“Blast Through Your
Weight Loss Plateau”


*** Question From Reader ***

I already lost 35 pounds with the South Beach Diet
and doing the Treadmill 45 min everyday, but the
last 5 pounds are not going away and I do not know
why.  What can I do?  Please help.

Thank you,


   Thanks so much for emailing me and asking this
great question. 

   A reader's response really helps me focus in on
what my readers need and a lot of other women have
been asking me about this.  So let me jump right
into it...

   I know how frustrating it is to work really
hard at dieting and exercising and not being able
to reach your goal weight.

   If you're like me, you've come close to hitting
your goal weight, and maybe you've even hit it
for a few days... but it's never stuck -- you've
never been able to maintain it.  
   In fact, I'm going to tell you a true-story
that I am pretty sure you will recognize in your
own dieting behavior.  I talk about the lessons
I learned from this story in my book, "Andrea's
Answer: How To Lose Weight by Feeding and
Nourishing Your Spirit"...

   ... and I've gotten so much good feedback that
I wanted to share it with you.

   I once competed in one of those weight loss
challenges -- those 12 week competitions where
you take a 'before' picture of yourself and then
follow the diet plan and exercise program for
12 weeks, and then you submit your 'after' picture
of yourself and you can win some prizes.

   I was really into this weight loss challenge and
I was determined to lose weight.  I ate really
healthy every day (except on my cheat days) and I
exercised 6 days a week. 

   Every morning I would wake up and weigh myself,
and right away I started to lose weight.

   I was so excited to see the scale sliding
down and getting closer and closer to my "ideal"
   I had dreamed of this "ideal" weight for years.

   I imagined how my life was going to be once I
finally weighed this EXACT amount -- I would be so
happy, all my friends would admire me, and I would
be every man's fantasy.

   Every time I lost a pound, I would do a little
victory dance.  Right there in my bathroom, I'd
shake my tushy, throw my hands up in the air, and
scream out, "Yes! Another pound gone!"

   I would float through the rest of my day
feeling like a winner -- like I had accomplished
something.  And every time I caught a glimpse of
myself in a mirror or my reflection in a window,
I saw a beautiful, powerful woman that was
accomplishing her goals.

   I continued this morning ritual of dancing and
floating through my day for almost 4 weeks.

   And then tragedy struck...

   I woke up one morning, stepped on the scale,
and gasped in horror -- the scale had gone up!

   "How could this be?"  I thought to myself.

   I had been following the program exactly as I
had been doing it before.  So why did 3 pounds
come BACK?

   I decided to not make too big of a deal out of
it.  I told myself, "There must be something
wrong with the scale."

   I believed this explanation and I knew in my
heart that I should just let it go... but that
morning I didn't float.  Since I had started the
weight loss challenge, that was the first
morning that I didn't feel like a winner.
   And every time I caught a glimpse of myself
in a mirror or in a window reflection, all I could
see was the fat that had come back. 

   I knew that it was irrational.  3 pounds
couldn't make THAT much of a difference in my
appearance -- but I saw it everywhere on my body. 

   I saw it in the puffiness of my cheeks, and how
much tighter my pants clung to my butt. 

   And those 3 pounds on my body created a much
greater weight on my thoughts... my mind was
fixated on those 3 pounds...

   "Why am I gaining weight again?"

   "Am I going to be fat again?"

   "What's it going to take?"

   I worked out really hard at the gym that
afternoon and skipped my last meal of the day.

   I went to sleep hungry that night, but the
pain in my stomach made me feel good - like I
was telling my body how badly I wanted to get
rid of those 3 pounds.

   That night I dreamed that I was 20 pounds
heavier, and no matter how hard I worked out
and dieted, I kept gaining weight.

   The next morning I woke up and jumped on the
scale --

   The 3 pounds were there again and they had
even brought some of their friends.  I was 5 pounds
heavier than I was just 2 days before.
   My nightmare had come true.  The harder I tried
to lose weight, the more I gained.

   And that's when all the really negative thoughts
crept in...

   "I knew I could never do this."

   "I'm just meant to be fat."

   I stepped off the scale in a defeated slump,
and carried this attitude with me through the
rest of my day.

   That afternoon, I missed my workout because
I just "wasn't feeling it" and I told myself that
I needed some time to just relax.

