“2 Tips To Stop
Storing Fat”


   Have you ever wondered why it's so HARD to lose
weight, but it's so EASY to get fat?

   I mean, what is that?  Is nature playing some
kind of cruel joke and using your body for the
punch line?

   There's nothing more frustrating in the world
than losing a bunch of weight (or even a little
bit of weight), and then having it all come back.

   In this newsletter, you're going to learn
how to stop your body from storing fat
FOREVER... so you will never have to live with
the disappointment of having it all come back.

   Are you ready to stop feeling like a failure?

   Are you ready to learn the SOLUTION to your
weight problems?
   Good, then you're in the right place.

   I'm excited to share with you everything I
have learned about losing weight.

   After constantly gaining and losing weight
for my entire adult life by following the
advice of some fad diet, I finally decided to
do something different.

   I made it my personal mission to learn
everything I could about the body and WHY it
stores fat.  If I could figure out WHY my body
kept returning to it's overweight state, I could
learn HOW to stop it from doing it... FOREVER.

   I've spent years researching the science
of the body and learning about the body's
fat-storage system.

   And the good news is that it CAN BE TURNED OFF.

   Isn't that cool?

   And if you're thinking that it can be bought in
a pill... STOP Right there... Lean in a little

   ...I wish I could reach out of the computer
screen and give you a quick, swift finger flick
right in the middle of your forehead...


   Haven't you figured THAT one out yet?

   If not, then maybe you're not ready to be
reading these newsletters that contain the ACTUAL
science of your body and PROVEN techniques for
losing weight. 

   I'm teaching you how to think for yourself so
you can rely on yourself FOR A LIFETIME.

   If you still believe that your weight loss
problems will be solved if you could just find the
right pill, then I suggest you go to




   I'm sure they will be happy to take advantage of
your denial.  And when you're ready to learn the
truth about your body and how it loses weight, I'll
be right here.

   ...(dramatic pause)...

   Okay, you're still with me.

   That's good.  That means you're ready to get
information so you can start taking action TODAY.

   Knowledge is power.  And power is exciting.

   And here's the first thing you get to get
excited about...

   This "fat-storing prevention system" is built
right into your own body.

   See... I told you it was exciting.

   It's a pretty complicated system, but I'm
going to make it really simple for you to

   I've read hundreds of scientific articles from
the most well-respected sources, talked to doctors
and nutritionists and fitness experts about how
your body's metabolism works so you don't have to.

   You're going to get the straight-arrow,
all-you-need-to-know and nothing-you-don't
explanation of WHY your butt keeps getting bigger
no matter how much you want it to shrink.

   Let me explain...

   The key to understanding why your body stores
fat is to understand the role of insulin.

   Good thing for you, knowing how insulin
works will enable you to TAKE CONTROL of your
body's fat-storage mechanism.

   Insulin is an extremely important hormone that
is produced in the pancreas. 

   And it's primary function (as you may remember
from your high school biology class) is when your
blood sugar rises right after you eat a big meal...
   or when you eat foods with a high concentration
of sugar...

   insulin helps regulate the amount of sugar in your

   So if you happen to be a visual learner (like me),
then here's your first set of formulas:

   Big Meal or Lots of Sugar --> High Blood Sugar

   High Blood Sugar --> Insulin Production

   Got that?

   Good.  Let's keep going...

   Insulin is such an important hormone to
your body that when it is not working properly,
a very serious disease results.

   It's called Diabetes.

   Now a diabetic doesn't produce enough,
or may not produce any insulin in order to
regulate their own blood sugar.

   As a consequence, what ends up happening is when
they eat a sugary meal...

   or if they stuff themselves too full...

   or eat too many starches...

   their blood sugar shoots up too high and that
can make them pass out or get dizzy, become
highly irritable, very tired, really thirsty, and
many other bad things.

   Having high blood sugar can mess you up pretty

   And then the reverse is also true- when a
diabetic's blood sugar drops, it can drop so
quickly that they can go into what they call
insulin reaction. 

   That's what happens when a diabetec takes an
injection of insulin, which isn't regulated by the
body, and they don't eat enough food to balance that

   So the insulin draws all the sugar out of their
blood and they pass out or go into a seisure. 

   This is unfortunately very common and the
reason why diabetics have to pay close attention
to what they eat and how they eat, especially
right after an insulin injection.

   So you're probably wondering, "What does this
have to do with me losing my love handles?"

   Well, it turns out your body does exactly what
a diabetic does- it gives you an injection of
insulin when you eat something sugary, or stuff
yourself too full, or eat too many starches. 

   But your body is much more sophisticated than
a diabetic's syringe.

   It does it more accurately because of sensors
so it can do it better than when a diabetic just
injects some predetermined amount of insulin into
their system.

   Yes, your body is highly efficient but it is not

   Your insulin regulation system is not as
accurate as we would like.

   It's a bit of a mushy system and somewhat


   Evolution designed your body over many
thousands of years to deal with foods that were
in our environment, and those foods did not
include things like high-fructose corn syrup or
bleached enriched white flour. 

   All these calorie sources (it's hard for me
to call them food) can spike your blood sugar
with unbelievable speed - I mean much faster than
fruits and vegetables and nuts and things that we
would have found out in nature. 

   So what happens is when you eat these processed,
man-made foods, your body doesn't know what to do.
   So it overreacts and you get too much insulin -
way more than you wanted.

   And what ends up happening, is that it pulls
your blood sugar down lower than you want even
though you just ate a big meal.

   And that's why when you eat a big meal and
you're thinking, "Oh I just ate all these extra
calories, that should give me energy"...

   But it doesn't it actually ROBS you of energy. 

   Because your body doesn't really know how to
cope with that high jolt in blood sugar. 

   And you end up with LESS energy available to
you in your blood.

