“5 Steps To Breaking
Sugar Addiction”


   In the afternoon when your energy is low, do you
eat sugar because you know it will give you the rush
that you crave?

   Do you feel like a meal is incomplete unless you
eat some kind of sugary-sweet desert afterwards?

   Do you feel powerless to eating sugar and feel
like there's nothing you can do to STOP eating sugar
even though you KNOW it's keeping you fat?

   If you've had a hard time beating your addiction
to sugar, I want you to take a deep breath...

   Relax, you're in the right place.

   It has been 1 whole year since I finally stopped
eating sugar.  And in this newsletter, I'm going to
tell you how I did it so YOU can do it to.

            >>>> SUGAR IS A DRUG <<<<

   Make no mistake, sugar is DEFINITELY a drug.

   It is a man-made substance that was not designed
by nature and was never meant to be consumed by
humans... which is why it makes us so fat!

   But just like any drug, once you break free from
the hold of it's addiction, it becomes unattractive
and the thought of eating it will gross you out.

   You may not believe from where you are sitting
right now that sugar could be gross, but this IS how
it happens.

   Wouldn't that be great to look at a plate of donuts
like you would look at a crack pipe with chemical-glaze
on top? 

   That's what I see when I look at sugar-filled deserts.

   Now that I've beaten my addiction to sugar, I see
the sugar for what it is - A DRUG THAT I DON'T WANT

   Now, I'm not saying that it's "easy" to quit sugar.

   Breaking an addiction is hard, but if you have the
right TOOLS, it CAN be done.  I've seen it happen
lots of times and there's no reason that it won't
work for you.

  Here are 5 steps to follow:


   The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you crave. 
The key is to eliminate sugar from your diet so the
sugar cravings will STOP.

   Sugar addiction is one of the hardest addictions
to break because today sugar is in EVERYTHING.  You
are probably eating foods with sugar in them and you
don't even know it.

   And now that sugar is in EVERYTHING, the first
step in breaking your addiction to sugar is to become
aware of it.

   Become aware of what foods have sugar in them.

   Make the habit of reading the ingredients label
on all your foods.

   You're going to be amazed at how much sugar you're
actually eating.

   They put sugar in EVERYTHING: drinks, mayonnaise,
ketchup, all your condiments have sugar, all your
salad dressings have a ton of sugar, all your sauces.

   So that's why I say when you're eating out at a
restaurant, don't eat the sauces!

   So the first step is becoming aware of where
sugar is around you and always asking, "Does this
have sugar in it?"

   BTW... sugar has lots of "code names".  Here's
a list of words that really mean sugar:

   - sucrose
   - lactose
   - glucose
   - dextrose
   - honey
   - sorbitol
   - fructose
   - maltose
   - molasses
   - corn syrup
   - maple syrup
   - corn sweetener
   - juice concentrate
   - natural sweeteners

   If you see any of these in the ingredients,
think of them as SUGAR.

   This first step of AWARENESS is the first step
to overcoming your addiction.


   This second step is very straight-forward and
the Key is to keep it SIMPLE...

   Now that you are aware of where all the sugar
is, you will be able to make an informed decision
on whether or not you CHOOSE to eat this sugar.

   There are only 2 options:
   1.  "YES, I'm going to eat this sugar"
   2.  "NO,  I'm not going to eat this sugar"

   That's it. 

   Keep it simple.  "Yes"  OR  "No". 

   Every time you encounter sugar, you get that
choice, "Yes" or "No". 

   It has nothing to do with what you chose LAST
time you encountered sugar, it has nothing
to do with the NEXT time that you are going to be
around sugar. 

   It is in THIS moment that you realize, this food
that I'm about to eat has sugar in it, "Yes, I want
to eat it." Or  "No, I don't."


   If you decide "NO, I am NOT going to eat
this sugar", then recognize that you just made

   Take a moment to acknowledge your evolution
(because before you NEVER would have said NO
to sugar) and move on.  Your work here is done.


   When you decide "YES", there is still some more
work to go through in order to get to the ROOT of
this choice.

   Take a moment and ask yourself a second


   Identify where this urge to eat this sugar is
coming from. This is where you use your skills of
self reflection, tuning in, listening to your body,
and noticing what emotions come up.

   When you ask yourself that question, "Where is
this urge to eat sugar coming from?"

   If you listen closely, you will get your answer.

