you'll actually have the ability and the
knowledge to get what you want.

    And you will be surprised how much this lack of
knowledge has been holding you back...

    In fact, it may be the ONLY thing that has
been holding you back.

    You owe it to yourself to find out.

    Your skinny, healthy self will thank you.

    And you will become a light of inspiration to
everyone you encounter.

    Your Friend,

    With Light and Love,


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