“3 Steps To Drink
Water and Lose Weight”

   Drinking water is so important for losing

   Water flushes out all the toxins in your
body and it allows pure, clean cells to be 

   So why aren't you drinking it?

   If you're like me, it was hard to force
myself to drink water because I used to think
it was boring and bland.

   But I figured out a way to bring water into
my daily life, and now I LOVE IT.

   In this newsletter, I'm going to teach you
the 3 Step System for Getting a Water Habit.

Step #1:  Figure Out Your Taste Buds

   I know that a lot of women don't like the
taste of water.  Their taste buds are addicted to
the sugar and the bubbles from decades of
drinking only sodas.

   Well, here's how you overcome that...

   You can experiment with adding lemon or lime to
your water, or do like they do in the spas, where
they chop up an orange and some sliced cucumber --

   Yummy!  Just one sip and you're transported
back to the relaxation of your last massage.

   When you chop the fruit and let it soak in
the water in a large container, the water gets all
those delicious flavors.  And those citrus flavors
are refreshing and full of vitamin C. 

   If you want to take your fruit-infused water
with you, just find one of those wide mouthed
bottles and cut your fruit pieces small enough to
fit inside.

   That way, wherever you are, you've got your
fruit with you in your water bottle that you can
just keep refilling throughout the day.

   So, this is a natural great alternative if you
are really committed to getting the best water,
without the chemicals, and just natural flavoring
from fruit that you cut yourself. 

   This is the best way to flavor your water.

   And if you're addicted to those bubbles, just
add some sparkling water to the fruit infused

   Between the delicious flavors of the fruit and
the bubbles from the sparkling water, you'll
never miss your old sodas.

   If you don't have time, or if you don't take the
time to make your own fruit flavored water, you can
buy the flavored water at your grocery store. 

   That's what I did in the beginning, because I
was a college student with very little time.

   Believe it or not, I used to think that slicing up
an orange took too much time.  So here's what I did...

   I went out and bought the liters of flavored water.
You can buy them at any store, but be sure to get
the sugar-free kind.

   They do have aspartame, which isn't great for
you, but they don't have extra calories, which is key
for losing weight.

   Now, I'm not going to suggest drinking these
for long-term. It's a TEMPORARY crutch to help you
get the HABIT of drinking water.

   And with the flavored water, it will taste like
you're drinking Coke or like you're drinking some
kind of soda, and you'll enjoy it - You'll be
fooling your taste buds to think that this
flavored water is actually soda or something

   Okay, so now that you've figured out which
flavored water tastes best to you, you're ready
to make the commitment...


   Ideally for losing weight you want to drink
3 Liters of water EVERY day.

   I know that this can be hard in the beginning,
especially if you have never drank water before, so
start off small and work up to that.

   Commit EVERY day to drink at least 1 liter (or 2
or 3 Liters if you can) of your favorite flavored
water, and carry your water bottle with you EVERYWHERE.

   By keeping the SAME water bottle with you
throughout the day, you will know for sure how much
water you are drinking, and whether you are meeting
your water quota.

   Don't leave the house without your water bottle
in your hand...

   Don't leave your desk without carrying it with

   Don't drive without having it sitting right next
to you in the car...  

   Whenever you think about it, DRINK FROM YOUR

   And if you get to the end of the day and you
haven't finished your liter (or 2 or 3 liters) of water,
drink it ALL before you go to bed.

   In the beginning, you may have to force yourself to
drink your water quota in one day - BUT DO IT!

   If you start out with 1 Liter quota, increase it
after a week up to 2 Liters, until you are drinking
3 Liters of water EVERY day.

   Do this for 21 days.

   If you figure out early on that you don't like
the flavored water or you don't NEED the flavored
water to "fool" your taste buds, then switch over
to regular water as quickly as you can.

   The key is to drink flavored water or regular
water for 21 days and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO

   If you commit to doing this, you will have the
HABIT of drinking water in your system and your
entire body will completely be TRANSFORMED.

   You will have more energy.

   You will have less wrinkles and smaller bags
under your eyes.

   You will glow with inner radiance.

   Your skin will clear up, your hair will get
shinier, your nails will get longer...

   All this water you are flooding through your
system will flush fat right out of you.

   If you're not getting enough water, your body
will hold onto water, and this is what they refer to
as "water weight".

   When water is flushing through you at a constant
pace, your body will not feel the need to hold onto
water for survival.  It will let go because it will
feel safe and nourished.