   You will hear it, either in the form of a silent
whisper that just kind of pops into your head, or
maybe you'll actually feel it somewhere in your
body as a physical feeling.

   The more you do this "internal exploration" of
yourself, the easier it will get.

   It is a great idea to write this question out.

   I recommend you carry a food journal with you
especially in the first 21 days that you are
developing these new eating habits.

   At the bottom of each page, there is a "notes"

   This is where you can write out all these
important questions to yourself like:

   "Why do I want to eat this sugar?"


   "Where is this urge to eat sugar REALLY coming

   I have found that just the process of writing
out a question to yourself will give you the
answer you are looking for.

   So, step number three is to make a CONSCIOUS
choice of WHY you are choosing to eat this sugar.

   I am not telling you to NEVER eat sugar, but if
you are serious about breaking your addiction to
sugar and the hold it has over you and your life...

   then you have to be fully AWARE and CONSCIOUS of
what this addiction is covering up.

   I have found that I crave sugar when I am feeling
depressed, tired and/or cranky.

   What about you?

   Even if you choose to eat the sugar, even if you
say "YES", just be CONSCIOUS of WHY you are saying

>> STEP #4:  CHOOSE A SUGAR "SUBSTITUTE" - Not the Artificial kind

   As you are asking yourself these deeper
questions, your AWARENESS around your addiction
will grow.

   In the beginning, it may be overwhelming for
you to realize that your "urge" to eat sugar had very
little to do with the actual sugar itself.

   Once you recognize where this urge to eat sugar
comes from, then you are ready to ask the most
important question... what I call the "empowerment


   Ask yourself that question, and then PAUSE.

   Let it sink in and go deep... then let your
imagination run wild!

   If you realize that your urge to eat sugar is
really coming from a place of boredom...

   Go outside and run up and down your street
naked screaming, "The British are coming!  The
British are coming!"


   Maybe you realize that your urge to eat sugar
is really because you are feeling depressed and
you're searching for a way to feel better...

   Take out your journal and write down your
thoughts that are troubling you or call a friend
or family member that you know has good, POSITIVE
energy and will lift your spirits.

   When you ask yourself this question, you get
to the HEART of where these "urges" to feel good
are coming from.

   So then you realize, "Okay, maybe it's because
I'm feeling depressed.  Maybe I'm feeling upset
about something going on in my life -- a personal
relationship, a feeling of failure, and I just want
to lift myself up. I just want to feel better for a

   Let me ask you, and be honest with me here --

   Isn't there a BETTER way that you can deal with
that feeling of depression?

   Is there another way you can lift your spirit?

   Can you take a walk?

   Can you do some yoga in your living room?

   Can you do some breathing exercises?

   Can you write in your journal?

   Can you write a song?

   Can you sing a song?

   Can you dance?

   You know what brings YOU joy... what lifts your
spirit and brings you out of depression.

   You don't have to turn to a candy bar to do this.

   You have everything inside of you.


   Say you decide that, "Yeah, okay.  I have an
alternative and I don't NEED to eat this sugar...
but I'm going to eat it any way."

   Be proud of yourself.  You just made a
CONSCIOUS choice, and you are on your way to building
HEALTHY habits for a lifetime.

   If you DO decide to eat the sugar, eat it, and
forgive yourself right away.

   The time for self-contemplation is over. 

   There's nothing that can be done after you eat
the sugar other than just writing yourself a note
about how you feel.

   This is also where your food journal will come in
handy because there's a section that asks, "How Do
I feel AFTER I eat this meal?"

   Tuning into your self after you eat anything
will give you a stronger relationship with your
food and your body's needs.  And in fact, this is
where the MOST important information comes from --

   How do you feel AFTER you eat it?

   Before you eat anything, your body is confused
by hunger and cravings... but AFTER you eat the food,
then you get to see the EFFECTS the food is having on
you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

   Become aware of how the sugar affects you after
you eat it.

   Eat the sugar and then writing down your feelings
afterwards reinforces the fact that, "I don't feel
good after I eat sugar. It doesn't make me feel good,
and in fact, it doesn't solve the feeling that I was
trying to solve in the first place."

   This is information, NOT to beat yourself up about
the choice you just made... that's over... you've
already forgiven yourself and moved past it...

   This is information for the NEXT time you are
confronted with the choice of whether or not you are
going to eat sugar.

   Maybe you will remember that sugar DOES NOT
satisfy what you are trying to solve BEFORE you
decide to eat sugar.