   That evening when I was at home alone, and
after 2 long days of feeling disappointment and
being weighed down with negative thoughts and
fear... I just wanted to feel good again, even if
it was just for a moment.

   So I ran out to the grocery store and I bought
my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream.  I ate it
right there in the parking lot. 

   Sitting in the isolation of my car, surrounded
by the electrical buzz of fluorescent lights from
the street lamps... I sank deeper and deeper into
   I was spinning with confusion and wondering
how could things have changed so suddenly? 

   For 4 solid weeks, I was doing so good.  I
was accomplishing my dreams... I was losing weight.

   My "ideal" weight was so close I could have reached
out and grabbed it... so why was it slipping away
so quickly?

   After that night, I never re-gained the same
drive and enthusiasm that I had in the beginning.  

   I continued with the weight loss challenge, and
I completed it 9 weeks later, but I never actually
submitted my 'after' pictures for the contest.
I didn't feel like they were good enough. 

   Within a few months, it was like I had never
been on a diet at all.  All the weight I had lost
came back, and there were no more victory dances on
the scale.

   I forced myself into a "resigned" state where I
just tried not to think about my desire to lose
weight. I told myself, "It's not important.  I don't
need to be skinny to be happy."

   And I continued to live my life... but
somewhere in the back of my mind, I still
remembered those 4 weeks where I felt like I was
floating... when I was filled with confidence and
happiness with myself... when I BELIEVED that I
could achieve my dream of losing weight. 

   When the memories of those 4 weeks would pop
into my head, I would dismiss them quickly and
tell myself, "Yeah, that was nice while it lasted.
But it just wasn't meant to be."

   ... but secretly, I never gave up hope. 

   There was a part of me that kept that dream
alive and believed that SOME DAY I would succeed
   And a few years later, I would try a different
approach that did actually work.

   There are many specific strategies for
breaking through a 'plateau' when you're on a
diet, and I give some VERY detailed advice  (like
changing up your exercise routine to use different
muscle groups, and how to make small changes
in your eating without shutting down your
metabolism) in my eBook.

   ... but I also take it a few steps further
because I don't believe those techniques are enough
to really solve your problem FOR GOOD.

   I believe that you're ready to get to the
root of WHY these "last 5 pounds" are really
bothering you...

   So I'm going to take things to a deeper
level and tell you how I figured it out...

   The KEY to beating my battle with my weight
was not some cardio trick or some fat-blaster

   It was a mental shift that happened INSIDE my

   I finally got the body that I always dreamed of
and always wanted when I STOPPED FOCUSING ON

   Let me explain...

   For years, I tried diet after diet, pill after
pill to lose weight and get the body that I
wanted.  Sometimes the diets and the pills would
work and I'd lose some weight temporarily... but
the weight would always come back.

   And every time the weight came back, I became
more frustrated and I felt more depressed -- like
I was a loser that could never win.

   Then one day things changed.  I had an
experience that radically altered the way I
viewed myself.  At the time, I thought it was a
lucky accident, but now I look back and realize
it was my destiny --

   I started to see myself as a cherished being
that I only wanted to LOVE and do good things for.

   And that meant, I wanted to be healthy in
every way that a woman can be healthy.

   I started to choose foods that would support
this newfound view of "giving myself health", and
I was eager to exercise and to move because it FELT
GOOD to my body and to my spirit.

   Somewhere in this newfound bliss of loving
myself, I stopped fixating on my weight.

   What had once been an obsession -- I was a
"slave to the scale" -- weighing myself EVERY
morning and then my entire day being affected by
what that scale said... like a roller coaster
riding it up and down...

   And one day, the obsession just stopped.  

   It just didn't matter anymore.

   I was getting healthier.  I could FEEL I was
getting healthier because I was stronger, and I
had more energy, and I was happier.

   And that's how I judged my success.

   With this new viewpoint, I ALWAYS felt like a
winner.  Even when I missed a workout or ate
something bad, I forgave myself quickly because
I knew that I was going to go right back to making
good choices for myself... because that's what
made me HEALTHY.

   Every day I was INSPIRED to do good things for
myself.  I wanted to LOVE and CHERISH my body
because I wanted MORE of these great feelings of
   And then the craziest thing started to happen...