   What does the insulin do to that blood sugar
that it is taking out of your blood?

   It does 2 things:

   1. Insulin helps the process by which your body
turns simple sugars into glycogen. 

   Glycogen is the batteries of the body - what
your cells use for energy. 

   Your body takes calories from the food you eat
and it turns it into glycogen.

   Your body stores this glycogen in your muscles
for immediate use in physical activity. 

   And it stores some glycogen in the liver for
just maintaining the proper blood sugar levels
for the operation of your organs, your brain, and
everything else.

   Here's some more visual formulas for you:

 Calories from Food --> Glycogen --> Energy in
                                  Muscles and Liver

   So the body makes all this glycogen and then
little by little it feeds it all out into the

   This gives you a steady amount of calories
going to all of your systems in-between meals.

 Stored Energy in Muscles and Liver --> Energy for Your

   This gives you the calories and the energy you
need to keep on living.

   But more recently we've discovered there are a
series of processes that can happen when your body
has more than enough glycogen or when it gets a
really big calorie spike after a big meal... it
makes some of that into fat.

   It turns out that insulin is one of the major
indicators to the body of when it should make fat.

   Instead of watching for how many calories are
in the blood and deciding it's time to make fat,
the body watches for how much insulin is in the

   When you get these insulin spikes after a
big meal or when you eat lots of sugar, it tells
your body, "Ah, time to go into fat-producing

   So that's the 2nd role of insulin...

   2.  Insulin levels tell your body to store

   When there is too much insulin in your blood,
it pushes the glycogen into your fat cells
instead of into your muscle or liver cells where
you want them to be stored for energy.

   The more glycogen is 'pushed' into your fat
cells, the bigger the fat cells become.

   This makes you fatter, and eventually when
your current fat cells are filled up to the max,
your body makes NEW fat cells... MAKING YOU



   That's a problem with eating these man-made
foods that we all love to eat.

   It's also a problem with eating a large meal. 

   When you eat large meals...


   When you eat very simple carbohydrates
(like table sugar) that send your blood
sugar skyrocketing up...


   When you eat high-processed foods (like
white bread)...


   Okay, I think you've got the point.

   So now you're probably asking, "What DO I eat
to keep my insulin levels stable?"

   Glad you asked...

   Here's your simple, easy to follow 2 eating
tips for not storing fat:

>> 1.  Eat NATURAL Foods

   The more practice you have at eating natural
foods, the easier this becomes. 

   Ask yourself, "What does this look like in
nature?" And then stick to foods that remain in
their natural form. 

   Examples are eggs, vegetables, fruits, whole
meats and fish (not the processed kinds they sell
as lunch meats or frozen fish sticks), beans, nuts,
and grains (like rice and oatmeal).

   Now, I'm not saying that the occasional whole
grain bread, or whole grain pasta is horrible
for you... but you should keep these to a minimum.

   Remember, processed foods send your blood sugar
skyrocketing!  Which makes your body produce
insulin and store fat.

   Natural foods keep your blood sugar low and
keep your insulin levels stable.  And that means

>> 2.  Eat Small Meals

   When you stuff yourself, you flood your system
with calories.

   Your blood sugar level shoots way up and your
body releases insulin to push the sugar into your
fat cells.

   When you keep your meals small, you don't flood
your system with a sudden burst of calories.

   And this keeps your insulin levels stable and
stores the glycogen (energy) in your muscles and
liver and NOT in your fat cells.


   When you eat a small meal of natural foods,
your body knows exactly how to regulate your

   And what happens when you eat a small,
nutritious meal instead of feeling tired
afterwards, you feel energized. 

   And instead of storing fat, you store
glycogen for bursts of energy. 

   This keeps your body lean and energetic
throughout the entire day.

   So this is your body's built-in "fat prevention

   Now that you know HOW it works, it should be
easier for you to make choices that support your
body and prevent it from storing fat...

   Ah, but if only it were that easy.

   I know that when you are making choices to
get healthy and eliminate fat from your body, it
is not enough to know WHAT to do...

   If that were enough, we would all be skinny
and healthy.

   We all know what to do.  "Eat less, exercise
more."  We've been hearing that for our entire
lives.  And that is obviously NOT the magic

   I know that losing weight and getting healthy
takes an entire physical, mental, and spiritual

   In this newsletter, I've given you some of the
physical tips to succeed at losing weight, but
we both know that you need more.

   That's why I've written my book, 'Andrea's
Answer: How To Lose Weight By Feeding and
Nourishing Your Spirit."

   In my book, I cover everything from breaking
addictions, to eliminating negative thinking,
to finding a deeper source of motivation that will
keep you inspired for a lifetime.

   We both know that you can't do this alone.

   Losing weight in our culture, being surrounded
by constant temptation, and not having any
positive support... can keep you from living your
best life.

   That's why I'm here.  I'm holding out my hand
to you and offering to be your guide through your
journey into health.

   You have to meet me half way.

   The human spirit is miraculous.  It's
ability to change is endless.

   Just because you have done things in the
past does not mean that you will continue to do
them in the future.

   Every day is a new opportunity to make new

   By reading these newsletters and learning
about your health, you are sending a message to
your body, to your mind, and to your spirit.

   You're saying, "I'm choosing health."

   Like a flower opening up to the sunlight,
notice how you feel as you flood yourself with
these positive messages of health.

   Notice how you are blossoming.  Notice how
these changes are making you look, and think, and

   When you tune into all the layers of your
SELF, you will be amazed at your ability to

   I believe in you.

   I know that you are strong and that highest
vision you have of yourself can become your

   In fact, you are already on your way.

   Keep looking in your email box, because I'll
be connecting with you again soon.

   Until then, I am wishing you the best in your
pursuit of health.

Your Friend,
Love and Light,


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