   Do you see the difference here?

   And the reverse is also true when you make the
POSITIVE choice, and you DON'T eat sugar...

   Reflect on that.

   Write down how that makes you feel.

   And reward yourself with a walk at sunset or a
long, relaxing bubble bath. 

   Do something good for yourself.  This will
reinforce that making POSITIVE choices for your
HEALTH feels good! 

   See the key here is NOT to just stop eating
sugar today... this is a process and it will take

   It took me several months of asking myself these
questions and making CONSCIOUS choices about eating
sugar before I was able to break my addiction to

   And now that I am free from this addiction, I
can't tell you how happy I am.

   I can't tell you how great it feels to walk by
all the pastries and cakes and donuts at a grocery

   They used to pull me in like they were sending a
hypnotic signal straight to the middle of my brain.

   I felt out of control, like I had no choice.  I
needed my sugar "fix" just like a crack addict needs
a hit.

   I lived the first 28 years of my life addicted to
sugar and now I am free.  My mind is clear, I don't
have energy crashes in the middle of the day, and I've

   Living without sugar is the BEST way to live.
This is our "natural" state, without any chemicals
and drugs affecting our thoughts and emotions.

   I want the same for you.  You deserve it.

   So, here's a summary of the 5 Steps To Follow:

   #1 - The first step is learning where all the
sugar is around you.  Read ALL the ingredient labels
BEFORE you eat it.

   #2 - Second step is asking yourself "YES" or "NO" 
EVERY TIME you encounter sugar, "Yes, I eat it."  OR
"No, I don't." 

   #3 - Make a CONSCIOUS choice of WHY you are saying
"Yes" to eating sugar, even if you decide to eat it

   #4 - Find a sugar substitute, even if you decide
not to use it.  Ask yourself, "Is there something
else I can do other than eating this sugar to make
this feeling satisfied?" 

   #5 - Whether or not you choose the sugar "substitute",
FULLY ACCEPT your choice.  Write down how you feel
after you eat the sugar and then FORGIVE yourself
and MOVE ON.

   Don't think about sugar or worry about sugar
until the next time you encounter sugar in your
food, and then repeat the 5 steps above.

   Now I know that losing weight and getting healthy
is not easy.  If it were easy, then I would have
succeeded at it years before I finally did.

   The truth is, it has taken me years to undo
all my negative addictions and GAIN all the positive
habits that are continuing to make me healthier
year after year.

   I made a lot of mistakes and had many set-backs
along the way.  With my help, it won't take you as

   Quitting negative addictions and Gaining HEALTH
go hand-in-hand.

   It SOUNDS easy.

   But, it's TOUGH to do.

   If you only work on breaking your negative
addictions, you have nothing to give you happiness
in replace of what those addictions were supplying
you with.

   If you only work on gaining HEALTH then all your
hard work will be destroyed as soon as you lose your
"willpower" and all those bad habits creep back into
your life.

   But if you get the BALANCE just right, you'll
REPLACE your new healthy choices for the old, negative
addictions and then you WILL NEVER WANT TO GO BACK

   I know that you know what I'm talking about.

   If you've tried losing weight and getting healthy,
then you know just how hard it is to stick with a
healthy lifestyle when your old negative addictions
keep calling you back.

   If you're ready to really get a world class
education in breaking ALL your negative addictions,
learning how to build HEALTHY positive habits, and
becoming addicted to HEALTH... then I think it's
time for you to get yourself a copy of my eBook.

   In this book, I will personally teach you some
of the "deeper" secrets that I've learned over a
decade of battling with losing weight and getting

   I guarantee that this book will increase your
success with losing weight.  No question.

   You are stronger than even your most powerful
negative addictions.  The key is to outsmart them
and undo their hold over you.

   As long as your negative addictions are hidden
from your CONSCIOUS mind, they will continue to
thrive and grow their roots deeper and deeper into
your life.

   By shining your LIGHT OF AWARENESS on the root
of where these addictions live, you will take
back control of your life and your HEALTH.

   I believe in you.

   I know that the LIGHT inside you will heal you
and set you FREE.

   It is already happening.

   Keep shining your LIGHT and it will continue to
get brighter and brighter.

   Just like the sun warms the earth and brings
life to our planet, your LIGHT will bring the life
and healing energy that you need.

   I'll be connecting with you again soon...


   Your Friend,

   With Love and Light,


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