   My clothes began to fit looser, I could see
muscles developing in places that I had never had
before... I was looking tighter and leaner all

   All my friends started commenting, "Oh, my
gosh!  You've lost so much weight!  How much
have you lost?"

   I honestly replied that I didn't know.

   After hearing this many times, the curiosity
got the most of me and I stepped on a scale...

   I was expecting to see a radical difference
because all my clothes were way too big for me,
and all my friends were so shocked by my

   But the scale hadn't really changed much and
I was still a LONG way from that "ideal" weight
I had always desired.

   And that's when it hit me...


   That day, I threw away my scale and the power
that it had over me.

   That was one of the best things I ever did for
myself, and I have never ridden the weight loss
roller coaster again.

   Now that I have spent years researching the
human body, I understand that weight is NEVER an
accurate way to judge whether you are succeeding
at getting healthy or not because muscle weighs
more than fat.

   When you are exercising and building muscle,
your body will get smaller and more compact, you
will lose inches and dress sizes...

   But as you are losing weight, you will also be
gaining weight, so the scale can LIE.

   Pretty crazy, huh? 

   I wish that I would've understood that the
first time that I gave up on getting healthy
because the scale went up instead of down.

   See, now I understand that those 5 pounds I
gained were from the muscle that I had worked hard
to build.  And it was that muscle that was going
to increase my metabolism and make my body
tighter and smaller all around.

   So many women use the scale as an excuse that
things are not working -- and they just give up.

   Weight loss can never be something that you
are just struggling through temporarily... this
is a lifestyle that you have adopted to show your
body how much you love it.

   Bring HEALTH into your life.

   If that's not your approach, then you are
going about it all wrong.  It is so important
that you don't constantly weigh yourself and
measure that for your results.

   Your process should be about ENJOYING your
new healthy lifestyle and ENJOYING the places
that it takes you.

   When you get that in your head, then the
"last 5 pounds" is not going to bother you...

   In fact, you shouldn't even KNOW that there's
another 5 pounds...

   Throw your scale away.

   Focus on giving yourself health.

   And you will ALWAYS feel like a winner.

   So thank you, Savita  for the great question.
There's one more thing that is important for you
to understand...

   Having the wrong mindset is one of the
biggest mistakes you can make when you are trying
to lose weight.

   Sure, if you're eating the right foods and
working out the right way, then you're going to
lose weight... but if your HEAD isn't in the right
place, then it's not going to STAY OFF.

   That's why I've written an entire chapter in
my book about getting this "winning mindset" so
you can have lasting results.  It starts on
page 27, and I take you step-by-step through a
simple process that reframes your focus.

   You will not "plateau" in the same way, you
will not gain everything back overnight, and you
will not suffer your way through it.

   You WILL get thinner.  And believe it or not,
this approach is not unpleasant and does not
require suffering. 

   In fact, it's quite enjoyable.  And that's one
of the main reasons that it works.

   Let me show you how you can change your
beliefs about losing weight.

   When you're in this mental state of giving
yourself health, you won't even notice the

   Maybe you will plateau in losing your weight
and maybe you won't... but you won't notice
either way because you will be enjoying the
benefits of feeling better, healthier, and more
energetic every day.

   We all have an internal "scale" inside of

   This scale does not measure pounds of weight,
but it measures feelings of joy and lightness
of spirit.

   This in-born scale inside of you is the
ACCURATE way to measure your progress. 

   This scale tells you when you are growing in
strength in your mind, body and spirit.

   And when you believe in this inner scale
inside of you, you will no longer look to an
external source to tell you whether you are
succeeding or not.

   You will KNOW inside of you.  You will FEEL
it every day that you are getting healthier.

   In fact, you've already tipped this scale
towards positive health and positive growth.

   You are already progressing, and getting
stronger... the scale is getting lighter INSIDE of

   You know this because your head is being lifted
higher, your heart is opening towards the sky, and
you are standing taller, and walking lighter.

   Use this internal scale to measure your success,
and you will no longer need to look to any outside
source for validation.

   You will know that you are progressing.

   And THAT is the greatest feeling... THIS is
the feeling that you can tap into any where, at
any time... and it will ALWAYS keep you on the
right path.

   Wishing you the best in your pursuit of health,

    Your Friend,
    Love and Light,


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