   The water habit is absolutely essential for getting
healthy and losing fat. 

   And drinking flavored water, even starting with a
liter a day will get you there.

   Once you get the habit of drinking water everyday. 
Then, you switch over to regular water. 

   I don't care if it's tap-water or if it's
bottled.  Just drink whatever you like to drink, and
whatever you are SUCCESSFUL at drinking. 


   Once you have the water habit, you will
never want to go anywhere without it.

   You may have heard that if you wait to drink
water until you are thirsty, that you have waited
too late and already your body has gone into a
state of dehydration.

   When you are truly hydrated and you have the
water habit, you will MISS drinking water within
just a few minutes.

   Now depending on how much you are moving or
exercising or what you are doing at that time, you
will drink more or less water... but, it's going
to be a constant companion with you. 

   Everywhere you go, you will always have your
personal water bottle next to you.

   And especially when you are exercising --
You will go through maybe a whole liter just in
one hour!

  Having water constantly flushing through you is
like bathing the cells inside you with constant

   It's like a shower running through all through
your digestive organs and then into every cell of
your body. 

   It's flushing out all of the toxins and it's
bathing the new cells with pure oxygen and hydrogen...

   Because that's what water is, right? 

   It's hydrogen and oxygen.

   And just like you are breathing almost every
second, you need water ALL THE TIME. 

   Just like you can only go a few moments without
breathing, you should think of going only a few
minutes without drinking water.

   Every 10-15 minutes your body will tell you, "I
want some water."
   Don't wait until your body "needs" water - when
you feel thirsty - listen closely to how often your
body "wants" water.

   You will find that it wants a CONTINUOUS supply.

   You will have your own level of thirst and what
your body wants, but commit to drinking 3 Liters a

   And, it will change your life.


   Drinking water throughout your day sends
a signal to your body that says, "I live in
the land of plenty."

   There is water EVERYWHERE and therefore the earth
is flourishing and there is food everywhere.

   And when your body knows that there is food
everywhere (and there is, right?), your body will
not store fat.

   Back to water... having water constantly
flowing through you will signal to your body that
there is no need for fat storage.

   And when you are exercising and eating right,
you will also be burning off the fat that you already

   As the fat breaks down, it's released into your
bloodstream and then it's carried out by water.

   So water is a vitally important part of this
system of fat loss.

   Think of water flowing through you is like the
sewage system that flows through your city.

   All the waste has to be removed in order for the
city to flourish, and to grow, and to be healthy and
vibrant and alive.

   Your body has a sewage system also, and it is
constantly eliminating waste products, and toxins
and harmful chemicals.

   Having a fresh supply of water flushing through
your body is like living in a vibrant, clean city.

   If you think about it, all civilizations
need a water source to flourish.

   And before the Romans invented aquaducts so
water could be carried long distances, all
civilizations had to LIVE next to a major water source.

   Water is essential for life, for flourishing, and
for growing.

   It has been as long as cities and civilizations
have been developed, and it's the same for your life

   Your body can be fooled temporarily when you only
drink juices and sodas and coffee. But it cannot be
fooled forever.

   Your body is thirsty. Your body needs water. 

   Your body's breaking down and struggling with all
this excess weight.

   Clean out the trash.

   Clean out your sewage system.

   Flush water through you constantly, just like our
sewage system flushes out the cities and from your

   You will flourish and you will lose weight.

   You will lose fat.

   You will feel more alive than you've ever felt. 

   Your inner glow will be ramped up about 10,000

   Water is life. We cannot live without water. 

   Your body needs and wants a fresh, pure supply of
water throughout the entire day. 

   Commit to the habit of drinking 3 liters of
water for 21 days and you will never stop.

   I give you lots more tips about how you can
make small changes to your daily life to lose
weight and get healthy in my ebook.

   Choosing health starts with small changes.

   By paying attention to the water you are
drinking every day, you are sending a very
clear message to your body, "Things are
changing.  I'm getting clean.  You are being

   And the more you send your body these
messages of health, the healthier your body
will feel.

   As you get cleaner and healthier, you will
start to feel lighter in your body, mind and

   And your inner radiance will shine out
of you like the rays of the sun.

   Thank you for sharing your light with with
world.  Because of you, our world is a better
place to be.

   Stay tuned to your inbox... I'll be
connecting with you again soon.

        Your Friend,

        With Light and Love,


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